iTunes is one of the most famous media player and a platform where people can listen to latest music which is also authentic. Available at There are many other features of the website too which make it one of the most used platforms in the world… read more

Sites Like Itunes


0 has emerged as a leading platform that combines the features of a social network, blogging platform and chatting place where something for everyone exists. The best feature is the posts sharing options, instead of just statuses, where the user gets to show others anything they want such as images, videos, link, text or others. People who see the content than having the option of sharing it with others through re-blogging. Tumblr also has the messaging option where one person gets to send messages to the other and then interact privately. The twitter like the option of sharing text in few words, quotes and related stuff is also possible which makes it a place that gives something to everyone. It does not cost anything to create an account; a person needs just their email address and password to sign up and use all the features. You do not have to pay anything, and that gives it distinction because it does not contain any ads or promoted content like others and has a relatively young audience.



SoundCloud is a worldwide online audio tracks distribution platform, the website enables its users to upload, record, promote, as well as share their originally-created sounds. Based on the company’s data, The website service attracts greater than 175 million unique monthly listeners, while content creators upload about 12 hours’ worth of audio every minute. Many people use SoundCloud website to listen to music and audio for free. This website give yourself the gift of more sound. More hip hop. More rock. More electronic. More classical. More house, jazz, audiobooks, sports. You are able to explore trending music and trending audio feeds. You can search directly for tracks, artists and other users, and simply you can browse tracks by genre.



Spotify is a commercial music streaming, podcast as well as video service that gives digital rights management-restricted content from record labels as well as media companies. It is available in the majority of the Americas, Western Europe and Oceania. You can browsed music or searched by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label. There are lots of tracks on Spotify. So no matter if you’re working out, partying or relaxing, the best music is always at your fingertips. Choose what you need to listen to, or let Spotify surprise you. You can get your monthly Spotify Premium membership. If you decide to subscribe, you will be charged a cost based on your country. The price will be shown in the website before you decide to complete the payment.



The Bandcamp website gives you instant, unlimited streaming access to your Bandcamp purchases, Bandcamp enables you to explore a huge catalog of music simply by artists from all around the worls, and opens your ears to the remarkable with this radio show, the Bandcamp Weekly. Note that a Bandcamp fan account is necessary to listen to your collection, add items to your wishlist, and follow artists. The website also allows for artists to provide free music downloads using the option to contribute to the artist or to obtain a free track or album by joining the artist’s email list. Other choices include delivering purchased music as a gift, you can viewing lyrics and saving individual songs or albums in a wish list.



Pandora is an online radio, but is really known as a streaming music service. The cool aspect of Pandora is that its subscribers can listen to entire albums before they get into stores. You are able to listen to Pandora for free, or purchase a Premium account, but you’ll still enjoy good, quality music. Pandora station is set by specifying an artist or song, as well as mixture of multiple components of any kind in a single website. Listeners can tune into pre-made genre stations, other users’ stations, or create their unique stations based on their musical interests. Each track played can be replied to with favorable or undesirable buttons, which decide if it should be played, and just how much should similarly classified songs be played in the station.



Mixcrate is music app that provides you the services to enjoy any music mainly related to DJs. It is a the United States based platform that allows its users to upload share and promote DJ mixes to the audience present on Mixcrate all around the world. However unlike other apps, it gives a more social feel to the catering of DJs music. With the help of Mixcrate, you can not only search your favorite tracks but also can save these to listen later on. It also allows you to share the music tracks of your choice with your friends. Mixcraft is designed and revolves around mixes and mixtape style creativity so there won’t be any day when you won’t enjoy your mixes.

There is a wide collection of songs and music on Mixcrate ranging from traditional electronic music to world music including reggae, jazz, rock, country as well as slow jams. Even if you want a change in mood, there is a D available at Mixcrate that can spin songs for you providing mixtapes to provide a mixture of different songs to enjoy. Besides listening and music streaming it also allows you to upload an unlimited number of songs. These uploaded songs can be shared with the community of Mixcrate. The DJ mixes produced by Mixcrate meet the desires of many musicians coming up to their definition of DJ mixes without facing any legal or copyright problems.

#7 Apple music


Apple Music is an extension of the iTunes music platform with the difference that people can upload their own music and stream the latest stuff that is available in the industry. It is available at There are many other options too which make it different from others such as internet radio service, Beats 1, which is the primary radio of Apple and is broadcasted live on the web to over 100 countries, thus making it the biggest show on the network. The channel is live 24 hours a day, and there are different programs and interviews with famous artists. One drawback in this regard is that people who do not have an Apple account or device find it difficult to use it. There are two versions available one is free and the other paid, there are ads in the free version while the paid version is free from such stuff and people can access exclusive content when they pay the subscription fee. The free version has basic tools which can be used by individuals who are new, while the paid version has advanced tools which allow experts to create new attractive music. The amount people have to pay to avail all the features is relatively large. For a single license, they have to pay $10 while to obtain complete access the fee is $15. There are multiple ways this can be accessed. You can use the web version, you can download the software to your phone or use the app available for different versions and can even have it on your laptops. People can play the latest music here since most of the famous singers upload their music here to sell. Although it is new on the market and faces fierce competition with other sites it has been able to keep itself different from others with the help of exclusive content which is just available on this platform, and there is no doubt that it will be able to make its mark very soon.



MixCloud is a music streaming website that is created by the world’s renowned DJs and also artists. MixCloud deals with two kinds of music activities namely listening as well as submission. Come and sign up for an independent community of DJs and greatest radio presenters all over the world that are re-shaping the music world of MixCloud. MixCloud allows the music activity lovers to create their unique radio stations and build playlists also. They are able to explore the music from the giant music category of MixCloud which includes the background, bass, beats, chillout, classical, deep house, hip-hop, EDM, electronica, garage, dubstep, dub, funk, pop, rap, reggae, RnB, indie, rock, soul, techno, trap and many more. The available functions in MixCloud are stream limitless audio content, upload limitless audio music, upload radio DJ mixes/podcasts, promote and distribute the information, get a user specific social networking widget, etc. The MixCloud service is also available for the Android and iOS mobile phones.


0 is another web-based radio and social networking website revolving across the concept of streaming user-curated playlists consisting of at least 8 tracks. Users create totally free accounts and can either browse the website as well as listen to other user-created mixes, you can create their unique mixes. The website also has a subscription-based service called 8 tracks plus, although its functions are still evolving. Presently, a $25 payment purchases a 6-month membership, during which period advertisements are removed from the website user interface while subscribers are logged in. 8tracks website that enables users to share and find out music in a simple, legal, as well as free way. Listeners are able to search through current mixes and create their personal mixes. Member must include a least eight songs, uploaded using their personal music library or directly accessed through a SoundCloud bridge, per playlist.



Deezer is known as a best music steaming website. It enables users to listen to audio content from data labels such as EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group on various device online or offline. Deezer presently has 35 million licensed tracks in its library, more than 30,000 radio channels, 16 million monthly active users, as well as 5 million paid subscribers. Deezer has been designed wonderfully. And also the beautiful user interface, Deezer provides great social media features, which helps you to discover music and playlist. The Elite membership of the service even provides you lossless high quality music. Deezer offer greater than 35 million tracks and 100 million playlists. The music streaming service is a mainly a music community, enabling users to build blog pages which may host playlists of their own or other members. Users can friend each other, send direct messages as well as catch up on music news directly on the website.


0 is a web-based radio. It is a community-based music website that enable you to share your music and search for your favorite music. This recommends an audio-scrubber system that you have to make your profile on the basis of your music interests. Plug-ins are added in your media player and also music you listen the most automatically adds up in your user profile. The best thing about this giant internet radio and also songs streaming website is that it provides the users with different social media features. There is a totally built-in wiki system in which are analogous to Wikipedia that enables the new registered users to collaborate on hyperlinked details about songs, releases, albums, artists, bands, labels, tags, and much more information regarding a track. Although most of the aspects of are free but the free users need to face the issues of advertising, low priority, as well as other formalities. However, the paid users are free from all of these restrictions and they’re granted special access to the environment of

More About Itunes

iTunes is one of the most famous media player and a platform where people can listen to latest music which is also authentic. Available at There are many other features of the website too which make it one of the most used platforms in the world. It can act as a media library where people can keep all their music and arrange it in an orderly manner to listen at a later time. They can also use it to listen to the latest radio channels available online and stay updated with their favorite shows. It can also act as your cell phone manager where your music lists are sorted out accordingly. The main aim of this platform is to have an option of playing, saving, downloading and organizing your music list. There are multiple ways this can be accessed. You can use the web version, you can download the software to your phone or use the app available for different versions and can even have it on your laptops. The main problem is that people who have Apple-related products are the ones who can access the full features. People can play the latest music here since most of the famous singers upload their music here to sell. The user has to buy individual songs or full albums of their favorite singers or the latest songs which are trending. In this way, they are able to not only benefit the person who sings the song but can also have unlimited access to the stuff which only a few individuals get on time. The platform was released in 2001 and in the past 15 years, more than 12 versions of it have been brought to the market with the aim of improving every year. There are many other options here too which people can use to make sure they have the best platform to listen to music and arrange it so that they do not miss out on their favorite songs.

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