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JustCloud.com makes the purpose of its platform visible just by reading the name and is a place where people get some cloud storage based on the selection and then utilize the tool. Just Cloud has fast and secure options which are otherwise not present for free users… read more
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19 Sites Like Justcloud.com



FileMail.com is another website where people just have the simple option of entering the file and then uploading using various features, moving towards the other things it then gives a sharing link for others to complete the downloading.


FileCrop.com is one of the newest and perhaps the most controversial option for people to upload content, as it contains several files that are not allowed in other places such as copyrighted content and programs not available for free.


SendSpace.com becomes a space where people upload bigger sized files, then add various options, upload the content and then share it with others on different platforms with the help of a link or token.


HighTail.com is a new software program introduced recently that not only manages your files on the web but also gives several options that help with the management and sharing of records especially for people who work as a community.


JumpShare.com is one of the best tools that people have when it comes to sharing virtual content between themselves and some of the other documents and files which move from place to place within seconds.


DropCanvas.com may seem like a tool that does not have any options present when you open the website, but that is false, it has the same option just like many other places when a person needs to upload content or even share it online on various platforms.


TinyUpload.com complements the name entirely when it comes to the options that are present within the interface as it has the primary tool of uploading the document and sharing it with others with the help of a link and sharing facility.


Bitrix24.com is a new entrant in the market when it comes to programs that give people cloud storage especially the ones who are working on the organization and needs company based tools to work efficiently.


FilesAnywhere.com has simple options for people just like the small name of the website itself and therefore becomes an excellent choice for individuals who want to work with limited and exact options.


FileDropper.com may not come as one of the best places where you get all the tools, and latest additions present but do the essential work. Just as the website suggests, FileDropper is a simple and fastest way of sharing a file with others without depending on the various features that are part of many other places.


TeamDrive.com is one of the newest additions to the world of cloud storage and provides several options to individuals who want it. The purpose of this platform, therefore, becomes apparent just by reading the name and acts as a place where you create a team that works on the project and then keeps track of everything within the application.


PCloud.com started as a place where people ended up sharing their images and keeping them safe online but now has become a cloud storage space for everyone who needs to keep or share something online.


TurboBit.net is a fast and new tool that allows people to keep the files online storage or unlimited time or even send it to other for access. The best thing about Turbo Bit Net is that it does not complicate things and show several useless options but just does the work required by a person.


WikiSend.com is a simple option for people who want a place to share content with others or even keep it safe online. WikiSend does not come with many options that are part of other locations but gives you the chance of sending bigger files to people on their email address instead of having to download a separate program for the same purpose.


SeaFile.com is a file hosting platform for top organizations that need more than just a place to upload files and then access. SeaFile has better reliability and performance than most tools present currently and gives you a personal server to keep files meaning a person or organization do not worry about losing data.


Flight is the software that comes with the Canto.com platform and has several collaborating and sharing tools for people who need an interface to keep everything safe on the device.


CommVault.com is a program that focuses on workers who are part of an organization and need a quick transfer of information from one place to another. Comm Vault provides the option of sharing everything from various platforms and sites that do not always depend on a computer.


Huddle.com is another platform that gives people the option of uploading content at one place and then accessing the options on various other platforms without having to stay online in multiple areas.


Hubic.com is the parent website of Hubic, which is a file sharing and online storage platform recently introduced. The reason it has made a name for itself in the current environment is that most of the famous places have already had their audience while some of the main competitors in the past have shut down, this providing new website to engage the public.

More About Justcloud.com

JustCloud.com makes the purpose of its platform visible just by reading the name and is a place where people get some cloud storage based on the selection and then utilize the tool. Just Cloud has fast and secure options which are otherwise not present for free users. The backing up process is fast, and if a person selects the option, it just keeps the data saved in the background without giving you the trouble of manually managing everything. The layout of Just Cloud is perfect, with the main points listed on the top, giving people an idea in just a few seconds, the points then get explained further down the line and come with security and accessibility. It takes the storage space from Google which gives it more safety and trust of people. The free account is of 1GB of space while people get to increase the area if they are willing to pay the amount and can reach even 1TB for private content management. Overall, the site is perfect for standard and professional users.