Description is an online platform that promotes the idea of easy and quick crowdfunding among different communities around the globe. The intelligent growth by this site is stable and scalable as it takes only 1 or 2 months for the whole funding process to happen for your establishment… read more

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0 is a public benefit corporation based website that is known for the global crowdfunding that mainly focuses on the creativity. The main goal of this website is to bring and encourage the work of many creative people out there, to life.

Ulule is the worldwide crowdfunding platform squarely centered on the funding success of creators and marketers. Get your ideas funded with ulule or discover and get stimulated with the aid of over 24,000 tasks which have already taken off.
0 is a fundraising and crowdfunding platform. This site gives people a chance of soliciting funds for a certain productive idea or even for a start-up business. With nominal fee charges on the contributions, this site promotes the idea of raising money for certain causes that people might consider important for themselves and for their communities.

This site changed into launched in 2010, Gofundme.Com is the sector’s biggest social fundraising platform, with over $5 billion raised up to now. With a community of greater than 50 million donors, Gofundme is converting the way the world offers their money.
0 is an online crowdfunding and a non-profit fundraising site. This site is meant for the political parties, charities, donors, schools, churches, and other organizations to raise money for families, peer groups, and many other deserving people.
0 is an online source of income for various creative artists around the globe right now. This site is kind of a membership one, as once you get yourself registered as an artist you can earn a substantial income for your creative work or art.

An award-winning online fundraising website, is helping thousands of individuals from every country to raise money for their own good cause. The main goal of this platform is to build a big community and help people in a meaningful way.
0 is an innovative crowdfunding platform that aims to make the world a better place for the deserving. This cause-driven crowdfunding platform stands at the base of social entrepreneur education and innovative partnerships.
0 is a crowdfunding site that serves as a review site for the online funding platforms. This reviewing site is quite helpful for business owners and many other potential clients to find out about the different crowdfunding sites that are helping businesses to grow.

A crowdfunding and fundraising platform, is one of the America’s largest crowdfunding sites. People can get their projects done by the fund raising programs initiated by this site.
0 is an artist community-based crowdfunding platform especially for those people who have the talent and creative skills from all over the world. This site is a global source of earning for creative individuals of whom the ideas are connected directly to the audience.

A collaborative invention platform, is known as the largest invention community on a global level. After registering yourself, you need to register your idea. After submitting the idea you can join the community of inventors.
0 is an open source point where you are given the chance of building your own ad-hoc crowdfunding website. This starting point is here so that makes your own fundraising website.
0 is a crowdfunding source which is determined to serve as a great help for the ones who want to develop businesses. This platform conducts a public funding for various art projects submitted by individuals.
0 is fundraising and crowdfunding website that helps people all around the world. For getting the fundraising for anything all you need to do is to register yourself and get started with the work.
0 is a privately held platform that offers its users a user-generated learning source for learning different languages. This website uses flashcards as memory aids. The main specialty of this website is that it offers you the chance of learning different languages.
0 is an open source for language learning for everyone from around the globe. This language learning source includes its own app and a proficiency assessment test for different languages.
0 is an online way of learning different languages. This site offers you a great chance of learning different languages by using Skype as a medium of communicating with the students and the teacher.

The site is here to help you out in learning different languages from all over the world without facing any issues. As a learner, you can learn more than 1400 hundred new words.
0 introduces a new way to learn different languages like being socially active. In the community of, as a learner you will meet many people from more than 180 countries and can learn more than 110 different languages.
0, unlike every other online language learning site, is not an ordinary type as this site is not only a language learning, social site but a newly developed technology-based site for learners.
0 is an online language learning source for people without getting bored. The community of this site consists of enthusiastic learners and capable tutors for the whole language learning process.
0 is an enhanced and empirical way of learning different languages for individuals from every corner of the world. There is a whole panel of language experts available at your service 24/7 so that don’t face any issues.
0 is a language learning source for people from every country in the world. There are more than 30 languages that a learner can learn whether the individual is school going kid or an office worker, it’s for everyone.
0 is an online language learning site where you can different languages from all over the world. The fact that makes this language learning site unique from others is the feature that learners and teachers can connect to the language learning process.

More About is an online platform that promotes the idea of easy and quick crowdfunding among different communities around the globe. The intelligent growth by this site is stable and scalable as it takes only 1 or 2 months for the whole funding process to happen for your establishment. The funding for this site doubles the market value of your company by advertising and sharing more awareness about your company in public. This site also provides you people with a certain skill set to give a boost to your company’s growth rate.