Dropbox.com is the provider of personal cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. It is a cloud storage platform for the safer saving of your data and files in cloud. The best about saving the data in the cloud storage is that you can access them from any part of the world at any time… read more

Sites Like Dropbox.com

#1 Asuswebstorage.com


ASUSWebStorage.com is an online storage and data back system that helps its members to make the back of their data, enjoy the synchronization of files and share the data between devices and with friends. In addition to online data storage and back up management systems, there are also various other possibilities being offered by the ASUSWebStorage.com that will make your simple cloud life to a cloud lifestyle. It is an online source that will make you able to centralize all of your data and enjoy the modes of real time sharing as well. Check out some features of ASUSWebStorage.com that are access files anytime & anywhere, easy & instant sharing, smart mobile entertainment, unbreakable information security, and convenient rich applications. We keep our data in the cloud storages so that no one dare to get illegal access of data from our personal storage services. But the question here arises if our system can get hacked then why the account of cloud storage can’t be hacked. ASUSWebStorage.com has encountered this question intelligently by delivering the unbreakable information security system. The four main security systems of the ASUSWebStorage.com are two step verification system, keep your login record, smart version control, and real-time online virus scan. You can so how advanced is the online security system of the ASUSWebStorage.com that will ensure the protection of your data at any cost. To every new member, ASUSWebStorage.com is offering 5 GB of free cloud storage space. You can also get 200 GB, 2 TB, and 5 TB storage space against per year price of $22.99, $99.99 and $419.99 respectively.

#2 Box.com


Box.com is the name of secure file storage and sharing system. Box.com is offering its services for both individual and personal purposes. Although it is designed for all level of users but most of the time businesses like to use the cloud storage system of Box.com because it delivers the secure content and online file sharing system. In addition to cloud storage system, Box.com offers the secure content management and team collaboration platform as well that is particularly designed for the business persons and team members. Some leading capabilities of the Box.com are availability of security system, team collaboration, mobility, platform and apps integrations in a single platform. Most of the products of Microsoft like MS Office 365 is also integrated in the Box.com to make you and your team able to carry on the ongoing tasks without breakage. Centralize control over content, simplify information governance and enabled global compliance system will deliver you the enterprise level of security and end user productivity all in perfect balance. Hundreds of apps and program are already integrated in the Box.com to make you able to carry on your task as you want. Check out some renowned apps integrated in the Box.com that are Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps, IBM, Slack, Symantec, and hundreds of others. Box.com is offers in two varieties; Box for Personal and Box for Business. In Personal Plans, there are two plans mainly Personal Free with 10 GB free storage space and Personal Pro with 100 GB storage. The price of Personal Pro is $11.50 per month. Box Business Plans available in three plans that are Starter, Business, and Enterprise. These offers the 100 GB, and unlimited storage space against per month price of $6, $17 and manual price respectively.

#3 Googledrive.com


GoogleDrive.com is the cloud storage service by the Google. It is a safe place in cloud where you can keep all your files and data safe. The best about GoogleDrive.com is that it offers the almost 15 GB of free cloud storage to every of its new users. In this free storage the new members of GoogleDrive.com can store any type of file either it is stories, drawings, photos, music, recording, movies, videos or anything. There is no condition on the specific file format. You are free to keep any file save in your account but subject to the size limit of your plan. Next feature is here you can access your save data from any part of the world anytime. In addition to an online account, the save data can be access from the desktop PC, smartphone and tablets. You can even share file and folders with other Google Drive users as well. GoogleDrive.com support for the instant sharing of files and folders. You will be allowed to view, download and collaborate on all the files. There is no requirement for attaching the files and folders in the email. All most all products of Google are integrated into the GoogleDrive.com that will make you able to even edit your work in the online environment as well. In addition to free storage space of 15 GB, you can enjoy the 100 GB, 1 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB and 30 TB of storage space against per month price of $1.99, $9.99, $99.9, $199.9 and $299.99 respectively. You can even enjoy the more storage space as well by contacting with the GoogleDrive.com.

#4 Cloudme.com


CloudMe.com is a file synchronization and cloud storage service that provide its members with the system of online data storage system, file sharing system and accessing it from any part of the world. After saving your data in the cloud, you can access it from any part of the world. In addition to an online account, you can access your data even from the smartphone, tablets, and Smart TVs as well. Everything that you will be required to arrange the safe place for your data is the part of the CloudMe.com. The best about CloudMe.com is that it even support for the real time team collaboration and data sharing as well. All this will be done in a private environment. You can exactly share what you want with your colleagues and friends. The team collaboration system of CloudMe.com will make you able to work together in desktop folders or publish folders as web pages. By installing the application of CloudMe.com you can even directly store your pics in the cloud storage as well. It will work as a backup for your camera roll. CloudMe.com is offering its services into two categories that are CloudMe Consumer and CloudMe Business. For the information of the readers, there is no free plan currently being offered by the CloudMe.com. The consumer plans of CloudMe.com are available in five plans that are Support Plan for 10GB, Starter Plan for 25 GB, Small Plan for 100 GB, Standard Plan for 200 GB and Large Plan for 500 GB. The business plans are available in three plans that are Team Plan for 1 TB, Business Plan for 2 TB and Enterprise Plan for 5 TB.

#5 Onedrive.com


OneDrive.com is the cloud storage service being provided by the Microsoft to its registered users. It is a way to get your file and folders save in an online environment and take them with you all the time and access from any device. You can even share your work with the other OneDrive.com users as well. The exceptional about OneDrive.com is the integration of latest version of Microsoft Office. You can even edit your task in the Microsoft Office as well. OneDrive.com is available for both personal and commercial purposes. In addition to online environment, OneDrive.com can be access from the desktop PC and smartphone devices as well. The file sharing and team collaboration system of OneDrive.com is very outclass because it will provide you collaboration in the shape of MS Office, and OneNote from all of your devices and website. In addition to personal purposes, OneDrive.com is available for business as well. The business version of OneDrive.com will make you able to give the employees all the benefits of OneDrive for their work file backed by the tools. For every new creation of an account, OneDrive.com offers the 5 GB of storage space for free. The other two plans of OneDrive.com are OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Home that offers the 1 TB for one user and 1 TB each for 5 users respectively. In the paid version of OneDrive.com, there is integration of Office 365 Plans as well.

#6 Sync.com


Sync.com is an online cloud storage service that guarantee the privacy of the data. Sync.com support for the storing, sharing and accessing of files from anywhere and from any device. You can save your files from one platform and access it from any part of the world. In addition to online account, Sync.com support for the tablet, smartphone and desktop PC as well. For every new account, Sync.com offers the 5 GB storage space for free. There is no requirement for credit card. You can go for free sign up. There will be no compromise on productivity and privacy. Check out the stunning features and functions of Sync.com that are 100% private cloud storage space, automatic backup & synchronization system, access from anywhere, share files securely, collaborate with teams, compliance built in, and the support for world class data center to facilities the accessing of files from anywhere. In addition to free plan that will never expires there are two paid plans of Sync.com as well. These two plans are Sync Business Pro and again Sync Business Pro. Both offers the 500 GB and 2 TB storage space against per year price of $49 and $98 respectively. There are a lot of difference between all these plans that are about sharing and team collaboration.

#7 Spideroak.com


SpiderOak.com is a private cloud storage and backup management system for your most important stuff. You can access your stored data from anywhere and across all of your devices. There is no requirement of technical knowledge in order to start with SpiderOak.com. It is said to be the leading private backup solution provider from where you can get 1 TB only for $12 per month. There is no free plan but you can enjoy the storage service of SpiderOak.com for one month trial period. The plans of SpiderOak.com starts from 30 GB to 5 TB that start from the per month price of $7 to $12. You can any time upgrade, downgrade or cancel it anytime as well. The storage and backup system of SpiderOak.com have zero knowledge of your data. It means your data will be hundred percent private and only readable by you. There is no requirement for plaintext data, no keys, or file meta data is ever stored on the servers of the SpiderOak.com. All this system ensures the absolute confidentiality of your data. For the information of the readers, most of the cloud storage services have your keys that mean they can read your data. But at SpiderOak.com, you will not be required to share your keys with others. In that’s way, SpiderOak.com never compromises on the confidentiality of its users. In order to start with SpiderOak.com, you are first required to install SpiderOak.com and create an account. You can use free cloud storage system of 2 GB for sixty days at a trial period.

#8 Tresorit.com


Tresorit.com is the provider of end to end encrypted cloud storage system for large enterprises. For the first time there is a dedicated encrypted cloud storage for the confidentiality of your files and data of all type. Your encrypted will start automatically right after the uploading of your file. Tresorit.com is the way to stay safe in the cloud. This online cloud storage and data management system support for the real sharing and team collaboration as well. You can work with your teams without carrying about the hacker attacks, lost devices and misplaced emails. First of all there is team collaboration system of Tresorit.com that allow the users to work with the ream securely from anywhere. From the centralize place you can collaborate across the multiple places without the need of zero knowledge. It can be accessed from any web browser, desktop, and smartphone system of Tresorit.com. You can share files with the team members and other users of the Tresorit.com. By using Tresorit.com, you will get the total control over files and even after you shared the data with them. The exceptional about Tresorit.com is that in addition to confidentiality of shared files you can any time unsend the shared data to get in back. Tresorit.com is separately available for small business and enterprise with 1 TB and unlimited cloud storage space. The small business version are available to access for thirty days trial period for free as well.

#9 Disk.yandex.com


Disk.Yandex.com is the cloud storage service of the Yandex that make its users bale to store their files in a territory disk and access the same from other devices. You can share all of your files in the online cloud storage system of the Disk.Yandex.com. Moreover, the data saved in the online cloud storage system of Disk.Yandex.com can be access from any internet supported device as well. Disk.Yandex.com is among those few cloud storage services providers that are offering free cloud storage services to their users without any limit. The best about Disk.Yandex.com is that the files uploaded at the cloud storage system of Disk.Yandex.com will remain there for an unlimited period of time. Even after losing the data from phone or PC, your data will always remain safe in the cloud storage system of Disk.Yandex.com. You can upload any type of file and data. If you are using the Disk.Yandex.com from your smartphone then you can send the captured images or recorded videos from you camera directly in the online storage system of the Disk.Yandex.com. You can delete the file any time from your cloud storage account as well. Disk.Yandex.com also make its users able to share their files and data with the other Disk.Yandex.com users and friends as well. Entire MS Office is also integrated in the Disk.Yandex.com that will make you able to perform editing functions on all of your document in the cloud. You can create even new documents as well.

#10 Amazonclouddrive.com


AmazonCloudDrive.com is a cloud storage and data backup system of the Amazon. Amazon Cloud Drive is one of the best cloud storage services that will make you able to save your digital content in the cloud and access it everywhere you are. In addition to cloud storage space, AmazonCloudDrive.com offers its users with free mobile applications and secure access from any PC. You can access your digital content from anywhere and every net enabled device. The setup of AmazonCloudDrive.com is available for both PCs and smartphone devices so that you can synchronized the data between multiple devices at once. The Amazon Cloud Device can be used for storing the app type of photos, videos and other type of documents. All you required to create the account with AmazonCloudDrive.com. AmazonCloudDrive.com is offering cloud storage services in two plans that are Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Photos and Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Everything. The Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Photos is available against per year price of $11.99. This version support for storing the unlimited photos and offers 5 GB storage space for storing videos. The Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Everything is available against per year price of $59.99. Just like its name, it offers the unlimited storage space for securely storing all type of data either it is a simple file, video file, image or any other document. Three month free trial period is being offered by the AmazonCloudDrive.com for all.

#11 Sugarsync.com


SugarSync.com is a cloud storage service based on the functionalities of data synchronization between multiple devices, data backup & management system and file sharing with others. If you want to keep your data safe and secure in a highly encrypted environment then SugarSync.com is web based cloud storage system that will provide you with the system of online backup and cloud file sharing system. It is very simple and easy to use. After storing the data in the cloud storage system of SugarSync.com you can even edit them as well. You file will be there all the time in the cloud storage system of SugarSync.com and you can access it from anywhere. Unlike most of the cloud storage systems, SugarSync.com allow its users to maintain the existing folder structure. A lot of cloud storage services are there but going with SugarSync.com is recommended because it offers the simple and easy to use data uploading the system. The best about SugarSync.com is its data management dashboard that makes is users able to arrange their data as per their own requirement. It is like saving the data in the computer. In addition to editing your data in the cloud you can access these from any device and even can start editing on one device and finish from the other device. There is no free plan of SugarSync.com at all. Five plans of SugarSync.com are of which three are for individuals and two are for business. The individual plans are available in space of 100 GB, 250GB and 500 GB for per month prices of $7.49, $9.99 and $24.99 respectively. The two business plans are available for per month prices of $55 and custom plan. The thirty day free trial is the part of all plans.

#12 Memopal.com


Memopal.com is an online backup and cloud storage system for those want to keep their files in the online cloud storage services instead of keeping these in the PC or smartphone. This online cloud storage system will protect all of your data and files on the basis of its own designed state of the art data protection and privacy enhancement technologies. The data stored at the storage system of Memopal.com can be access from anywhere and anytime. Memopal.com is not mean to provide you merely the cloud storage system only rather it is designed to protect the data of you uploaded at the Memopal.com. The way of working of Memopal.com is very simple. Memopal.com has its own proprietary file system by the name of MGFS that is can keep the millions of TBs save for many years. This setup ensures the continuous health monitoring of the data. Now you can imagine the security level of Memopal.com. Digital certificate system, authentication method of Memopal.com, and its encryption system will deliver you the highest level of security. Memopal.com is best for keeping the data save in the cloud because of its highly advanced security and data protection features. Memopal.com is available in two plans in which first one is free and provide 3 GB of free space. The Pro version of Memopal.com is available for one user against per year price of $114. The Pro version of Memopal.com offers 500 GB of cloud storage space.

#13 Idrive.com


IDrive.com is an online data backup and management system for the PCs and smartphone devices. This platform basically delivers the cloud storage space to its users to keep their data safe and secure in the territory storage devices. IDrive.com is particularly designed for personal and individual purposes but now it is available for small businesses as well. It is a way to protect all of your devices at a centralize platform and manage them from a single account. Enterprise level of security is available for the small business users of the IDrive.com. Right at the cloud storage platform of IDrive.com, the small business owners can keep their servers, data of business computers, SQL, NAS and much more secure and safe. Uploading data at IDrive.com and accessing the same from any device is like managing your devices remotely via the web system. The main highlighted features of IDrive.com are multiple device backup systems, hybrid backup system, security & privacy with state of the art technology tools, online file synchronization system, real-time backup & backup management system, retrieve data any time, etc. There is one free storage plan that offers the 5 GB space. The other three paid options of IDrive.com are IDrive Persona offering 1 T storage space, IDrive Team offering 1 TB storage space and IDrive Business offering 250 GB storage space. These plans are available for per year prices of $44.62, $74.62, and $74.62 respectively.

#14 Owncloud.com


ownCloud.com is a self-hosted and open source cloud storage and file synchronization system. This self-hosted cloud storage system make its users able to store any of their file in their personal account of ownCloud.com and get it access from anywhere or even share with other ownCloud.com users as well. ownCloud.com make its users able to upload each and every type of data without any specific requirement of file format. You can easily access and share all of your stored files and data from any device as per the term set by you for that purpose. Privacy and flexibility are the two most valuable options of the ownCloud.com that required serious consideration from the users. ownCloud.com will lee your personal data private and secure. You can even use an ownCloud.com Server to enhance the security of the data. Access, synchronization, sharing of data and getting an ultimate control are the main highlighted features of the ownCloud.com that you will surely like to have from a professional level of cloud storage system. The open architecture of ownCloud.com is very extensible by using of plugins and API for applications that will deliver you advanced level of security and control. It will make you able to design your own cloud storage system as well.

More About Dropbox.com

Dropbox.com is the provider of personal cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. It is a cloud storage platform for the safer saving of your data and files in cloud. The best about saving the data in the cloud storage is that you can access them from any part of the world at any time. The other exceptional thing here is that Dropbox.com can be access from any device as well either it is a desktop PC or smartphone. Dropbox.com is offering its services in almost seventeen international languages making Dropbox.com one of the best universal level of cloud storage services providers. It is a platform that will work as per your own requirement. Saving important and confidential data in the PCs or smartphones can be risky because of either the illegal access by anyone or due to problem in the storage media. So, it is wise to keep it save in the online storage platforms as you will be able to save them in a safer environment and also access them from any part of the world as well. For every new registration with Dropbox.com, it offers the two GB of free storage space to the members with thirty days of file recovery as well. The two other premium plans of Dropbox.com are Dropbox Pro and Dropbox for Business that are available against per month price of $9.99 and $15. First one offers the 1 TB of space with thirty days of file recovery option and the second one offers the unlimited storage space with unlimited file recovery option.

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