DiggDigg.com is the tool by the social media management platform Buffer. DiggDigg.com is the provider of floating share bar that will make you able to get more likes and shares on your content. It will make it simple for you and your readers to share the articles and content of your websites… read more

Sites Like Diggdigg.com

#1 Addthis.com


AddThis.com is the provider of social media marketing and promotion tools that are designed for integration on the website of the users. AddThis.com provide the sharing buttons, follow buttons, marketing tools, and content recommendations. You can check out from these four basic elements how many levels of digital marketing and publishing you will expect from the AddThis.com. First of all, there is are sharing buttons of AddThis.com that will assist you in boosting the level of traffic. These buttons are highly customizable. You can personalize these as per the requirements of your website. Then there are follow buttons that will make you able to get more fans and followers. These follow buttons are easy to install in the websites. If talk about the marketing tools then AddThis.com is very feature rich in this category as well. These marketing tools will assist you in boosting the registration and subscriptions with highly enhanced data-driven tools. In addition to providing the social media and digital marketing tools, AddThis.com deliver the content recommendations to its visitors to keep the visitors engaged by way of getting the recommending content. The services of AddThis.com are designed for the websites, brands and agencies. For brands & agencies, there are tools for audience discovery, audience segments and getting the fame at international level. AddThis.com is available in three plans in which one is free and other two are available against per month price of $10 and $75.

#2 Sharethis.com


ShareThis.com is the provider of the social sharing buttons that are specifically designed for the optimize publisher and those who want to get more traffic on their website. The social media buttons offered by the ShareThis.com will make you able to get the real-time understanding of your content and visitors and get the data drive recommendations in real-time. If you are a webmaster who is familiar with the techniques of making sense of complex data then this will surely lead you an authentic understanding of complex people. Millions of publishers are utilizing the tools to make them able to drive engagement, traffic, and personalization. It will also make you able to capturing the widest and deepest sentiments of people over the internet. The sharing tools of ShareThis.com are available for the open websites, Word Press, Drupal, Joomla, TypePad, Tumblr, NewsLetter and smartphone devices as well. You are first required to select the desired platform and then process to the next step. In the next step, you will be provided with buttons and social button bars. In last you will get the customization feature. It is up to you either you go for the default buttons of the ShareThis.com or want to customize the buttons as per your own requirement. You are allowed to arrange the categories, select other social plugins, select button size and get the code after finalizing your selection. ShareThis.com will make you able to power and get the authentic digital experience.

#3 Addtoany.com


AddToAny.com is the web-based social bookmarking platform that is offering share buttons and icons. The social media share buttons and icons being provided by the AddToAny.com will make you able to simply embed these into your websites or any other social sharing platform. AddToAny.com is known as universal social sharing and marketing platform because of delivering a high level of social marketing and data-driven tools to its visitors. The share buttons of AddToAny.com have designed for the websites, emails, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Joomla, Tumble, TypePad, FeedFlare, and Elgg. Check out the stunning advantages and features that you will get by way of using the AddToAny.com. These features and functions are shared anywhere, mobile compatible & responsive, perfect icons, built for good, Google Analytics integrated, no account requirement, share counters, floating share bars, various plugins and highly customizable. There are dozens of open source plugins for the leading blogging and content management systems that are tailored as per the requirement of each platform. The best above all is that all tools and plugins being offered by the AddToAny.com are highly customizable that will make you able to alter the color & style, event handling, URL shorteners, email templates, and much more. The sharing buttons and tools of AddToAny.com will make you able to share your content using any service of AddToAny.com. The tools of AddToAny.com are designed for all levels of publishers and developers.

#4 Socialmarker.com


Based on the products of social media marketing and SEO, SocialMarker.com is a one-stop shop bookmarking site. The unique bookmarking and marketing system of SocialMarker.com will make you able to use a single platform to deliver the content links dozens of social bookmarking sites. It is free to use provider of social media-based toolbars that will reduce the time and efforts required to socially bookmark a website. Check out what you will get by using the services of SocialMarker.com; availability of a lot of backlinks, increase the level of real traffic, get links indexed by Google in real time and spread a link on a dozen social bookmarking sites within few minutes. SocialMarker.com easily work with all major web browsers but recommend for the Firefox for providing best services to its users. In order to use the SocialMarker.com, you are only required to add the button to the Firefox toolbar to create a submission bookmarklet. If you want to use the bookmark and content sharing button of SocialMarker.com on your blog or websites then there are also available for free. You are only required to get the code from the SocialMarker.com and simply insert in your website.

#5 Sociallist.org


SocialList.org is the provider of social bookmarking plugins and widget. The main tools being offered by the SocialList.org are social bookmarks and Media Submitter. The plugins and widget of SocialList.org are easy to install in almost all leading content management systems. These tools are designed to make you able to increase the number of visitors on your website and get the real return on investment. The main highlighted features and functions of SocialList.org are the easy bookmarking system, promote blogs & websites, remove clutter, easy to install, increase your rankings, regular posting system, multilingual interface and various others. The best above all is that SocialList.org is totally a free service provider. The plugins of SocialList.org are available for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The bookmarklets of SocialList.org are available for Internet Explorer and Safari. If you want to enjoy the social media buttons and various other digital media plugins then simply provide the URL of your website and get the social media buttons and bars on your websites. The tools of SocialList.org will make you able to enjoy the high level of traffic and real return on investment.

#6 Getsocial.io


Getsocial.io is the provider of social analytics tools to boost your viral content all over the social media platforms. Getsocial.io will make you able to allow to your visitors to share your content with others over the leading social media platforms. The tools of Getsocial.io will make you able to leverage data on your website in order to better understand how your content get shared and which ones will go viral next. The advantages that you will get by way of using Getsocial.io are seen real-time sharing data to identify viral stories, leverage dark social sharing to better understand your articles’ popularity, find out how each article contributes to your site’s growth and add social media buttons to your website. The social media buttons being offered by the Getsocial.io will make you able to track social shares in your site and enable free social media analytics for your business. At present, Getsocial.io is offering the over fifteen social networks all with the system of classic and custom designs. The tools of Getsocial.io are particularly designed for the editors, growth editors and social media teams. The social media button of Getsocial.io will make you able to get dark social media tracking, free social media analytics, and availability of social media bars. Getsocial.io is available in four plans in which one is free and rest of the three are available against per month prices of $7, $79 and $249. The features of all these are different from each other on various grounds.

#7 Addshoppers.com


AddShoppers.com is basically for the e-commerce marketing platforms to assist them in developing their online shopping platforms. However, it also offers the social media buttons as well in addition to delivering various other marketing tools. The smart sharing button of AddShoppers.com will make you able to do smart sharing in order to get the best performance. The generic sharing button being offered by the AddShoppers.com can be placed on any part of the website. These sharing buttons are not only for sharing the content of your website only. The real purpose of these buttons are assisting you in driving more revenue, capture more leads and integrate with influence marketing campaigns. All integrated marketing applications and tools will assist you in getting the real output from your content. The one integrated SaaS-based platform of AddShoppers.com is available in a single application. AddShoppers.com allow the on-site marketing automation with personalization and data management and enable your brand a single view of your influences and the tools needed to act in real-time at the best moment. The prices of AddShoppers.com are based on the app you select for your website. Currently, AddShoppers.com is not listing the prices of its products on its website. You are required to submit the request for pricing. Simply use these tools and grow your average per visitor.

#8 Simplesharebuttons.com


SimpleShareButtons.com provide the almost one dozens different button sets that are made for all type of websites. In addition to share buttons, various other plugins are also the part of the SimpleShareButtons.com. The characteristics of these share buttons are highly responsive, share tags, customizable features, click tracking, URL shortener and shortcodes. Sharing is one of the most important tactics for marketing purpose. For the same reasons today every webmaster, brands and agencies make it sure to share their content over the social media platforms to enhance their presence over the social media channels. For the same reasons, SimpleShareButtons.com is providing its advanced level of social media buttons that are easy to install and will never slow down the performance of your website at all. In addition to free share buttons, SimpleShareButtons.com also offer the most advanced and premium level of share buttons as well. The premium package of SimpleShareButtons.com is packed with extra features and some additional plugins that will make you able to get even more outcome from your content. The premium version of SimpleShareButtons.com is available against fixed price of $10 per site. The features of SimpleShareButtons.com premium are the custom color system, button positioning system and support for custom sizes. The customization features of SimpleShareButtons.com will make you able to make your buttons fit your site perfectly with the integrated sizing features. You can also go for adding additional CSS as well as per your own requirement.

#9 Sharexy.com


Sharexy.com is a social media button provider that will make your visitors able to get the all content and easily share them over the internet. Sharing content over social media platform requires careful planning from the visitors’ point of view. Sharing of content will work best only in case of placing the sharing button in a proper place and order. Sharexy.com will also make you able to locate your social media button in a best order and place so that these can be easily spotted by the visitors at your forum, blog or website. Sharexy.com will make you able to customize the look of the widget’s sharing buttons and choose the proper placement options as well. The best about these sharing buttons is that these are entirely different from the other social media button provider. If you are really tired of surfing forums and blogs exploring the perfect design of sharing buttons then simply move to the Sharexy.com and enjoy the features of customization. The customization system of Sharexy.com will make you able to customize everything as you want instantly within few clicks. Sharexy.com is available for both WordPress and other websites. Simply move to the social media buttons page of the Sharexy.com and simply choose the service you want to add to the widget. Sharexy.com offers the both static and floating widget to its users.

#10 Sharebuttons.com


ShareButtons.com that is basically the name of content amplification software is the provider of social sharing buttons as well. Most of the social tools being offered by the ShareButtons.com are free to use. It is very easy to install these tools on any website. ShareButtons.com delivers the solution to both webmasters and advertisers. If you are webmasters then social sharing tools of ShareButtons.com will make you able to grow your traffic and get real output from the content of your website. ShareButtons.com is providing its all features in a single suite that is really easy to install. The tools of ShareButtons.com delivers the solutions of engagement, analyzing the performance and perfect monetization of the content. By managing your social life according to ongoing market demand you will be able to generate more revenue from your website with the highly personalized social sharing tools of ShareButtons.com. With a single click, your visitors can share the content all over the internet. These tools come with the features and functions of theme, headline, position adjustment, layout, style setting, counter, alignment and various other customizable features. The great about ShareButtons.com share buttons is that these requires very simple installation, easy to update, well-designed code system and a free access to ShareButtons.com analytics that is particularly designed for the bloggers.

#11 Sharebutton.net


ShareButton.net is the provider of free share buttons that will make you able to drive traffic to your website in a more systemized way. If you want to enjoy more traffic from the social media platforms then simply use the social buttons of ShareButton.net that will make you able to drive more traffic from the social media platforms. Today the world of social media has opened the incredible opportunities for the people to communicate with people of all over the world. That’s why in the dynamic business world of today the companies, websites, and brands are focusing more on the social media campaign, marketing, and advertising. Like and share are those two buttons that are playing an important in the social world. If you want to get the real outcome from the online world then you are required to select the easy and simple recognizable relevant icons and develop the design of the social button according to the requirement of the ongoing trend. By following these simple principles you will surely come into the position of getting real traffic from the social media platforms. Starting with ShareButton.net is very easy that only requires to select the appropriate button and get the code for that button. After that, you are simply required to embed this in your website.

#12 Smartaddon.com


SmartAddon.com is the provider of share buttons that are designed to assist you in getting real benefits of the social and digital media sharing. People nowadays have been continuously shifting towards the social media platforms. In order to get your content share on the internet in addition to focusing on the search engines, you are required to focus on the social media platforms as well. SmartAddon.com is the provider of those social media tools in the shape of social sharing button that will make your visitors able to get your content and web material in front of the right audience. These buttons will offer the one click sharing system to your visitors that will make the process of sharing of you content very simple and effective at the same time. The data can be shared via emails as well in addition to social media platforms. Check out the features and powers of the buttons of SmartAddon.com that are an improvement in website traffic dramatically, visitors will able to share data with a single click, retrieve friends & contacts from address books, share to popular social networks, and translate the share add-on to any language. SmartAddon.com is available in three plans. First, one offers the share button only. The other one is the free account that in addition to free button delivers other features as well. The paid version of SmartAddon.com that is called pro account will deliver you most advanced features and functions.

More About Diggdigg.com

DiggDigg.com is the tool by the social media management platform Buffer. DiggDigg.com is the provider of floating share bar that will make you able to get more likes and shares on your content. It will make it simple for you and your readers to share the articles and content of your websites. DiggDigg.com is currently for WordPress only. You can make your own social media buttons bar as well. You can opt for horizontal and vertical, floating and static and get more different buttons as well. You can enjoy the customization features of DiggDigg.com as well. The best above all DiggDigg.com is a totally free application that will always deliver you the latest buttons including the buttons of Google+ and Pinterest. Check out the stunning feature and functions of DiggDigg.com are displayed all popular social media sharing buttons on the website, Facebook like, support thumbnail generation, more customization options, never slow down the performance of the website, support in excerpt mode, support for print & email services, and much more. For the information of the readers, they can disable the DiggDigg.com floating bar on a particular page as well. DiggDigg.com will also make you able to locate your social media button in a best order and place so that these can be easily spotted by the visitors at your forum, blog or website.

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