is a web based short URL service being managed by the Bungy. It makes its users able to create safe, secure and short URLs. Enter the lengthy URL in the bar of the and get back the secure and short URL. For the information of the readers, […]

16 Sites Like is a content sharing and micro level blogging platform backed by the Evernote. It is a way to create your own writing platform and share your creativity with others members of the and the general public. Everything you need is the part of the Most of the […]

15 Sites Like is a state-of-the-art level of URL shortener and URL management platform that deals with the system of URL shorten method and management as well. gives you a vast variety of aspects to create and shorten the hyperlinks. Polr URL shortener is a device that makes it possible for […]

16 Sites Like Polr.m that is also called as Yandex.Browser is the browser by the Yandex search engine. The browsing system of is based on the SmartBox search system that is something new launched by first tine by The SmartBox is integrated with all browsing and searching requirements from a blazing […]

15 Sites Like is an open discussion forum where anyone can post comment and share images. It is basically an image board based discussion forum where the users from different part of the world comes to share their point of views in form of images. The pass comments on the images of […]

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Designed to be easy to make use of, but strong and customizable at the same time, allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income, and expenditures. It is very easy, quick and intuitive to use just like a checkbook register as it is centered on reputable accounting principles to […]

15 Sites Like is an online shopping portal where you can explore the killer deals. The shopping at this online shopping marketplace can be made by way of best seller, shop by store and shop by brand. is a perfect place for finding the real hidden gems of Dubai at very […]

14 Sites Like is a multifunctional proxy website that in addition to giving an unlimited access to the blocked websites make its users able to hide their privacy as well. You can search for any website either it is blocked or unblocked or you will be provided with the main feature of […]

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Just like its name, it is an online sentence structure, grammar and spell checker platform. This online platform can be utilized in order to get the score and rating for any kind of assignment and written paper. Instead of submitting the paper directly, it will be useful to get […]

15 Sites Like is an online shopping portal for the people of Dubai, Abdu Dhabi and the rest of UAE only. This online shopping portal deals in wide range of products and goods that are available at best shipment options and affordable rates. Whenever you will place an order with you […]

14 Sites Like is the free collection of software and games that are available for the Windows desktops and operating systems only. has the giant collection of a wide variety of software, programs, themes, drivers and games for the Windows devices only. Almost 50,000 software and their old and latest version […]

15 Sites Like that is also known as is the free software providing website being backed by the tech news and views provider CNET. offers the free software for each and every type of operating system be it Windows, Mac, or any mobile operating system. Every category of desktop software […]

15 Sites Like is a brand new question and answer and knowledge sharing website over the internet from where you can learn a lot by finding the exact answers. has changed the traditional style of question and answers based websites. In addition to simply dealing in the question and answer system, […]

15 Sites Like is a children toys store for buying the unique level of toys for your children. Just like its name Imagine Toys, is the provider of those toys and games that will be surly beyond your imagination. It is a specialty toy store for children that always bring the […]

15 Sites Like is the name of simply a fabulous Gifs providing platform. has totally reshaped the idea of Gif by transforming it with the high level of communication. Have you ever think or hear about communicating via Gifs? If not then here is the that will tell you how […]

15 Sites Like is an online fashion shopping store for men, women and kids. largely deals in clothes, dresses, shoes, bags and various other fashionable products and accessories. What makes special one is the availability of products for all age of people and even for the kids. only deals […]

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14 Sites Like is the replacement of the traditional coupons and promo codes system. Saying this will not be wrong that is more than simple coupons because of offering the real cash money to the buyers whenever and wherever they shop from the recognized online shopping stores of the There […]

15 Sites Like is a predictive article filtering platform that can be accessed in the shape of a website and application for the smartphones as well. It will operate as your personal news aggregator from where you can read the news of your favorite news website. You can surely arrange other reading […]

15 Sites Like is known as a web based sentence structure as well as vocabulary checker system to determine the score plus rating regarding your document and paper prior to presenting it towards the recipient. In the case of the long-term document or papers comprising plenty of articles and numerous words it […]

15 Sites Like is the provider of elegant and simple money management solution fir the Mac OS X operating system users only. By using the simple and easy to use personal fiancĂ© management system of, the Mac users can manage their financial life in a more organized way. From planning to […]

15 Sites Like is a free internet situated portal for getting the live streaming of the ongoing tournaments of a number of sporting events and games throughout the several part of the world. What is going on in the ground at that moment will be streamed by the It is an […]

15 Sites Like is a community based online questions and answers portal. It is entirely a human guided independent search engine particularly designed for questions and answers purpose only. You want to get the instant answer of any question for free then this knowledge exchange center will be surely a great help […]

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This domain is dedicated to the computer enthusiasts and those with the technical background. is basically user generated platform specified for the questions and answers in real time. The best about is that unlike traditional knowledge sharing portals, requires no kind of registration or creation of the […]

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First of all it is worth to clear here that is an entirely different online shopping portal to is also an online shopping store that deals in phones, tablets, watches, and various other digital and electrical gadgets in the entire UAE. In addition to digital and electrical […]

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Want to experience the real power of customer reviews then move to the and get the real inside story of the products and services you are looking for. Either it is about knowing about the products or services you are going to enjoy the full reviews and recommendations on […]

15 Sites Like is a platform from where you can easily get the all those resources that will make you able to get your body in a format as you want. You will be provided with all those informative material that will make you able to get out the real benefits of […]

15 Sites Like is the provider of end to end encrypted cloud storage system for large enterprises. For the first time there is a dedicated encrypted cloud storage for the confidentiality of your files and data of all type. Your encrypted will start automatically right after the uploading of your file. […]

15 Sites Like offers most sporting streams together with the streaming of the Barclays Premiere League and several other tournament and league matches of the multiple sports. The portal is neat and very smooth, simple and appears particularly handy to enjoying the online streaming. When seeking to watch streams there, most likely, […]

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