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18 Sites Like Hollywoodreporter.com



PixSlate.com is a new entrant in the market that has made a name for itself by providing individuals with the latest views, reviews and other options that help in knowing the movie better.


TheMovieDB.org is another alternative of IMDB and contains several features that have kept people interested by allowing them to access several features and interactions between themselves. Buying tickets and reading reviews from famous entertainment writers is also the part of a package that a person gets when they utilize all the services on TheMovieDB.


MRQE.com is the website for Movie Review Query Engine and comes as a direct competitor for IMDB that has existed for a long time. It is not the most famous but contains authentic material.


MovieWeb.com belongs to the category of websites that contain information and related details about the movies that are already released or the ones that are in the pipeline. It also provides the user an option of creating their lists that contain movie based on genres, likes and dislikes, yearly reviews and other things.


FilmSite.org is another platform that performs that same task of providing users with the information they require along with videos and reviews. Some of the content here is not available anywhere else, and that includes articles such as the lists of movies from genres.


ComingSoon.net gives away the purpose of the name itself by telling that it contains information about the movies that are recently released or the ones that are about to come in the cinemas.


Hollywood.com is not the official website of the prestigious United States location but comes as one of the most authentic platforms that are part of the movie entertainment industry. It has gained fame for its reviews, information, articles, features and other segments that keep a person engaged if they are interested in the section.


MPAA.org is the website of the famous Institute named Motion Picture Association of America that includes the six main studios of Hollywood. It gives information to people who are interested in knowing which movies are releasing under their banner.


iTunes Movie Trailers is a platform that comes from Apple, a leading electronic device supplier that provides individuals with the option of getting the best information about things. It mostly includes trailers that are available for everyone, or exclusively for Apple users.


Yahoo! Movies is a place that does not exist as a website itself but has a section dedicated to the important search network where people get to know about the movies that are releasing soon.


Flixster.com started as a social network where people could stay updated with the recent happening of the entertainment industry but soon became distinct for movies and other related stuff. In the beginning, it contained things like quizzes, lists and other personality tests that kept people interested but with time it has now matured into an excellent platform where people can get to know more about the recent movies or the ones they want to watch.


MovieTickets.com gives away the purpose of the website just by the name and comes forth as a place where people can buy the movie tickets that have recently released. The service was initially available just in the United States but now spread to other parts such as United Kingdom, European Union, Canada and some other locations.


Fandango.com is a place where people can not only get to know more about the latest films that are about to release but also get the tickets for them online, and they do not even have to visit the sections and stand in lines.


LetterBoxD.com may not be as famous as some of the other alternative that is present but has a range of content that ensures the user will want to visit back.


AllMovie.com is a place for movie and film database and started with the purpose of competing with IMBb. Although it lags several options that are part of other famous websites, it maintains a level within the industry as a trusted alternative.


Movies.com is another leading platform that provides people with the option of getting to know about the film they want and do so with proper details such as when the movie will release, the movie run times, information about actors, views, and reviews of people who have seen it already and trailers that are authentic.


RottenTomatoes.com is a place when it comes to movie and their ratings, it has the most authenticity among other similar platforms. It also provides several options for people who want to utilize it.


IMDB.com is the website for International Movie Database and a place that has made a name for itself as the most authentic place for movies and its related activities. The place has the best viewership that contains their actions such as viewing of movie trailers, the reviews, ratings based on likes and dislikes and the comments by people on various items.

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HollywoodReporter.com has the latest news and reports along with the happenings of the Hollywood and details about the movies that have their trailers released. All a person needs to do is to sign up and create an account using their details. The website also has exclusive interviews with celebrities, information about the movie cast, stories, features and latest videos related to the selection. That, as well as the option of the most recent shows in the local cinemas, their times, ticket costs also are part of the system. The HollywoodReporter website itself is attractive that provides all the features for people who are interested in visiting; the options are laid out appropriately so that the user does not find any difficulty in moving from one option to other. Some other features such as scandals, news, live shows, exclusive transmissions make Hollywood Reporter an excellent choice for people who are interested in the entertainment industry.