AVG.com is the official website of the internet and PC security and privacy product of the AVG. The security products of AVG.com are available for PC, Mac, and Android mobile operating systems; AVG.com has the finest collection of security, privacy and system maintenance products that are available from free to the commercial range… read more

Sites Like Avg.com

#1 Avast.com


Avast.com is best known for its advanced level of security products. The main reason behind the popularity of Avast.com is its leading Avast Antivirus that is doing well for all operating systems and devices. The all in one antivirus of Avast.com delivers all security and maintenance facilities to its users. The products of Avast.com are available for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. For the individual and commercial purpose, Avast.com provides the separate products. In the PC and laptop section the products being offered by the Avast.com are internet security, pro antivirus, free antivirus, privacy products, cleaner for PC and cleaner for browser. In the same manner, its products are also available for Mac and smartphone devices as well. In term of PC, almost all products of the Avast.com are fully compatible with the recent Windows 10 operating systems. There are millions of sensors that are part of the Avast.com products and on behalf of that sensors its products ensures the security and privacy of its users. It even claim for its security level that even the agencies like CIA, NSA and federal departments will not be able to get your details. One of the main advantages of the security and cleaning products of the Avast.com is that these never slow down the performance of the PC and never interrupt the users while working as well.

#2 Avira.com


Avira.com is the official website of the products of Avira that are available for PC, Mac and smartphone devices. The best quality of Avira.com is that it even develops the security and maintenance products for the servers and network systems as well. These software and products are being offered by the Avira.com for both desktop and in shape of cloud-based services. Before going to purchase the products, the products of Avira.com are available for a limited trial period as well so that the customer can get himself satisfied before making the final purchase. In addition to products for home and personal usage, Avira.com deals in the special products for the business as we ll. From home or personal purposes, the products being offered by the Avira.com are Antivirus Pro, Internet Security Suite, Phantom VPN, system speed up and Android Pro. The business products of Avira.com has a finest collection of a lot of products in which some most popular are Antivirus Pro, Antivirus Server, Antivirus for Endpoint, Antivirus for Small Business and several others. You can also enjoy the some free products from the Avira.com as well that are its popular Avira Antivirus, privacy & identity products, device optimization tools and management & control tools. Avira.com is the provider of that level of products that will ensure the protection of your identity, privacy and devices.

#3 Bitdefender.com


This platform also popular for providing the antivirus software but now dealing with various other PC and internet security and privacy products as well. First of all there is antivirus and security system of BitDefender.com that delivers the real time and security and privacy for all devices either it is PC, Mac or smartphone operating systems. Its products are totally commercial products; however, you can still enjoy the trial period on most of the products before making the final purchase. BitDefender.com is among those free digital security provider companies that are developing specific products for the businesses and large enterprises as well. For personal purposes you can get from the BitDefender.com the security protection products from Windows XP to Windows 10. That is the best quality of BitDefender.com that it is still holding the products for old version of Windows operating systems. The main products of the BitDefender.com for home are individual users are Bitdefender Total Security, Internet Security Suite, Antivirus Plus, Security for XP and Vista, Security for Windows 10, Total Security Multi-Device, Clueful for Android, Parental Control, Safepay and likewise many other products that are available for PC, Mac and smartphone users. It has the finest and one of the most advanced collections of products for businesses as well. It is offering its solutions for business in shape of GravityZone Business Security, GravityZone Advanced Business Security, GravityZone Enterprise Security, Security for Amazon Web Services and few others. Before making the purchase, you can go for free trial as well.

#4 Eset.com


This domain is specified for the IT protections systems that are available in the format of antivirus, virus protection tools and internet security software. ESET.com is the official website of the IT security company ESET that is best known for its ESET Antivirus. However, in addition to antivirus, several other desktop and internet security tools and performance enhancement software are also being offered by the ESET.com. The products of ESET.com are available for individually home and business usage. Either you want to use the products of ESET.com for personal reasons or want to secure the business environment, you are going to enjoy the both level of products from the ESET.com. For home security reasons, the products of ESET.com are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. There is a multi-device pack as well in which you get the security products of ESET.com for all devices at one place. Either it is ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus; both products are known for delivering the state of the art security and protection system to the users. The products of ESET.com come with the features of multiple layers of security that are based on the independent NOD32 detection and protection technology of the ESET.com. For the business sectors, the products of ESET.com are available as per the company sizes that can be small office, medium to large business and enterprise. Moreover, the products can be sort out by way of industry as well.

#5 Kaspersky.com


Kaspersky.com that is also called as Kaspersky Lab provides the security and privacy protection software for individual and business purposes. The main security products being offered by the Kaspersky.com are Internet Security for PC, Internet Security for Mac, Internet Security for Android, Password Manager and Safe Browse. As you can see, Kaspersky.com has covered the three main areas in shape of internet security, password manager system and safe browsing system. First of all there is Internet Security System of Kaspersky.com that is available for all leading operating systems namely for PC, Mac and Android devices. This Internet Security System of Kaspersky.com delivers the military level of protection to its users from all online and offline threats. In order to doing so, Kaspersky.com use it’s on the state of the art virus protection technologies and utilizes its class firewall, anti-spam and application control technologies. The Internet Security System of Kaspersky.com also delivers the web protection and parental control system as well. Then there is the password manager system of the Kaspersky.com that is a new level of protection system by the Kaspersky.com. this product is designed to keep your password safe from all kind of identification. This product of Kaspersky.com even support for the auto-fill web forms as well. By using the Safe Browser of Kaspersky.com you are going to tight the security of your confidential information and identity.

#6 Clamwin.com


For the first time, ClamWin.com is offering the open source antivirus system to its users. The advantage of using open source software is that it users can make the changes in it as per their own specific requirement. It will be of a great help for the business users because in addition to getting the open source software they can make it adaptable as per their own internal and external organization requirements. Free updates will be available by the ClamWin.com from time to time. ClamWin.com is the provider of a totally free antivirus from personal to business usage. For the security and protection system of the system, ClamWin.com utilizes its one state of the art scanning engine. The antivirus of ClamWin.com is freely available for all versions of Windows operating systems from 98 to modern day 10. The main highlighted features and functions of ClamWin.com are high detection rates for spyware/viruses, scanning scheduler system, automatic download & updates system, standalone virus scanner, addin to MS Outlook to remove infected attachments and much more. Simply download it from ClamWin.com and enjoy open source security for your PC.

#7 Pandasecurity.com


PandaSecurity.com that was previously known as Panda Software is the provider of a security system for PC, Mac, and Android devices. All the security and privacy protection products being offered by the PandaSecurity.com are totally commercial. But you can surely go for the free trial period to check the security system of PandaSecurity.com in advance before making the final purchase. The security system design by the PandaSecurity.com protects the all devices from malware, virus, spyware and other kinds of malicious programs. The product range of PandaSecurity.com is different for both home users and business users. Although both deliver the same level of protection but the product for business contains more security layers as compared to that design for home usage. Three main products being offered by the PandaSecurity.com are Antivirus Pro, PandaSecurity.com Internet Security and PandaSecurity.com Global Protection. These are available against price of $30.79, $38.49, and $53.89 respectively. These are designed to perform different functions. Take the example of Panda Antivirus Pro that is meant to make the shopping and browsing online safety. This will protect your security and privacy all the time. Then there is the Internet Security tool of the PandaSecurity.com that also delivers the features of Antivirus Pro but with various other additional security features at the same time. Global Protection system that is said to be the more advanced protection system of PandaSecurity.com contains the all features of Antivirus Pro and Internet Security and delivers the various other additional security features to its users as well.

#8 Symantec.com


This website delivers the PC performance management and PC protection tools and utilities. The products being offered by the Symantec.com contains more number of availability for the PC. The exceptional about Symantec.com is that it has covered the all areas of PC protection and management system. The solutions of Symantec.com are available for all type of users either it is home user, industry user or even a government agency. It is the main provider of the encryption system, internet of things solution, cyber insurance, next generation endpoints, Office 365 security, and lot of other services. The main highlighted products being offered by the Symantec.com are threat protection system, information protection system, security system for small businesses and website security. In the threat protection system some of the major products are Advanced Threat Protection, IT Management Suite, Data Center Security, Email Security Cloud and few others. The products of Symantec.com are also available for the small business as well in the range of Ghost Solution Suite, SSL/TLS Certificates, Code Signing, and few other endpoint protection systems. You can also enjoy the web security features of Symantec.com as well. In short, Symantec.com has been nicely covering the products for all systems and for all purposes. From home to small and large business, you can avail several protection products from the Symantec.com.

#9 Mcafee.com


McAfee.com is said to be the leading provider of virus protection and security enhancement tools for the leading operating systems and devices. It is among the provider of those products that in addition to simply offering the antivirus programs provide the encryption, firewall, and email protection system as well. So for the first time you are going to enjoy all type of products from online requirement to offline purposes from the site of McAfee.com. The exceptional about McAfee.com is that most of the products being offered by the McAfee.com make its users able to manage their security according to their environment as well. The products of McAfee.com are being supervised by the Intel that’s why most of the time these are called as the Intel Security products as well. Products of McAfee.com are arranged into the order of for computers, for enterprise, for small business and for partners. You are only required to navigate to your desired section and there you will find a plenty of products for your home or business requirements. The best about McAfee.com is that it is delivering proactive and proven security products and services that will make you able to secure your system and network all over the world. The security system of McAfee.com that is now under the control of Intel Security protects the home users and businesses of all sizes from the latest malware and emerging online threats.

#10 F-secure.com


For past many years this website has been offering its state of the art and military level protection system for home and business purposes. F-Secure.com delivers the best in the class protection system for all devices and ensures the online privacy of its users. You can surely expect the endpoint protection and security management solutions from the F-Secure.com because these are based on the own independent protection system of the F-Secure.com. The products of F-Secure.com are separately available for both home users and business users. In the home sector, the products of F-Secure.com are available for the PC, Mac, smartphones and tablet devices. The main highlighted products in this section are F-Secure SAFE – Internet Security for all devices, F-Secure Freedom VPN – Protect your privacy, F-Secure Booster – Maximize performance, F-Secure KEY – Manage your passwords, F-Secure Free Antivirus, F-Secure Internet Security only for PC and several products. In addition to commercial, several free products are also being offered by the F-Secure.com. In addition to security protection and system management tools, F-Secure.com also deliver the useful tips as well that will assist you in managing the performance of your PC. In term of business solutions, F-Secure.com is also very featured rich. Three main advantages that are beingAntivirus.Comodo.com offered by the F-Secure.com in its business products are endpoint protection system, central management, and network protection system. The enterprise cyber security system of F-Secure.com designed for all level of businesses.

#11 Antivirus.comodo.com


Comodo Antivirus is based on its own independent Comodo protection technology. Antivirus.Comodo.com is the official website of the Comodo Antivirus that is said to be the smaller in size and faster in performance antivirus system. It provides the flawless and bank level security programmed tools for the PC, Mac and Android devices. By using the products of Antivirus.Comodo.com you can ensure the protection from the malware and malicious programs. In addition to desktop version of Antivirus.Comodo.com, you can also enjoy the online version of Antivirus.Comodo.com as well that deliver the real time cloud protection in case of using the internet. You will be surely protected when you are offline as well. The means the single version of Antivirus.Comodo.com delivers the two level of protection to its users that are online protection and offline protection system. The two main products by the Antivirus.Comodo.com are Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall. The latest protection system of Antivirus.Comodo.com is now available for the Windows 10 users as well. If you are burdened with security issues on your system then simply use the Antivirus.Comodo.com and protects your system from malware threats, virus attacks and other types of malicious programs. Simply use the Antivirus.Comodo.com and protect your machine from getting infected with the efficient Comodo Antivirus that strongly stays one strap ahead from security threats. The main advantages of using the products of Antivirus.Comodo.com are complete malware protection, auto sandbox technology, defense plus, Hose Intrusion Prevention and cloud based protection.

#12 Iobit.com


In addition to PC protection, this platform named IObit.com delivers the PC management and performance enhancement tools as well. From Antivirus to PC management and anti-malware to driver updaters, all programs are the part of this online PC protection system. The leading products being offered by the IObit.com are Advanced SystemCare Free, Advanced SystemCare Pro, Driver Booster Free, Driver Booster Pro, Smart Defrag, Game Optimizer & Booster, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, IObit Malware Fighter Free, IObit Malware Fighter Pro, Protected Folder and Random Password Manager. You can check by yourself what you are going to get from the IObit.com. IObit.com has collected the almost all protection and system maintenance tools. Most of the products being offered by the IObit.com are totally free but there are several others programs that are totally paid. In addition to PC, IObit.com provides the products for the Mac users as well but there quantity is very limited. You will get more for PC from the IObit.com. The antivirus system of IObit.com named Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 scans and removes all kinds of viruses from the system. The Advanced SystemCare 9 that is available for free will make you able to safely remove all kind of unwanted and junk files from your PC. The one other exceptional product of IObit.com is its virus updater that will make you able to keep your drivers up to date all the time.

#13 Freedrweb.com


This platform is developing and distributing virus protection programs for the PC. It is the provider of leading Dr. Web Antivirus as well. Most of the users think it deals with its antivirus programs only. However, now it has started to develop several other programs for operating systems as well in which it’s most popular one are Dr. Web LiveDisk and Dr. Web Link Checker. Dr. Web is now available for Android devices as well enhance the both performance and protection of the Android devices. For individual or home purpose, you can get the most of the products of FreeDrWeb.com for free. However, for commercial or business purpose you are required to purchase the license from FreeDrWeb.com to use its products. Add FreeDrWeb.com to your system and enjoy the protection and performance management at the same time. Most of the products of the FreeDrWeb.com are available for free but against paid products you can you can first go for the thirty day free demo as well to satisfy yourself in advance. FreeDrWeb.com is the best platform for getting all security and PC management tools from a single platform.

#14 Virustotal.com


Just like its domain Virus Total, this website is the provider of total security products to its users. It is a unique type of protection system. Instead of delivering the direct protection products, it basically works in an online environment and make its users able to check their all kind of suspicious files and URLs from its online protection system. It facilitates its visitors with the quick detection of viruses, worms, Trojans, and various other kinds of malware and malicious programs. It is very easy to start with VirusTotal.com. You are required to either upload the file if it is in soft setup format or you can provide the URL as well if it is a website address. On demand of the visitors, this website automatically detect all type of binary content either is any Windows executable, PDF, Android APK, JavaScript code, or any other file. VirusTotal.com is the house of various antivirus programs that provide their virus protection system in online environment of the VirusTotal.com. For the same reasons, VirusTotal.com usually produces detection signatures of any kind of malicious content. In order to scan any file, its maximum size should be of 128 MB only.

#15 Norton.com


Norton.com delivers the highest level of PC protection systems that are designed to work against spyware removal and perform the functions of antivirus software as well. Norton.com has linked with the Symantec as well. The products of Norton.com are being offered for the PC, Mac and smartphone devices as well. These will deliver you the real peace of mind because of providing the real protection technologies. You will surely provide with the mostly free services but also keep in mind the expectation of commercial products as well. A variety of product are being offered by the Norton.com that are Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Premium, Norton Family Premier, Norton Mobile Security, Norton Online Backup Management System, Norton Utilities, Norton Computer Tune UP, and Norton Small Business. The list of these products is revealing the story about what you are going to get from the Norton.com. From personal to commercial, Norton.com is the provider of state of the art protection system to its users. Fee trial against most of the products is also being offered by the Norton.com. Simply select any product and resolve to protect your devices either old or new doesn’t matter at all.

More About Avg.com

AVG.com is the official website of the internet and PC security and privacy product of the AVG. The security products of AVG.com are available for PC, Mac, and Android mobile operating systems; AVG.com has the finest collection of security, privacy and system maintenance products that are available from free to the commercial range. The lists of product available for PC are further categorized into multi-device products and products for single device. In multi-device products the four main products of AVG.com are AVG Antivirus Protection Free, AVG Antivirus Protection Pro, AVG TuneUP Performance and AVG ultimate. For the single devices, there are dozens of products in which the most popular are AVG Antivirus, AVG Internet Security, AVG PC TuneUP, AVG Driver Updater, AVG Web TuneUP and various others. These tools are designed to maintain the security and privacy of the system and boosting the performance of the device as well. The Android users can also enjoy the antivirus and cleaner of AVG.com for their devices to keep it safe from the viruses and malicious programs. The cleaner of AVG.com named AVG cleaner is known as the best one cleaner available for PC, Mac and Android that automatically removes the all kind of junk and unwanted files from the system on demand of the users. The products of AVG.com are designed for all devices and for all matters.

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