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You can download various fonts for any project you’re up to, whether it’s commercial or personal at You get to experience good key designs by downloading these free fonts. Whenever you need a font, All best fonts always provide the best quality fonts for your satisfaction.


Dafont is an online font presenting platform. If you are looking for some amazing fonts, Dafonts is now at your service. This online font platform offers various kinds of fonts along with different themes. There are approximately 33,716 fonts available right now on DaFont which also come along with 10,068 different accents. 11,698 of these fonts come with the Euro symbol.

2. offer a variety of unique fonts online. These fonts can be used both personally and commercially. You can now download 10,000 different and unique fonts from 1001freefonts. These different fonts are licensed and are widely used for commercial and personal means. By downloading these fonts you get to have an unlimited access to various fonts that are also organized in an alphabetic order.

3. offers you a great variety of different fonts which are available for free download as well. This online platform for different fonts offers fonts in different categories like decorative, fancy, cursive, Mawns, connected, flowing, girly and so many more. A team of experienced designers is there to offer you almost 33,946 unique fonts.

4. offers you free and notable fonts for commercial and personal use. Font squirrel understands the fact that it is hard to find quality based and freeware licensed fonts for commercial use. Font squirrel is the best source for getting a hands-on variety of free fonts for both personal and commercial use.

5. offer you a notable variety of fonts. These fonts are new and fresh fonts which come quite handy for various commercial and personal projects. These fonts are freely available on 1001 fonts site so that you can enjoy the free access to unique fonts. These fonts are licensed and are curated by experts.

6. offer free and licensed fonts. These fonts are available in variety and can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Popular categories of fonts that are offered by Abstract fonts are script, sports, handwriting, sans and many more.


This online platform for quality based fonts include approximately 50,000 fonts and still counting. Not only there are fonts available, but Free-Fonts also offers people different font tools and links which are popular among people for both commercial and private use.


Google Fonts is a popular online platform for a variety of fonts for both commercial and private use. These fonts are free for downloading and are also licensed based. The perks along with the fonts that are offered are thickness, width, and slant which allows you to adjust the fonts as well.

9. are known is the home of quality and variety based fonts. Free fonts are available for download which are licensed as well. Other than the free fonts, urban fonts also offer you the premium fonts which contain unique fonts. Different deals are also there to get access to some quality based fonts.

10. is a popular website for free and licensed fonts. You can download different fonts for free. There are more than 9000 fonts available on this online platform. These fonts are available which are curated by almost 400 font designers which makes it quite a catch for both commercial and personal use.


You can now download some amazing fonts from font stock without facing any kind of annoying ads. Font stock has a variety of fonts in its stock, which is organized alphabetically. You can also submit your own fonts on this online fonts platform.

12. is an online platform for notable and different fonts. You can now have free access to these unique fonts by downloading them on your PC and Mac for personal and commercial use. This platform offers massive font bundle which is recommended for professionals.

13. is a photography sharing platform that provides people with something more than just the usual uploading. It started as a place where people could draw content online, instead of drawing it and then sharing it with others. Here, many computer graphics, editors, and photo tools were existent that helped individuals come up with the best possible drawing. It does not focus much on sharing images, but only the drawings and that is why DeviantArt did not get much fame…

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