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Amazon Music is the place where you get exclusive access to content released by singers and other artists. Although the free version allows the user to see the content and what are the new releases, lists, and other places, overall it does not allow playing of most things… read more
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17 Sites Like Amazon music

0 is an easy way of creating and then broadcasting your music with friends and other people around the world. Most of the sections are presently separated by genres which make it easier to select.
0 is one of the best places when it comes to looking free radio on the internet. While many other platforms provide the user with the option of buying various packages such as basic, free and premium value.
0 is the name of another radio streaming platform that is new in the market but slowly making a name for itself because of the range of options present in the database.
0 provides individuals with the best opportunities and takes them straight to the things they require instead of wasting time. Once you become part of the website, Filter Music Net gives you the option of entering a few details such as selecting the type of music you like, the nature of radio channels, and the favorite singers and producers.
0 is a place for your daily music hunger where the user gets to enjoy a range of music channels, radio station, free podcasts and other content that are tailored just for the user and their requirements.
0 is the website of Slacker Radio, a site that contains within itself, one of the biggest databases of radio stations, music, podcasts and other content. The best feature of Slacker website is the layout that has most of the options present on the top and home page providing details of what to expect.
0 is one of the more prominent websites that have an extensive database for music making and sharing options. The primary function of this site is that it provides people with high quality and comprehensive music recommendation program that depend on the choice of a person.
0 is one of the newest but popular places where people get to create their content and then broadcast radio throughout the world. The tagline of the website is catchy and has the meaning of your voice that creates the sound, without any restrictions, and a free platform for anyone to utilize.
0 is your music station throughout the day and the year. The primary purpose of this platform is to provide people with the opportunity of sharing their music with the world and rising starts to gain more fame over the internet.

Napster has the web address of and comes as people powered music that has over 30 million songs on demand. The best feature here is that people upload their music and then share it with the world, which makes it famous for liking and promoting it.
0 is the music channel that everyone would prefer because the music and radio stations that exist here are the premium, most of the stuff, therefore, stay paid but provides many free features such as radio channels.
0 is a better option for people who want to listen to exclusive content and to will to spend money. The best thing about the website is the quantity along with quality that gives it an edge over others.
0 may not be one of the most famous platforms you will ever come across but contains more option than you expect, and that’s because it tailors everything based on the location of the user.
0 is another famous music and radio providing website, but the main thing to note about this is that the language is different. Although the content present does not relate to the tongue as it also contains English and other European languages.
0 is a platform that plays free internet radio and music that everyone likes and bases itself on the recommendations of people and the members who like to upload and share content with the rest of the world.
0 is a place that states it provides excellent quality music to the customers. It comes with a lot of options that are not part of the system and therefore become prominent as an interface.
0 is the website of iHeart Radio that comes with the tagline of suggesting the music stations to people who just know what genre they like. It comes with one of the biggest databases of music and radio stations around the world which help individuals who are interested in music, to find exactly what they need.

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Amazon Music is the place where you get exclusive access to content released by singers and other artists. Although the free version allows the user to see the content and what are the new releases, lists, and other places, overall it does not allow playing of most things. The signing up process may help to enter the database, but the primary factor is becoming the prime member who lets you stream more than 2 million songs without the restriction of ads, you get to listen to everything on your phone, device, or anywhere else even on the desktop. Another critical feature here is that the user gets the option of streaming offline music, which means always depending on the internet is not an issue. You see the website, and it gives a dull impression, but once you start using the features that exist, this perception will change speedily. Overall, quantity based content is best here, but the spending of money becomes the main issue.