ExRx.net is a free resource and exercise prescription on the internet for the coach, fitness enthusiast and exercise professional. The exercise library of ExRx.net delivers the hundreds of exercises and a fitness assessment calculator. There are a lot of reference articles that will really help you in achieving your fitness goals… read more

Sites Like Exrx.net

#1 Livestrong.com


LIVESTRONG.com is a health management platform. It is not a type of software or a type of application at all. LIVESTRONG.com is a fitness center that will provide you the fitness tips, diet plans, nutrition pieces of advice and those exercise that will help you in gaining the healthier lifestyle. If you are too weak then the fitness tips of LIVESTRONG.com will make you able to get powerful muscle. At the other side if you want to lose weight then LIVESTRONG.com also contains diet and fitness plans for that purpose. At the online fitness center of LIVESTRONG.com you can set your own fitness and health goals. This platform will only assist you in achieving your health goals on time. From dieting and foods to physical exercise all are the part of the fitness database of the LIVESTRONG.com. At the online fitness center of LIVESTRONG.com you can get an access to the sections like food, fitness, health , tracker, workouts, weight management, recipes, diseases & conditions, lifestyle, fashion & style, parenting and much more. You can make a guess from these categories that how LIVESTRONG.com will assist you in gaining the better lifestyle. You can subscribe for the newsletter of LIVESTRONG.com as well. The newsletter of LIVESTRONG.com is separately available for men and women so you are required to select the gender as well. For the information of the readers, LIVESTRONG.com is a community based fitness center that collects the data from the variety of trusted sources. For your further information, the medical database of LIVESTRONG.com is licensed.

#2 Bodybuilding.com


BodyBuilding.com is one of the leading fitness center and supplement dealer. Here we are discussing its fitness areas. BodyBuilding.com has one of the largest and tested exercise, workouts, articles and much more. It is also a community based platform where there are thousands of members assisting each other and share their exercises experiences with the other members of BodyBuilding.com. The data arranged at the platform of BodyBuilding.com will assist you in getting your fitness goal on time. Apart from store, other three important sections of BodyBuilding.com are training, articles & videos and community. The training area of BodyBuilding.com contains the interesting sections in range of find a plan, training accessories, training fuel & clothing, workouts, exercises, nutrition, and tools and trackers. The fitness programs of BodyBuilding.com are available for the both men and women. Moreover, these can be filtered for the purpose of beginner, advanced, fat loss, muscle gain, maintain body or contest preparation. There are a lot of articles on the health and fitness issues that are compiled by the experts of the BodyBuilding.com. From the articles and video section, you can get the inspirational photos, and workout music playlists. You can even contact with the experts of the BodyBuilding.com as well from the same section. As it is already mentioned there is a community of BodyBuilding.com as well where you can start the live discussion with other members of the BodyBuilding.com as well. In the community home you can get an instant access to forum, picture gallery, fitbaord, reviews and member search.

#3 Menshealth.com


Name of this website is itself declaring a website for men only. In addition to providing the guidance for managing the health in a more professional way there is a magazine of the MensHealth.com as well. It get its men’s health magazine published in the fourteen edition of the forty-seven countries of the world. There is little information about the women health issues as well but the focus of the MensHealth.com is more on the men’s health. Right from the page of MensHealth.com you can enjoy the features of health management, fitness, video exercises, health, nutrition, weight loss, style, grooming, ultimate guy search, active live guide, workouts and much more. Simply click on any category and enjoy the how to features and functions of MensHealth.com. In addition to written material you will be provided with the video tutorials as well. How to build strong, achieve best fitness and much more are the basic assistance material being offered by the MensHealth.com. Either you want to read about how to losing belly fat or knowing about the best exercises for men, you will get each and every detail in a very easy to use understand manner. There is a proper discussion forum at the MensHealth.com where you can interact with other visitors of the MensHealth.com. These visitors of the MensHealth.com are sharing their experience regarding health and fitness. You can also take part in this discussion if you want to share something or want to seek the expert advice.

#4 Sparkpeople.com


SparkPeople.com is an online fitness assistance provider that provide fitness tips and tricks by way of free diet plans. It is said to be the one of the largest online diet platform that is delivering the diet plans to its millions of registered members. SparkPeople.com is a community based health and fitness management center from where you can get the free and proven weights loss and fitness tools to its users. By joining the platform of SparkPeople.com you will get fast and easy to use calorie counter. There is a personalized and advance fitness program that are also being offered by the SparkPeople.com. The exceptional about SparkPeople.com is its professional level of community of millions of registered members that are always there to answer your queries and support from the professional and experts of their fields. The diet plan and then proven exercises will really challenge yourself in getting your fitness goals. There are diet and coaching tips from nutritionists and other experts. In the same manner, there are fitness programs and videos from personal trainers. Interactive fun challenges and the availability of tens of thousands of healthy and delicious recipes are available in the recipe database of the SparkPeople.com. The mobile application of SparkPeople.com will make you able to track your food and fitness from anywhere. You can subscribe for the newsletter of the SparkPeople.com as well.

#5 Myfitnesspal.com


MyFitnessPal.com is a platform that is particularly designed for those people who want to lose their weight in days. There is a particular application of the MyFitnessPal.com as well that will assist you in losing weight. It is the fastest and easiest way to lose your weight. From food diet plans to exercises, MyFitnessPal.com delivers the best information about health and fitness management. MyFitnessPal.com is said to be one of the best and largest databases of calorie and nutrition. Almost five million foods and diets tips are the part of the database of MyFitnessPal.com. The tips and diet plans being offered by the MyFitnessPal.com are medically proved. It is very easy and fast to lose your weight within days. Losing weight is not enough unless it is maintained in a perfect and best way. MyFitnessPal.com is that level of platform that will make you able to use the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to simply track of the foods you eat. It is not only workouts and exercises machines that will burn the fats in the body. Food and proper diet plans also work efficiently. There is a special calories burned calculator as well where you are first required to select the exercise and after that mention you weight in kilograms or pounds and then MyFitnessPal.com will tell you how much calories you can burned by the way of that exercise.

#6 Steadyhealth.com


SteadyHealth.com is a health discussion based platform where you can share your experiences and can read the experiences of others. Here you can live communicate with the medical experts to seek their advices in order to learn the best ways of gaining the best health. Here you can read the articles on the health and fitness issues. SteadyHealth.com has arranged its database into sections of wellbeing, body & health conditions, family health, therapies & treatments, emotional & mental health and general discussion areas. In the well-being area of SteadyHealth.com you can learn about the articles over weight loss, fitness suggestions, nutrition plans and beauty care tips and remedies. In the body & health conditions there are solutions for urinary tract, cardiovascular, autoimmune, caner and allergies. The family health section covers the health issues of the entire family. You can see how SteadyHealth.com is working for the development of health and fitness issues. For the information of the readers, SteadyHealth.com never claim to provide the medically proven advices nor being backed by the experts of their fields. However, at the discussion platforms of SteadyHealth.com you can interact with the experts and can seek their advice on health and fitness issues. It is the platform covering three main issues share, ask and learn.

#7 Fitday.com


FitDay.com is a web based food diary and diet journal from where you can get the helpful resources regarding weight loss, fitness issues and nutrition plan. It is totally free and all of your data will be keep secure and private by the FitDay.com. Here you can create fitness goal, track food and can log the activity any time. Millions of users are the part of the FitDay.com. You are only required to create a free account with FitDay.com. Having an account with FitDay.com means the availability of personal online dietitian provider. You can send message to the registered dietitian of the FitDay.com to create a custom health and fitness plan. You can easily reach your goals with the assistance of the experts of the FitDay.com. Anytime you can monitor your diet plans, eating and exercise routine and much more. Application of FitDay.com is also available for the smartphone users to make them able to track their health and fitness all the time.

#8 Intense-workout.com


Intense-Workout.com is a platform from where you can easily get the all those resources that will make you able to get your body in a format as you want. You will be provided with all those informative material that will make you able to get out the real benefits of the workouts. In addition to dealing in the exercise and workouts, Intense-Workout.com is the provider of other key aspects like diet and fitness as well. The main highlighted topic that you can term as the solution being provided by the Intense-Workout.com are weightlifting, bodybuilding, how to build muscle, how to lose fat, diets plans, supplements, exercises and much more. The exceptional about Intense-Workout.com is that it has largely covered the all and everything you really required to get the body you want. Above all it is totally free. You are also not required at all to create any account or buy anything to access the free services of the Intense-Workout.com. If you are ready to start with Intense-Workout.com then this platform is ready to deliver you the workout routine guide, diet plan guide, how to lose weight, how to gain weight and how to build muscle. Intense-Workout.com has arranged its website into the sections of workout programs, diet & nutrition, build muscle, lose fat, exercises, and supplements.

#9 Scoobysworkshop.com


ScoobysWorkshop.com is an all in one exercise and workout platform for those users who want to gain powerful and tight muscles. If you want to look great then simply move to the ScoobysWorkshop.com to enjoy the health and fitness resources being offered by the ScoobysWorkshop.com to its visitors. Health and fitness is not about gaining some muscles and looking great only. The exercise and fitness materials of ScoobysWorkshop.com will even enable you to gain more energy, feel fresh all the time and sleep better. You are not required to pay more to the trainers as at the platform of the ScoobysWorkshop.com you will be provided with the various helpful materials. There is a professional blog at the ScoobysWorkshop.com from where you can get the resources regarding workout plans, exercises, losing weight & sixpack abs, advanced bodybuilding exercises and a lot of various other helping materials. You can take part in the interesting fitness contest of ScoobysWorkshop.com as well. Four times in a year, ScoobysWorkshop.com arrange the fitness contest.

#10 T-nation.com


T-Nation.com is a forum for the bodybuilders and those who want to gain the powerful muscles. Right from the platform of the T-Nation.com you can get the best strength bodybuilding trainings and fitness articles. A lot of workouts, exercise, supplements and lot of other fitness management materials are there to make you able to get bigger and stronger. T-Nation.com largely covered the articles about training, workouts, diet & fat loss, supplements, powerful words, opinion, and steroids. There are a lot of discussion forums over the T-Nation.com. There are specified forums for each topic. Check out the few forums of the T-Nation.com that are training logs, supplements & nutrition, bodybuilding, powerlifting, beginners, conditioning, strongman and dozens of others. In addition to forums the blogs of the leading experts of the T-Nation.com are also available at the platform of the T-Nation.com as well. T-Nation.com is an ideal place for both beginners and professionals. T-Nation.com is the provider of largest hardcore training site that is driven by the intelligent and relentless pursuit of the muscle for past many years. If you want to submit your own article then T-Nation.com will always welcome you for the same.

#11 Ss.fitness


This domain is the provider of scientifically proven fitness and health exercises. The exercises, workouts and diet plans available at the platform of SS.fitness are designed to make its visitors able to learn the ways of burning fats within days and gaining the strong muscle naturally. You will always get the scientifically proven exercise and nutrition information from the SS.fitness. It is a one stop resource for your health and fitness management that will always deliver you the free resources. You will always get the most of your fitness questions answered by the SS.fitness. Right from the platform of SS.fitness you will discover the simple articles on the burning fat, building muscle and getting a healthful health. The workouts and exercise that are the part of the database of SS.fitness are scientifically proven. At SS.fitness you can get your own free custom plan to lose weight or build muscle. In the custom plan you are first required to specify your goal like lose weight or build muscle. Now select the gender and specify your age. After that provide your height and weight and move to the next step where you are required to provide your current diet plan. There is a complete grocery list from where you can know about which product will give you how much calories and burn who much fats. After that you will be provided with your on health and fitness plan by the SS.fitness. If you are living in really typical lifestyle then simply move to the SS.fitness and enjoy the better health and lifestyle.

#12 Mensfitness.com


A powerful source for getting power in your body. It is an online source from where you can enjoy the medically proved exercises, nutrition advices, health management goals, and information over the material of building muscle and enjoying the athletic performance. MensFitness.com is the best way to enjoy the best health situation all the time. The main beneficiary of the MensFitness.com will be professional builders and athletes as at the platform of MensFitness.com you will get the hardcore exercise and workouts. MensFitness.com offers those fitness and body building exercises that you can gain by way of simplifying your routine life. You can even gain best body from the sports and games that you love to play. At the main page MensFitness.com has covered its material in the section of training, weight loss, style, guy foods, and various other categories. In the training section, there are articles and information about workout routines, muscle, endurance, cardio and tips by the professionals. In the weight loss section you will get information about burn fat fast, diet friendly recipes and success stories of the others. Right from the main page you can gain access to those proper foods and drinks that you must use in order to get the best health all the time. MensFitness.com offers the step by step exercises and workouts.

#13 Muscleandfitness.com


Need help in achieving your fitness goals then follow the advises of the MuscleandFitness.com. This website is among those fitness and exercises providers that in addition to offering its material to the professional bodybuilders, MuscleandFitness.com provide the step by step training to the beginners as well. If you are new in the world of bodybuilding then use the tips and advises of the MuscleandFitness.com to reshape your body like a professional bodybuilder or athlete. The sources available at the MuscleandFitness.com are arranged in the categories of workouts, nutrition, athletes & celebrities and featured articles. The workout section contains the different exercises for workout routines, workout tips, abs & core exercises, arm exercises, chest exercise, shoulder exercise and a lot of exercises videos. The nutrition section of the MuscleandFitness.com contains the information about healthy recipes, meal plans, lose fat, gain mass and supplements. To motivate you, MuscleandFitness.com is also covering the success stories of the athletes and celebrities. You can from here read the news, interviews and tips of the professional bodybuilders. You can enjoy the free fitness advises of MuscleandFitness.com as well by simply subscribing of the newsletter of the MuscleandFitness.com. The muscle and fitness newsletter of MuscleandFitness.com will offer you with the best meal plans, diet plans, supplement advice and workouts and get to your fitness goals.

#14 Leehayward.com


LeeHayward.com is a dedicated platform for getting the best and professional level of bodybuilding tips from the professionals and experts of their fields. If you are in search of an all in one platform for enjoying the professional level of exercise and workouts then LeeHayward.com is surely best platform for that purpose. From the muscle building workouts programs to fat loss diet plans you will always get the best resources from the LeeHayward.com. From beginner to experts, LeeHayward.com delivers the best fitness services to its visitors. A lot of stuff available at LeeHayward.com regarding health and fitness issues are available for free at the online portal of the LeeHayward.com. LeeHayward.com delivers its interesting material in format of videos tutorials and written material. It also offers the free downloadable resources in shape of 12 week workout program, muscle building training program, bodybuilding diet plan, and various others. You can filter your research by exploring through the categories of LeeHayward.com as well in which the most popular are arm workouts, back workouts, bicep workouts, bodyweight workouts and much more. If you are going to take part in the bodybuilding competition then you can also get advantages from the resources of LeeHayward.com as well.

#15 Cbass.com


Stands for Clarence Bass, Cbass.com is the website of getting information about fitness and bodybuilding advises. Cbass.com is basically the official website of the American fitness expert Clearance Bass. It is one of the best sources from where you can get the motivation, health lifestyle, fitness, diet and fat loss information. For past many years, Cbass.com is inspiring its visitors by providing the tools that they really need to enjoy the better health. At the platform of Cbass.com you can get the information about the diet & nutrition, strength training, aerobics, fat loss & weight control, fitness & health, age factor, physiological factors, psychology & motivation, fitness personalities and lifestyle. The professional level of friendly asked section of Cbass.com will deliver you the solution of your health and fitness issues. This platform will only assist you in achieving your health goals on time. From dieting and foods to physical exercise all are the part of the fitness database of the Cbass.com.

More About Exrx.net

ExRx.net is a free resource and exercise prescription on the internet for the coach, fitness enthusiast and exercise professional. The exercise library of ExRx.net delivers the hundreds of exercises and a fitness assessment calculator. There are a lot of reference articles that will really help you in achieving your fitness goals. ExRx.net has covered its main page with the sections of exercise libraries, featured exercises, nutrition, calculators, expert talks and discussion forum. In the exercise section there are a lot of fitness exercise like exercise for neck, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, back, chest, thighs and other body parts. A lot of other special exercise in shape of Olympic style weightlifts, plyometric, cardio, kettlebell and various others are also the part of the ExRx.net. The nutrition section of contains the information of those diet plans that will provide you the information about each and every food by eating which you can gain more muscles and can reduce the fats as well. Calorie calculation system of ExRx.net is very interesting from where you can explore the fitness testing, weight training, diet & nutrition, pace calculators, timers, metabolic calculators, converters, and various other calculators and resources are the part of the ExRx.net.

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