Amazon cloud drive Alternatives

Amazon cloud drive

Amazon Cloud drive, although is a service of the giant of the internet but it has not been able to make its name as much. It is because of several reasons with the main one being that it entered the market pretty late… read more

21 Sites Like Amazon cloud drive

0 is the provider of personal cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. It is a cloud storage platform for the safer saving of your data and files in cloud.
0 is the partial free straightforward and easy to use solution that will meet your basic file sharing and hosting requirements easily and simply. It is not among those cloud storage platform whose primary purpose is only to provide the cloud storage space to their visitors.

Google drive

Google Drive is one of the most efficient and utilized tools when it comes to having an online space for saving your data and sharing it with others. The only requirement is to create an account with the help of your email address which should be of Google, other than that, people just have to use it without worrying about space or money.
0 is an online cloud storage service that guarantee the privacy of the data. support for the storing, sharing and accessing of files from anywhere and from any device.

One drive

One Drive is the Microsoft version of online storage sites. It has many features which make it exclusive from others, but the main drawback is the less space which is provided.


Pcloud is a new service that provides people with online storage and options, with which everything can be managed. The user interface is friendly where you can see all the options on the main screen and have access to everything.
0 is a private cloud storage and backup management system for your most important stuff. You can access your stored data from anywhere and across all of your devices. There is no requirement of technical knowledge in order to start with
0 is the cloud storage service of the Yandex that make its users bale to store their files in a territory disk and access the same from other devices.
0 is a cloud storage service based on the functionalities of data synchronization between multiple devices, data backup & management system and file sharing with others. If you want to keep your data safe and secure in a highly encrypted environment then is web based cloud storage system that will provide you with the system of online backup and cloud file sharing system.
0 is the name of secure file storage and sharing system. is offering its services for both individual and personal purposes. Although it is designed for all level of users but most of the time businesses like to use the cloud storage system of because it delivers the secure content and online file sharing system.


Teamdrive is a website which not only provides people with the facility of saving their content online but also makes sure that others are able to access them. It is like an online office environment where everything can be shared with anyone in no time.


Seafile is a website which is new on the market but provides several features which can help people to upload their content online and manage it in a proper way. It has many features which keep it different from others.


Cloudme is another website which does exactly what the name refers to, a place where people can sync the data which is important to them, with the help of various tools.
0 is an online backup and cloud storage system for those want to keep their files in the online cloud storage services instead of keeping these in the PC or smartphone.


Owncloud is a service which is more famous because of its cell phone application but also has a web version where people can use all the features. It allows the integration with phone, laptop, and others so that all the data can be accessed from anywhere the user wants.
0 is an online data backup and management system for the PCs and smartphone devices. This platform basically delivers the cloud storage space to its users to keep their data safe and secure in the territory storage devices.


Justcloud is a cloud-based website where there are options for saving your data online and then doing a wide ranging stuff with them depending on the requirement. There are a few restrictions for using this app, for example, you do not get much space to work with, everyone gets the free space of few GB to use which can seem less if you have stuff like images and videos to upload and share.


4SHARED is another famous website which has lost its touch ever since the cloud-based applications have been introduced. The app is free in some cases and paid in others. It still has a lot of benefits for people who are studying and working.

WeTransfer is a cloud base storage service provider that deals in the sharing of files a well. The main advantage of using the cloud storage service of WeTransfer is that it provides the users with the system of real-time file sharing where they can share the files and data of any type instantly throughout the world.
0 is a fast and new tool that allows people to keep the files online storage or unlimited time or even send it to other for access. The best thing about Turbo Bit Net is that it does not complicate things and show several useless options but just does the work required by a person.

Pastebin is a web-based application where the user can store and share plain text. It is specially used to share source code review the code view internet Relay Chat. It has two main version first one is free that takes advertising and the second one is paid ad-free.

More About Amazon cloud drive

Amazon Cloud drive, although is a service of the giant of the internet but it has not been able to make its name as much. It is because of several reasons with the main one being that it entered the market pretty late. It still has many beneficial features such as it makes uploading content online and sharing it with others, a lot easier as compared to other sites. All the stuff can be moved here and there instantly, and changes can be made in the privacy to let others get access. The option of searching for an item and then opening it at a fast rate is also there. The another advantage of the app is that you can even search for a keyword or other term within the document which makes it easy in so many ways. People can also comment and edit the documents online, whenever someone publishes something that has been shared, you are notified and therefore, can be termed as a good choice.