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Xurrency.com is a web based currency data provider that deals in the services of foreign exchange rates information and currency conversion. All type of services regarding foreign exchange rates and currency conversion are totally free by the Xurrency.com. From dollar to dirham and dinar to rupee, Xurrency.com exchange rates and currency conversion tools are available for all. What make Xurrency.com special one is getting the latest rates. The data system of Xurrency.com is updated continuously throughout the day to provide the visitors with the real time exchange rates prevailing on international level. At present, Xurrency.com is providing the exchange rates of the fifty valuable international currencies. The paid API of Xurrency.com is also available for the purpose of integrating into the website. For the information of the readers, Xurrency.com only claims the updatition of the currency exchange rate every five minutes. Still it recommends its visitors to not rely on the real time pair value being presented by it for trading purposes. Xurrency.com only delivers the currency calculator and foreign exchange rates.

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XE.com is an online foreign exchange rate and exchange rate tools provider. In addition to providing exchange rate tools and widgets XE.com is the provider of the live currency rates and analysis. This platform is best known for providing the unbiased and reliable one accurate data. The other extra features and functions of the XE.com are availability of trade money transfers, data feed and a lot of others. In short, XE.com is one of the best sources for getting the…

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GoCurrency.com is one of the leading reliable one currency converters that have been trusted for its real time foreign exchange rates calculation. It is one of the best sources in shape of website for getting the real time foreign exchange rates of the almost all international currencies. In addition to the general visitors, the money exchanger and those who trade in money will get the real benefits from the GoCurrency.com as they will be able to get the real time…

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Money or currency particularly the foreign currency always put a significant impact on the international and national market. Only those who are aware of the up and downs of the money market can understand the economic issues in real term. X-Rates.com is also that platform form where you can get the real time exchanges rates. The best about X-Rates.com is that instead of previewing the currency exchange rates once in day, it keeps on updating all the time whenever there…

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From dollar to dirham and rupee pound, CER24.com is a dedicated currency exchange rate provider that delivers the real-time currency exchange to its visitors. It is a free rate information provider. Despite the fact, CER24.com is a free foreign exchange rate provider still it never compromises on the reliability and accuracy of the data that it is providing to its visitors. You will always get the real time free and accurate foreign exchange rates information of the most traded international…

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Exchange-Rates.org is a global currency exchange rates provider that provides the up to the minute currency rates and conversion system. You can get the even historical records in shape of charts and graphs as well. At the main page of the Exchange-Rates.org you will encounter the two main features that are currency converter and exchange rates. The currency converter allow the visitors to first insert the amount and then select the from and to currency and get the amount converted…

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FX-Rate.net is an online exchange rates platform that deals in the conversion of currency from one international to another international one and foreign currency exchange rates. The exceptional quality of FX-Rate.net is that in addition to providing the fresh currency exchange rates, it also provides the exchange rates of the past days as well for the historical information of the visitors. You can also ask queries about the currency rates as well. That is the way of working of FX-Rate.net…

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FxTop.com is an internationally recognized official currency converter and exchange rate information provider that contains the basic and advanced level of currency converters. In addition to providing the currency calculator and fresh foreign exchange rates the other information being provided by the FxTop.com are historical exchange rates information, current exchange rates information and currency rates in multiple languages. Converter in past, unit converters, historical comparison, usual currency converter, forex map, forex trends, currency pair portal, cross FX rates, pocket guide,…

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Loobiz.com is a wen based currency converter and foreign exchange rate information provider. It provides the conversion system for those leading international currencies that are being traded most in the online environment. It is a way for getting the latest news about on the financial and currency matters as well. Right from the main website, the visitors can explore for the various other services that are in addition to web master tools, detect you location for currency conversion purpose, historic…

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FXproTec.com is a universal level of currency converter that has made the currency conversion process very simple. It is an online source for getting the up to minute exchange rates for any international currency in the world. The other free services being offered by the FXproTec.com are foreign exchange rate information provider, currency trading, and currency education. In short, FXproTec.com is no meant to provide currency conversion and exchange rate information only. It is a specialized website dedicated for the…

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TheMoneyConverter.com is the name of comprehensive coverage of exchange rates including live & up to minute rate feeds, online currency converter and country information. Whether you are planning to visit another country or a professional money exchanger, TheMoneyConverter.com is a reliable source of information for doing the best currency exchange transactions at national and international level. Foreign exchange rates have a vast impact on international market. TheMoneyConverter.com is a way to keep you update with the ongoing activities in the…

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EXchangeRate.com is for getting the fresh exchange rates on daily basis. In addition to getting the up to the minute exchange rates, EXchangeRate.com delivers the various other services as well in shape of currency graphs, photos, currency information, country information, and the real time data of the almost two hundred international currencies. For the information of the travelers and tourist there is a special section from where they can get the information about the countries, there currencies and the exchange…

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Forex market news & analytics and knowing about current exchange rates are an important factor for both professional business persons and even for the tourists and travellers. Here is a website named RatesFX.com that delivers the daily foreign exchange rates and information about the currency volatility data and predictions for the future as well. Here you can get the real time charts and other relevant data in visualization formats. You can also get from here the market summaries to make…

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LikeForex.com is a real time currency converter, exchange rate, forex trading and forex brokerage service provider. The webmasters can find currency widgets for their websites as well. The advanced forex brokerage search information system of LikeForex.com provides the visitors with the information of almost fifty international currencies. It is said to be listed among the biggest forex brokerage database where you can make the comparison of brokerage in detail side by side. The easy to use navigation and filtration system…

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CommercialForex.com is the provider of the data and information of foreign exchange international business transfers, online currency converter, currency rate comparison, and online foreign exchange currency converter. CommercialForex.com also deals in the money transfer and cash delivers as well, however, we will discuss about the currency conversion and foreign exchange rate services of the CommercialForex.com. The visitors of CommercialForex.com can find here the detailed information about international foreign exchange rates for business professionals & investors, cash delivery currency conversion, daily…

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ExchangeRates24.com is an online information provider of the major international currencies across the globe. It is a real time currency exchange provider for the professional business persons and the tourists who are planning to visit aboard. This online real time exchange rate provider deals in the fresh exchange rates of almost all major leading international currencies. From dollar to dirham and rupee pound, ExchangeRates24.com is a dedicated currency exchange rate provider that delivers the real-time currency exchange to its visitors.…

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