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24HourFitness.com is an online fitness gym for people who do not get time to work out or go outside regularly. The main thing to note is that the site is a premium, so you need to pay money if the need for availing features exists… read more
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18 Sites Like 24hourfitness.com



Fitocracy.com is not as known as many other websites but is included in few of the most authentic places that come with many tools, articles, options that benefit both men and women and make their life better.


StrengthSensei.com is the website of the highest quality and gives you more than adequate information, tips and plans to manage your body, get fit, lose weight or anything other, that seems important.


MuscleForLife.com does not need much explanation as it has a distinct name but the best thing about it is that the content on the platform is better than most places ad includes various other things also.


FatBurningMan.com may not look the most attractive thing you open on the web, but it can become the most useful tool once someone gets used to it and avails the things that exist.


EverydayHealth.com is a new website in the category of health and fitness but does not lack in anything as it contains a big database of articles and other helpful material that anyone needs.


SummerTomato.com is a website that explains the reason for it by the name, a place that provides you with all the techniques, exercises and other things required to maintain a healthy body.


KinoBody.com is a place to get fit, learn different techniques, discover stuff that you did not know about your body and focus on getting better based on the different exercises present for men and women.


Health.com may not need a proper introduction because the name is more than enough to do the job. A place that has become a directory when it comes to everything related to mind and body.


MensJournal.com is opposite to the previous site added in the list, and the twist here is the focus on men only. Many things that only interest male and the techniques such as heavy activity, hear and food that they like to consume while doing exercises.


LifeScript.com is a website that focuses on providing health and other fitness techniques but with a little twist. LifeScript’s primary audience is women who need separate activities and have issues that are not related to men.


12minuteathlete.com is a complete guide to a healthy lifestyle, and the purpose of the website, therefore, becomes apparent with the name. 12minuteathlete includes several options and sections that are not part of any other place, and this exclusiveness makes it an even better option for people who want to start from the beginning.


GlobalFit.com is a premium website that gives the user an enjoyable experience while they make their selves better. It counts itself as the leading provider of wellness and health solutions for people who are part of the system and have insurances.


Active.com is one of the most famous websites that comes with a lot to offer. You can find anything you need here. The fitness and health section includes various calculators such as body fat, BMI, calorie manager, BMR, Nutrition and weight along with heart rate and pedometer.

Microsoft band

Microsoft Band is the name of product and application that helps a person in achieving various health related goals such as healthy life and fitness. For individuals who want to change the way they are living, get the best out of their body and maintain the stature they have, Microsoft Band helps with everything.


LifeSum.com simplifies life and the living techniques that lead to health and fitness. The website itself is top class with all the options, and the purpose of the program explained on the homepage which makes it easier for the user to get the idea of what to expect.


Loseit.com is a place that serves the purpose and gives you an idea just by the name. It gives you the motivation and the tools to lose your weight without having to do something extra ordinary.


Examine.com comes as the main competitor of the other websites and focuses more on providing the users with the option of losing weight and tracking their fitness instead of products.


FitBit.com is one of the most frequently used websites when it comes to tracking your fitness and buying gear that helps to achieve various goals set by a person. The best thing about this platform is that it has applications for various devices so that a person does not stay restricted to just the desktop.

More About 24hourfitness.com

24HourFitness.com is an online fitness gym for people who do not get time to work out or go outside regularly. The main thing to note is that the site is a premium, so you need to pay money if the need for availing features exists. The 24HourFitness trackers within these apps help to achieve most tasks without buying any other product. The prices of all the items are within range, and the user needs to create an account or sign up for a social network so that they keep track of everything that goes on within the website. Anyone who has a social networking account or email address can become a member and then utilize all the features that are part of the system. The app section gives you links and access to the cell phone and other software so that you do not depend on just the web for achieving the tasks. Overall, 24 Hour Fitness gets termed as a website that gives you enough but can improve a lot.