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When it is about proofreading two to three pages only then it sounds good. But what about those documents that contain dozens of pages and requires proofreading on urgent basis? It is really a hectic task. But don’t worry there is a freemium document checker named that will make […]

15 Sites Like is an online content sharing platform for the professional writers. is about sharing the ideas and great stories with others. The visitors of can read the ideas of others as well to increase their level of passion. In addition to professionals, the beginners can take out the […]

15 Sites Like is a web-based book review magazine that deals in the recommendations of the books. You can get from the guides to the best new and current books. In addition to getting new books and recommendations on these, also enlist the reviews, reading lists, excerpts and find a book […]

15 Sites Like is basically a Q&A community of the Meta Filter that is known for delivering various public solutions. In addition to helping the masses on various issues, Meta Filter owns a question and answer section as well by the name of It is entirely a user driven and community […]

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This domain is specified for the read readers and writer that will assist you in discovering the best stuff over the internet. What is the best material to read over the internet will be provided to you at this website. At this platform you can see what your friends are […]

15 Sites Like is an online comprehensive and reliable one encyclopedia that is presently overlaying all type of subject matters and branches of talents. Lots of the subjects and affairs here are involving the United States history and its men and women. Nonetheless, still the consumer can get understanding in regards to […]

15 Sites Like is the provider of premium level of book management tools to its members. This portal is offering its book system comprising the powerful tools to the authors and real book lovers. You will really like the conversational environment of the that is really different from the traditional blogging […]

15 Sites Like is a leading online learning community for those creators who want to share something creative and amazing with the others. offers these creators and chance to stand in the crowd by sharing those that really matters and inspires the others. It is also a source of learning for […]

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Wikipedia.Org is a free internet-based encyclopedia designed to assist the people in getting knowledge on various topics. It is currently the biggest and leading source of knowledge and information on the web. It is a place from where the people around the world can get expertise about health and fitness, […]

15 Sites Like is an open source and multifunctional RSS reader and multi-source content mash-up aggregator. It will work as RSS feed manager and content aggregator for you. is basically a web based RSS reader, mashup, live stream and content aggregation platform. The main advantages that you can say as the […]

15 Sites Like allow its users to keep, arrange, organize their best stuff over the internet at a centralize place instead of bookmarking all or saving in the form of web pages. They can access their reading data anytime and can share the same with others as well. It is one of […]

15 Sites Like is a powerful content reader for those users who want to save their time by saving the data quickly and further wastage of time. The content reading system of will enable you to remain in touch with the top information all the time. In addition to web-based management […]

15 Sites Like is a web-based technique to organize and arrange your data searched over the internet. Whatever you encounter on the internet can be stored in the online database of and you can retrieve it anytime as well. The advantage is that you will be not required to bookmark […]

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For those who want to have their reading material on a single platform will surely like the reading system of This online RSS feed system will allow them to have their news collected at a single platform. The key technical features of are bookmarks synchronization system, RSS feeds […]

15 Sites Like is a blog and community based platform for the book lovers. By joining the online library and book platform of this system you can create your own catalog blog as well. You will be provided with the system of collecting your books, discovering the new one, winning giveaways and […]

15 Sites Like is an online grammar checker and proofreading platform to allow you to check your grammar and perform various other correction functions. is a simple and easy yet powerful online tool that makes it easy for its visitors to check their documents and papers for potential stylistic mistakes, grammar […]

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This online reading focused platform is basically a social cataloging platform for the books. It allows is users to create virtual bookshelves of the titles that already have or want to read. It also support for the system of rating, passing reviews and tagging the books of others as well. […]

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Have you hear about books lifestyle? Have you ever heard about the book lifestyle? If not then is here to answer you. is the lifestyle destination for the real book lovers who want to know about each and everything by simply reading the premium level of books of […]

15 Sites Like is an online publishing and idea sharing platform for the professional and creative people. It is an online source that permits its visitors to share their magazines, ideas, catalogs and publications they want the other people to know about. In addition to the system for publishing the own content, […]

15 Sites Like is a web-based grammar checker platform that delivers the online solution for rating the paper against grammatical and spelling errors. The online proofreading system of contains the solution for proofreading, sentence style checker, grammar checker, grammar corrector, English grammar checker and various others checking tools to polish your […]

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This place is specified for reading and sharing stories with others. is one of the largest and leading communities of the writers and readers across the globe. You can join the online services of by simply creating an account here. You can also continue with your Facebook and […]

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If you want to get recommendation about which book you should read then here is to assist you in this situation. is a reading recommendation based platform where you can tell to it what kind of books you have read and what you want to read and then […]

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This platform is the other name of only goods books for the good readers. is the provider of real helping books tools for those who love to have these. This platform is the provider of the independently owned space where you can share your reading experience and can track […]

15 Sites Like is a multiplatform, multifunctional and amongst the best online based and plug-in based writing improvement tools to improve the quality of professionalism and consistency of the writing. deliver its sentence structure, spell and vocabulary examining program in two options; in which the first is the web-based procedure of […]

15 Sites Like is a web-based knowledge exchanging platform being regulated by the Yahoo. It is basically the community-based platform where the registered members of the assist in each other in finding the solution of their answers. All topics at have been nicely covered by the It is an […]

15 Sites Like is a user contributed questions and answers platform from where anyone can get the answer of any question for free. is the name of those leading question and answers based website that are providing the answer for free. It is a platform working with the aim of asks, […]

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Based on the knowledge contributed by the real people across the globe, is a domain dedicated to getting the answers in an online environment from the real people across the world. It can be said as the easiest version of Google and other leading search engines because of allowing […]

15 Sites Like is the blend of encyclopedic materials, creative & artistic work, and knowledge. is actually a web-based encyclopedia that presents the reference resources to the customers. Most of the subject to be had listed here are written by using the volunteer artists and writers. The interesting thing about […]

15 Sites Like is the unique level of website that you can say as the sophisticated version of Google that contains the information in a more sophisticated way. If you are tired of using search engines because of getting too many answers or irrelevant answers then simply move to the from […]

15 Sites Like is a social book reading platform specified for the book readers only to share their passion for reading. Thousands of books are the part of the if you like any books then add into your special book shelf here and this will be included in the recommended book […]

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