BlogAds is specially made for a blogger who provides too much time on their blog in order to earn money. It is a platform like Google AdSense and offers lots of similar services with various new features. It was launched in 2002 by Pressflex LLC… read more
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Here is another platform for you that provide maximize revenue from your content. It is a product of Yahoo network that gives you instant access to the largest marketplace for advertisers.

Monetize your content on and earn a handsome income. is an advertising platform that was launched in 2002. It contains digital advertising that provides the users online advertising display that lets the content generator and businesses to target advertisements to specific locations, demographics, and keywords.

BidVertiser is a pay per click advertising web-based platform that lets the content generator and bloggers to revenue against each click. It provides its own advertisement services for all kinds of websites ranging from automotive business, humanity, computer, and the internet, music, entertainment, and sports, etc.
0 is a place where people who have blogs or website can get to earn the content just by sharing the widget on their platform. It then displays ads based on the content presentation and gives a certain percentage to the owner of the website.
0 does not seem like the most beautiful place when you visit the site but contains all the information that a person needs to ensure that they have a place to make their content visible to the world and earn money through a single location.
0 comes as one of the leading platforms for premium ads and other features that come along with the interactive interface. It has many options that are not part of any other place, making it an excellent choice for everyone.
0 is a place for advertising exchange and has become a leading platform for great developers and designers when it comes to getting the exclusive deals and rates for various sections.

Sharethrough founded by Dan Greenberg and Rob Fan a Stanford University graduate students in 2008. It is a platform that offers all in one native advertising for app developers, publishers, and advertisers.
0 is a search engine for content that people share. It works. Differently, people who have websites and blogs or even random articles just enter the link or file to the platform.

Google adsense

Google Adsense has its location at and stays the leading platform where people not only end up promoting their content because of a high search engine but also get tailored ads that give them money to earn without doing many complicated techniques.

Disqus is a platform that helps the publisher to increase engagement and build a loyal audience. The platform is specially made for whose visitors who have a blog or websites and want to transform their content into the revenue.
0 is one of the biggest sources for content recommendation and has on average more than 250 billion links shared through their platform which helps people who write, to make their work public and money spenders to place ads on the content they think is suitable.

Content.Ad is one of the newest and most innovative platforms that come with several options that provide people chances of earning money. It has the focus on writers who come up with targeted content;

Taboola is one of the most popular content discovery platforms that serves 360 billion recommendations to more than one billion unique visitors across the world each month on the web’s most innovative publisher websites or blogs including USA Today, NBC, Tribune, The Weather Channel and Fox sports, etc.
0 is a content discovery and management platform that works perfectly for all individuals who need to utilize to deal with several factors. The best thing about Out Brain is the user interface which makes it easy for people to move from one option to the other and not spend too much time on just one page.
0 is a place to discover which content suits your work and which ads are the best for the content that is present on the website and it does so with an interactive platform and tools that are exclusive to this location only.

DoubleClick is a subsidiary of Google that creates and manage internet ad serving services which allow you to connect with the right people in the right moments. Its customers include publishers, agencies, and marketers who serve customers such as Motorola, Microsoft, and Nike, etc.
0 is one of the best platforms for publishers who earn extra revenue and Advertisers who interested in buying traffic. Fast Payments, Worldwide Coverage, Performance Focused, Friendly Interface, more than eight popular payment processors and 24/7 Dedicated Support these are most prominent features of the

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BlogAds is specially made for a blogger who provides too much time on their blog in order to earn money. It is a platform like Google AdSense and offers lots of similar services with various new features. It was launched in 2002 by Pressflex LLC. At the time when the most of the advertiser’s media experts thought of media as effective content produced by world’s professional journalist employed by the big corporations. Henry Copeland CEO dreamed of making money into the blogger’s pocket by helping advertisers reach their passionate and chattering readers. It has a massive team of experts members that help you advertise on blogs. To make the service better it also introduce lots of unique tools that will help the visitors to solve each kind of problem you can face during the monetization. Before using the BlogAds service, you must need to register your account with valid information. After the completion of registration, it takes one to two days in order to check your content that is eligible or not. It always places the high quality and maximum paying ads that engage the audience.