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4Shared is a web-based hosting, storing and sharing platform that deals in the all type of digital media files. Each user of 4Shared is given 15 GB of free storage space for the purpose of saving the data in the cloud and sharing the same with others… read more
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MEGA.nz is cloud storage and file hosting provider that deals in the storage and sharing of large media files. For the first time when you will join the MEGA.nz, it will offer you the free cloud storage of 50 GB that you can use for the purpose of saving your digital media files in the cloud.


MediaFire.com is the partial free straightforward and easy to use solution that will meet your basic file sharing and hosting requirements easily and simply. It is not among those cloud storage platform whose primary purpose is only to provide the cloud storage space to their visitors.


Ge.tt is an instant file sharing and hosting provider that make the users able to upload and share the files without few steps. The process starts by way of either uploading the file by searching from the computer or simply using the drag and drop system of the Ge.tt.


FileServe is a web application that provides the online free file storage solution to those users who are facing the low storage space or want to share the large files with the other users located in remote places.


WeTransfer is a cloud base storage service provider that deals in the sharing of files a well. The main advantage of using the cloud storage service of WeTransfer is that it provides the users with the system of real-time file sharing where they can share the files and data of any type instantly throughout the world.


Zippyshare.com is a free file hosting provider where there is no limit over uploading and sharing of files. If you are unable to share large files by attaching with your email, then Zippyshare.com is the way that will provide you with the option of sharing the mega files instantly in real time.


Userscloud.com is a free cloud service provider that offers the unlimited storage space and remote backup capacity. Userscloud.com is the provider of an advanced level of uploading and downloading tools as well.


FileFactory.com is a digital content distribution uploading and sharing system that is a mean for file hosting and sharing. FileFactory.com is the best option for the content owners, web masters, and general users because of the features that it offers to its users.


Jumpshare.com is an online source for sending mega files for almost free. Jumpshare.com is a gift for those who are required to deliver thousands of files of mega sizes on a daily basis.


Uploaded.net is a file sharing and storage platform that deals in the system of uploading the files and sharing with others. Without any registration formality, Uploaded.net supports for the uploading of the file size of almost 250 MB and share the same with others.


Volafile.io is free live sharing and communication platform that provide the best solution for instant sharing. In term of cloud storage system, Volafile.io is not as better because its storage system is based on the system of temporary file storage.


ImageShack is a premium based web application that deals in the image hosting and sharing. The process of sharing with ImageShack start with the system of the uploading image first and then sharing with others.


2Shared.com is free to file storage and sharing system. The governing rules of 2Shared.com are very simple; if you have any file that you want to share with your friends then simply upload it at the platform of 2Shared and share it with the your desired friends.


DepositFiles.com is a universal cloud storage platform that deals in the saving and sharing of the precious files and data. Just like other sharing and storage platform, DepositFiles.com also deals in the uploading of files and after that storing it in the cloud storage system of DepositFiles.com or sharing with others.


AnonFiles.com is the provider of unlimited file uploading and sharing system for free. The users of AnonFiles.com can at a time share the file size of almost 500 MB for free.


Subyshare.com is a free file uploading service available online. When you need to send a file and you cannot send it through your mail because it is too big then Subyshare.com comes in handy.


Rapidgator.net is a free service that provides the facility of storage, distribution, and transfer of your files that are uploaded on the site. As a free user, you can upload files up to 500MB and download files up to 500 MB.


RapidShare.com is a file hosting service present on the internet since 2002. RapidShare.com offers online backup service for the important files and documents as well. Upon uploading a file on RapidShare.com, users are provided with a unique URL which enables anyone on the site to download the file by the uploader.


NitroFlare.com is an international service of uploading, distributing, sharing, and saving files on the cloud storage. NitroFlare.com helps you in uploading your files within no time. You can freely share your files on any online website you want to.

More About 4shared.com

4Shared is a web-based hosting, storing and sharing platform that deals in the all type of digital media files. Each user of 4Shared is given 15 GB of free storage space for the purpose of saving the data in the cloud and sharing the same with others. The process of storing and sharing is very simple that start from the process of creating an account with the 4Shared. Just after the creation of the account, the user of 4Shared is given 15 GB of free storage space in the cloud. The user can then store any kind of file by simply uploading it. The users can even categorize the stored files as well by making separate folders for each and every type of files. In order to share the files with the other users, the users are only required to send or share the downloadable links to the other person. By clicking on the downloadable link, the downloading in the system of other people will start automatically. 4Shared is the nice and best way for those users who are dealing in their entertainment portal and are required to keep entertaining stuff. 4Shared is the best option for that purpose of sharing audio, video, movies, songs, and much more without any further delay. If you will go for the premium version of 4Shared, you will be provided with the 100 GB storage space in addition to other features and functions.