Science & Technology that is also called as Yandex.Browser is the browser by the Yandex search engine. The browsing system of is based on the SmartBox search system that is something new launched by first tine by The SmartBox is integrated with all browsing and searching requirements from a blazing […]

15 Sites Like is a credible name in the world of technology news and information. With the passage of time, has made a significant improvement in the world of IT and the process is still on. Now the is the name of an independent media property that is dedicated to […]

16 Sites Like is a web-based information center that just like its name usually provides the news and information about computers and peripherals equipment. is for those who are looking for to upgrade their devices and are unable to decide because of no familiarity with the technology products. At the online […]

16 Sites Like is the provider of all in one multifunctional and cross-platform web browser by the name of Torch Browser. The web browser being offered by the is based on the somehow features and technologies of Chromium. To some extent it can be said as Chromium based web browser. But […]

15 Sites Like is the website working under the supervision of Microsoft from where it deals with the Internet Explorer and the products of the Internet Explorer. The extensions of Internet Explorer, add-on, and other tools and services packs of Internet Explorer are available on this platform. All you required to move […]

15 Sites Like is known as a web browser that is said to be the one of the leading user-oriented web browsers. The functionalities being offered by the always keep the visitor at top by giving them full freedom to use the web as they want to explore. Whatever you can […]

15 Sites Like is the provider of fully featured, ultra-modern and tri-core rendering web browser named Avant Browser. Among a lot of feature the best one about is that it is highly compatible with the search system of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It will make browsing risk and leak free […]

15 Sites Like is the home of technology that has been covering the computing, networking, internet gadgets and much more in a comprehensive way for past many years. Many a time this site has been listed in the leading technology platforms for the purpose of getting news and reviews of the latest […]

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This domain is specified for the browser of named Midori that is said to be the lightweight yet powerful web browser. It is a totally free web browser that comes with its all functionalities and features without any restriction or limitation on any one. is available for the […]

15 Sites Like is the recommendation of the tech expert for the startup and experts for getting the unbiased reviews and views on the technological products and gadgets. is the best source of information for the computer power users, tech enthusiasts and IT decisions makers for getting the best information and […]

16 Sites Like is an online digital library of tens of thousands of academic journals, books and research papers of the expert of their disciplines. In order to access the entire services of the you will be first required to create an account with For its largest collection of journals […]

15 Sites Like is the official website of the Comodo IceDragon Web Browser that is the perfect mashup of Mozilla Firefox and Chromium based technology. In addition to these technologies, has its own technological infrastructure as well that make it one of the most popular web browser that ensures the privacy […]

15 Sites Like is a tech blog and the provider of latest news and information about the technology and those related to technology by any means. If you are looking for a professional online source for getting the best in information technology then here is the that will be a great […]

16 Sites Like stand for the European Scientific Journal that is an online source for getting the peer reviewed and open access articles and journals. The articles and journals are available on the platform of are high quality and review by the leading experts of the Every month it issue […]

15 Sites Like is the provider of multi-feature and multifunctional web browser that in addition to Windows operating systems is also available for the Android devices as well. It is a very easy to use but powerful web browser that will successfully meet all of your browsing requirements. If you want to […]

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Purely designed for the tech enthusiasts, is a tech blog that deals with technology news, analysis, product description and likewise other issues and trends. Those with tech background will surely find the beneficial for them because is like a community generated tech platform where the tech gurus […]

16 Sites Like is basically an aggregator of the leading journals and articles provider. It is among those few sites that provides the journals and articles of almost all academic areas. For its massive collection of journals, is said to be the one of the largest and leading website around the […]

15 Sites Like is the provider of featured rich Chromium based web browser named Cent Browser. The best about is that it delivers the more convenient features as compared to the most of the features of the It is said to be highly enhanced web browser that deliver the high […]

15 Sites Like is among those leading technology websites that are serving in the real term by telling the visitors how to get the real benefits from the products. is the provider of latest technology products. It is not about news and views only. In fact, is the provider of […]

16 Sites Like is an online tech source that provide its readers latest tech headlines, review and tips & tricks. This platform is dependent on the leading tech giants like, Computer Shopper, IGN, and for the purpose of getting reviews on recent tech trends and issues. is basically […]

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Just like its name, this platform is the provider of detailed expert reviews of latest consumer IT, computing and electronic products. In addition to dealing with review and opinions, is also the provider of the industry news, product launches, and in-depth analysis of the ongoing activities in the […]

16 Sites Like is an online portal in the world of IT that always comes with bleeding edge in the technology, science, news and various other on daily basis. is listed among the leading web-based tech magazine for the tech audience only. After visiting the for the first time, you […]

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QupZilla is a new and really rapid QtWebEngine based web browser. It targets to be a lightweight web browser available for all main systems and devices. It was started to develop for educational purposes only. But from the start, QupZilla has grown into a characteristic-wealthy browser. QupZilla has all standard […]

15 Sites Like is one of the leading databases of the scientific material, medical and technical information. It provides the information about various products and services as well. The articles, research papers and journals available at the online database of will make you able to make the better decisions, deliver better […]

15 Sites Like is a European based site designed for the computer hardware and software news, cover processors, major hardware and much more. It provides the news, reviews, and opinions for tech buffs on the products that are directly or indirectly associated with the computers and information technology equipment. that said […]

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As apparent from the name, the website is about the information and views on the hardware of the computers, internet products and likewise peripheral gadgets. is about the information of latest hardware news, reviews, test, and opinions. It is for those IT users who take much interest in […]

16 Sites Like is the name of International Publishers of Journals and Books that publish and journals relevant to medical, scientific and technical topics at its online website. It is the provider on hundred subscription-based academic journals and almost two hundred open access ebooks and journals. It has a presence in almost […]

15 Sites Like is the official website of the Mozilla in which the most popular one is its leading web browser name Firefox. All updates about the ongoing products of and the project that at under development can be acquired from this website. From the website, Mozilla is offering all […]

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This website is the platform of open source and peer reviewed articles and journals. This online scientific journals containing website is covering the articles of almost four hundred academic. At the moment, there are fifty-five open access journals, forty-three thousand articles and three hundred topics covered at the platform of […]

15 Sites Like is the name of Open Science Journal that is the provider of open access journals across the globe. Just like getting the open access journals from the you can also publish your original research work at the publishing platform of as well. It allows the disciples of […]

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