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22 Sites Like Dailymail.com



The New York Times (NYT) is an American daily newspaper, founded and also continuously published in New York City. The web presence of The New York Times is ranked one of the top website in the world.


BBC News is to get the latest world and also regional news from the BBC’s worldwide network greater than 2000 newspaper writers. From breaking reports, to business, politics, entertainment, technology, the arts as well as sport, all split into clear sections, this website allows you to watch video reports, listen to live radio and study the newest updates wherever you are.


The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It’s the most widely distributed newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and it was founded in 1877, which makes it the area’s oldest extant newspaper.


TheWallStreetJournal.com is an online source of breaking news and provides the in-depth and detailed analysis of headlines, current stories, and events from the United States and across the globe. In addition to the United States, it has a special edition for Asia and Europe.


The CNN stand for ‘Cable News Network’ is an American simple satellite and also cable television channel which is owned by the turner broadcasting system division of Time Warner. The 24 hour cable TV news channel was started in 1980 by American media operator Ted Turner.


Telegraph.co.uk is a online version of the newspaper. This uses banner title. The Telegraph.co.uk includes articles from the printing editions of the daily Telegraph and also the sunday Telegraph, as well as website have content such as breaking news, features, picture galleries and blogs.


Reuters.com is an international news website which provide a broad-based information and broadcasters around the world gain unique resources and also cost-effective services, enhance and monetize your coverage with comprehensive real-time worldwide news coverage, dynamically updated news packages, lives and web-ready videos, award-winning photojournalism and cutting edge interactive graphics.


The Guardian is a bitish national daily newspaper. Started in 1821 like a local paper that it was referred to as Manchester Guardian until 1959. It has grown into a national paper, and also forms section of a media group along with worldwide and online offshoots.


TheTimes.co.uk is the online edition of British newspaper The Times that includes an e-paper editions, recent news, headlines, breaking news, opinions, articles and several other collections of reviews. For a long time, The Times has played an integral part in the British politics that’s why The Time is widely regarded as the most reliable source of political news.


Aljazeera.com has gained fame as one of the most famous news channels and website that provide people with something different on offer. It has originated from Qatar and given people of the area a voice around the world although most places do not have much space for it because of the bold nature of news.


New Zealand Herald or NZHerald is the largest newspaper, epaper edition and online portal of news from the New Zealand. The print New Zealand Herald contains local news more as compared to the international news.


USAToday.comis an American based news website that deals the latest local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology and also covers the lifestyle money and many more. USA Today is distributed in all 50 states, the Area of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, and also the United Kingdom.


Weather.com is an American based satellite network and the provider of local and national weather forecast. Weather.com provide the now to month end weather forecast, weather radar, report and even the hurricane coverage as well.


Eastday is a Shanghai-based platform that provides news, travel and entertainment information. It operates up to 120 columns in the three different languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese. Eastday. com has more than 50 million views and up to three million new users a day.


Kompas.com is one of the leading news websites in Indonesia that offers breaking news and all the other related stuff about Indonesia. In was launched on 14 September 1995 with the name of Kompas Online, but on 29 May 2008, it changes the name as Kompas.com.


Livedoor is a Japan-based company that provides internet related services such as software development, design, data management and network consulting, etc. It also operates a Japanese language web-based platform that offers the latest news about entertainment, business, and all the other hot topics.


Caijing is an Independent magazine based in Beijing that covers economic, social and political issues with the focus on public affairs, civil rights, and business. The platform was established in 1998 and has become the vehicles for self-governing reporting and criticism of all the sorts and an exception to the rule about the limits and strictures on the Chinese domestic press.


HuffingtonPost.com is the website of another leading publication Huffington Post, and although it does not contain content as frequently as some other places, most of the articles and features here have credibility.


IndiaTimes.com is entirely different from the Times of Indian to The Indian Times. IndiaTimes.com is the online portal for getting the trending stories on Indian lifestyle, relationships, politics, travel, weather, entertainment, technology and much more.


Forbes.com is although a multipurpose digital news service but it highly emphasis on financial news, business news, personal finance and position of stock markets. It also covers the topics of technology and lifestyle as well but the number of article in this category are limited.


Huanqiu.com is a news website that was established in 2007 with the investments from People.com and Global Times. It has developed in the parallel with the Global time. The platform is available in two different languages such as Chinese and English that covers all the world news.


Infobae.com is an Argentinian news web-based platform that was launched in 2002 by Daniel Hadad, a businessman. It is an online edition of the daily BAE (Buenos Aires Economico). It features all the breaking news around in Argentina.

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DailyMail.com is the daily dose of world news, US news, showbiz news, health news, science & technology news, books, promos and rewards center. DailyMail.com is not only a news and latest headlines site. It is in fact above all this where the reader comes to know about the several other pieces of information as well. They can here search for the latest fashion trend in the industry from the Fashion Finder portal of the DailyMail.com. There is also a special section for the upcoming events and past events for those who want to keep them inform about the events. Then there is a section for promos where the entertainment lovers can watch the trailers and promos of the upcoming seasons and movies. If talk about the columns, opinions and reviews then DailyMail.com is the platform of award-winning journalists who are writing reliable material for the readers of the DailyMail.com. In short, DailyMail.com is not only a simple news portal; in fact, it is beyond the news portal that contains all those reading and multimedia materials that satisfied the needs of its readers and viewers.