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IGN.com stands for Internet Gaming Network and is one of the biggest platforms for gaming and other related things that are out there. The best thing about the site is that it comes with localized versions of the web, which make it easy for people to keep track of the games they play and are available in the area… read more

18 Sites Like Ign.com



GameSpy.com is another website that is new in the market but still has a lot of content that is relevant to people who are into the world of gaming and want to expand their horizon through intuitive options.


Game-Debate.com is a place where you see the games, movies and television shows and the information properly related to them. Preview section is helpful when not yet introduced games but coming soon in the market.


BigFishGames.com is one of the most famous websites and the purpose of which is explained just by looking at the name. It simply provides everything and perhaps that is the biggest quality.


MetaCritic.com is one of the best places where the user gets the information about the things related to entertainment through famous critics and points based system from people. You look at the top, and the main sections that are present include the platforms in which people play games such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation and others so that entities can directly go to the things they want to know about things.


TheGamerPost.com is a blog more than a website that contains a list of articles that are helpful for a person who wants to know more about the things they want in video gaming consoles.


PlebGameReviews.com is a place that lets people share their views in the form of reviews on a game and to read the opinion of others on the homepage about a range of items.


PCGamer.com is one of the most authentic places that have existed for several years, even before the time when the PlayStation and other devices introduced. The first section is that of the platform that includes the different parts such as PlayStation, Xbox, pc, android and other areas where people like to play games.


GameKyo.com is another place where people get to know more about their favorite games with the only difference that it mostly focuses on games that are created from anime. The layout of the web is that of a magazine, and it does give that impression because of the range of options that are present here.


RockPaperShotgun.com is one of the best computer platforms that focus on video games that range from your devices, phones, desktops, and modules. Unlike most gaming sites that have their attention towards the new games, RockPaperShotgun also provides information about the ones that people like to play but are not that active anymore.


CheapAssGamer.com compliments the website in the best possible manner and the name, as it has become one of the best places to get to know about the video games that people play.


EscapistMagazine.com is the website for The Escapist that comes as a technology magazine on the web and has made a name for itself in less time. The best feature of the site is the user interface that is top quality and provides the viewer with all the options that come along with something they want to learn more.


Destructoid.com was introduced as a gaming place where gamers shared their experiences and views about the product they were playing. But now has expanded their scope and have become beneficial for people who belong to anything related to entertainment.


N4G.com may not give the true idea of its value from the name, and you only get to know how beneficial it is once you open the website. The layout is top-class with all the options present on the homepage so that a person does not find it difficult to locate the desired section.


NeoGAF.com is a forum that presents itself as one of the most authentic places where people get to share their views, learn more about the games they play, get to experiment with the stuff that is new and know about the tricks and hacks.


EnGadget.com is a place where people get to perform a variety of tasks that are related to each other such as video, gaming, movies, and television. The theme of the website is that it produces content on the latest films, video games, and television shows come up with reviews and previews of the things that are trending.


Kotaku.com is a place which may not look the most attractive when it comes to websites and other gaming sites but provide in-depth views and analysis of games that are currently active.


Kaboodle.io is a platform that comes as a mixture of several factors that a person may want to enjoy on the web. The first section is not related to the site but still has a mega presence as the option of organizing and arranging movies that people watch and then rate them.


GameInformer.com is one of the premium websites when we talk about video games and information related to them. Most of the stuff shared here is from experts who have played the games or have in-depth knowledge about everything which makes the content here very interesting.

More About Ign.com

IGN.com stands for Internet Gaming Network and is one of the biggest platforms for gaming and other related things that are out there. The best thing about the site is that it comes with localized versions of the web, which make it easy for people to keep track of the games they play and are available in the area. IGN also has a brilliant user interface that allows people to find the most relevant content without any fuss and does so by moving from one option to the other in quick time. The site is divided into various sections such as television shows that people watch and the games that are based on these shows such as Game of Thrones. The next section is that for localized web and gaming. The third section is for computer based games that are becoming redundant. If you move forward, then the PlayStation and Xbox becomes featured since they are the most active platforms. You move onto the movies and television and go through the comics sections, and there is more than enough to enjoy here.