Break is mainly known for funny videos, clips, and funny pictures. aka is a popular entertainment and humor website founded in early 1998 that functions comedy videos, flash games, and photos among different cloth. The CEO of is Keith Richman and owner is Defy Media… read more
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2 is a famous yet simple place where people get to see exclusive and funny images that are arranged in the form of articles, along with texts or separately as lists.
0 is a video platform that shares the trending stuff from the internet and provides other related stuff such as images and memes to view. It also has a strong social networking presence everywhere and hence engages people quickly.
0 has an interface that may repel people but the content that keeps them attached to everything that goes on. The Funny Junk top view is just some tabs showing above a black background and does not give an impression that it contains much, but once you start watching the videos, you realize that the stuff here does not exist anywhere else.
0 makes itself known as a place where people get to enjoy a range of content but the authenticity of this claim remains unanswered. The central part is that of popular where the recent videos, hall of fame, pics and gifs, food community and politics related content exists.
0 is not your average comedy site. It has the content shared by Mathew Inman in the form of comics and that too are of good quality. Some of the comics are story based while others standalone.
Free may seem a strange choice for this category, but the fact is that since so much content is shared on the site, the humor part also has a significant presence because of which it becomes apt to add it to the list.
0 also comes as a leader when it comes to entertaining content and has made a name for itself through other social networks. It does not have content sharing from its writers or anything but takes everything from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook that people share.
0 boasts itself as the funniest site on the internet and make a compelling case. Uber Humor contains several things that a person may become interested and even addicted if they start using the website often.
0 is just like the websites that are added in this category and comes up with content with the help of users who create their accounts and share the best bits from the internet.
0 just as the name suggests, is something that a person may need when they are in a bad mood. Fun, laugh and anything related is provided with the range of articles, images, videos and other stuff that is part of the platform.
0 is another platform that has made a name for itself in short time. The content present on the site is second to none and therefore keeps people attracted towards AcidCow.
0 is one of the most famous funny website that are out there on the internet. My Confined Space focuses on the United States but since the language is English, it has gained fame around the world for its exclusive and witty content.
0 is the most famous website when it comes to humorous content within the United States and other connecting areas. It has existed for over 50 years and made a name for itself as the leader when it comes to content that is trending in the world.
0 may not seem like a place that can provide humor if we look at just the name, but the case is different. It does not have an excellent user interface which makes EatLiver less famous than other places because more than a website it looks like a blog and that keeps it back.
0 does not give the impression of a comedy website but does give the impression of having a professional outlook and that gives it an edge over other sites. The layout is top class, with the theme appropriately complementing the website.
0 is like an online comedy magazine that provides a lot of options for the person who become part of the world that it creates. The layout may not be the best but still does the job, with the most recent and popular content showing on the top, although it does have a good reading interface once you click the page.
0 is a place where people share their videos that are not part of any other place. The website has become so famous that it contains exclusive content and series started by individuals such as traveling, humor, stand up comedy and other sections.
0 has quickly made its name as one of the most favorite places when it comes to entertaining content and provides a lot of content that people want to view.

LiterallyUnbelievable.Org is something of a social network from a social network since most of the content shared here comes from other places, but provides you with a proper layout to view things easily.
0 is an online creative platform, founded in 2014, and also a viral content portal for many readers. This internet media and content organization is located in Indore, India. This site publishes content and the latest news on every topic you can imagine like film, sports, history, politics, culture, and many others.
0 is a well known online news website. This website is owned by GoViral, a parent company in London, Ontario. is also known for its ranking in the top 100 popular sites all over the world.

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Break is mainly known for funny videos, clips, and funny pictures. aka is a popular entertainment and humor website founded in early 1998 that functions comedy videos, flash games, and photos among different cloth. The CEO of is Keith Richman and owner is Defy Media. The website’s target market is men aged 18 to 35. was founded in 1998 as, a humor site offering mainly comedy videos, flash games, and different similar content. Formerly, site visitors have been able to rank web site material on a scale of one to five, however has replaced this option with a thumbs up or thumbs down system. Negative ratings aren’t allowed on videos – a “thumb down” actually counteracts the vote of a “thumb up”. Users can also comment upon most of the content entries on the website. Break allows major video formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPG and MOV. All video clips need to be no bigger than 60MB. Break offers its users with 3 ways to upload videos: right from the website page, from the mobile phone or you may send a video to Break via email. This is also easy to add a photo album in JPG, BMP or PNG formats as an addition to your video. signed an agreement with NBCU Digital Studios to develop a streaming broadband series to be featured on, tentatively known as Breakers. The show consists of attractive women finding different ways to break objects. Breaker’s advertising revenue will come from businesses paying to obtain their product smashed on the show.’s young-male demographic is expected to attract the advertisers.