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34 Sites Like

Free is one of the top places to share and enjoy the best pictures on the internet. It contains not only random pics but from many categories such as funny and severe.
1 is a place where people share their videos that are not part of any other place. The website has become so famous that it contains exclusive content and series started by individuals such as traveling, humor, stand up comedy and other sections.

Wired is a full-color monthly magazine which reviews primarily on the results of technology and science. It covers an extensive selection of topics including design, architecture, culture, the economy, politics and also philosophy.
1 is an online creative platform, founded in 2014, and also a viral content portal for many readers. This internet media and content organization is located in Indore, India. This site publishes content and the latest news on every topic you can imagine like film, sports, history, politics, culture, and many others.

Upworthy is actually a website for common content started in March 2012 by Eli Pariser. Upworthy’s stated objective is to sponsor the intersection of the amazing, meaningful and also visual. It uses virality to advertise stories using a progressive bent on social and political problems.

CollegeHumor is a comedy website owned by InterActiveCorp and also based in New York City. The best feaures of this website daily original comedy video clips and also articles developed by its in-house writing and production team, along with user-submitted video clips, photos, content articles and links.
Free may seem a strange choice for this category, but the fact is that since so much content is shared on the site, the humor part also has a significant presence because of which it becomes apt to add it to the list.

Break is mainly known for funny videos, clips, and funny pictures. aka is a popular entertainment and humor website founded in early 1998 that functions comedy videos, flash games, and photos among different cloth.
0 has an interface that may repel people but the content that keeps them attached to everything that goes on. The Funny Junk top view is just some tabs showing above a black background and does not give an impression that it contains much, but once you start watching the videos, you realize that the stuff here does not exist anywhere else.

Cracked is a humor website with more than 300 million monthly page views. The website was started in 2005 by Jack O’Brien and it is presently a property under Demand Media. It increased in prominence after joining with one other popular humor website.
0 is a video platform that shares the trending stuff from the internet and provides other related stuff such as images and memes to view. It also has a strong social networking presence everywhere and hence engages people quickly.
0 makes itself known as a place where people get to enjoy a range of content but the authenticity of this claim remains unanswered. The central part is that of popular where the recent videos, hall of fame, pics and gifs, food community and politics related content exists.

Digg is usually a news aggregator using a curated front page, planning to select stories especially for the Internet audience just like science, trending political issues, and also viral Internet issues.
0 is not your average comedy site. It has the content shared by Mathew Inman in the form of comics and that too are of good quality. Some of the comics are story based while others standalone.
0 is just like the websites that are added in this category and comes up with content with the help of users who create their accounts and share the best bits from the internet.
0 is a famous yet simple place where people get to see exclusive and funny images that are arranged in the form of articles, along with texts or separately as lists.
0 just as the name suggests, is something that a person may need when they are in a bad mood. Fun, laugh and anything related is provided with the range of articles, images, videos and other stuff that is part of the platform.
0 is another platform that has made a name for itself in short time. The content present on the site is second to none and therefore keeps people attracted towards AcidCow.
0 boasts itself as the funniest site on the internet and make a compelling case. Uber Humor contains several things that a person may become interested and even addicted if they start using the website often.
0 may not seem like a place that can provide humor if we look at just the name, but the case is different. It does not have an excellent user interface which makes EatLiver less famous than other places because more than a website it looks like a blog and that keeps it back.
0 does not give the impression of a comedy website but does give the impression of having a professional outlook and that gives it an edge over other sites. The layout is top class, with the theme appropriately complementing the website.
0 is the most famous website when it comes to humorous content within the United States and other connecting areas. It has existed for over 50 years and made a name for itself as the leader when it comes to content that is trending in the world.
Free is perhaps the king when it comes to humor and other recreational websites as it provides everything that a person may need to make their day. It has a lot of stuff that interests everyone and the best thing I the memes that are famous on the web.
0 is like an online comedy magazine that provides a lot of options for the person who become part of the world that it creates. The layout may not be the best but still does the job, with the most recent and popular content showing on the top, although it does have a good reading interface once you click the page.
0 has quickly made its name as one of the most favorite places when it comes to entertaining content and provides a lot of content that people want to view.

LiterallyUnbelievable.Org is something of a social network from a social network since most of the content shared here comes from other places, but provides you with a proper layout to view things easily.
0 also comes as a leader when it comes to entertaining content and has made a name for itself through other social networks. It does not have content sharing from its writers or anything but takes everything from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook that people share.

ebaumsworld website was owned by Eric “eBaum” Bauman and co-owned by Bauman’s assistant and father, Neil. They sold the website to ZVUE Corporation in August 2008 to get $15 million money and $2.5 million in stock, with additional payouts upon efficiency.

Gawker is an American blog created by Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers and also based in New York City. It provides itself as “the source for daily Manhattan media news and gossip.

theCHIVE is the world’s biggest picture website showcasing original galleries of funny photos & videos, epic fails, stunning girls, innovative digital photography, and also art from all over the world. theCHIVE is really a one-stop shop for viral pics and vids which are fresh, hot, crazy, beautiful and simply plain awesome.

Funny or Die is an Emmy-winning award comedy video internet site as well as film/TV production company founded by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. The website Funny or Die consists of unique material using a quantity of famous contributors e.g.

Saduseless is the best entertainment website including latest news, funny stuff, and funny videos. Saduseless turns out the latest internet trend is to stick glitter into armpit hair and post selfies on Instagram.
0 is a well known online news website. This website is owned by GoViral, a parent company in London, Ontario. is also known for its ranking in the top 100 popular sites all over the world.
-1 is one of the most famous funny website that are out there on the internet. My Confined Space focuses on the United States but since the language is English, it has gained fame around the world for its exclusive and witty content.

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