Klickaud.com claims to be the official downloader of SoundCloud audios. The site not only provides the facility of downloading the SoundCloud audios but also convert those to the mp3 for the users. The users can now convert and download at the same time via this particular website… read more

Sites Like Klickaud.com

#1 Peggo.tv


Peggo.tv is an online platform that enables its users to convert the YouTube and SoundCloud videos and audios into mp3 and download it. Peggo.tv is not specifically an mp3 conversion site, as it provides various other features too like online video and audio streaming. The users just have to paste the links of YouTube videos and SoundCloud audios in the bar given in the middle and this site will convert that video or audio into mp3 and also provide the facility of downloading. The site is too simple that every kind of user can easily use this site for mp3 conversion. The users just have to sign up by simply registering them for free and can start converting.

#2 9soundclouddownloader.com


Now the users can download all the SoundCloud audios without any hustle and that too on the go. The site is a dedicated SoundCloud audio downloading and converting site that enables its users to download all the SoundCloud audios. The users not only can download the audios from the SoundCloud but can also convert them into mp3 or any other format. The site is ranked among the top sites for downloading the audios from the SoundCloud. The users just have to paste their audio link from the SoundCloud website into the bar given and the site will extract the audio for them and will further provide the link for downloading.

#3 Cloudconvert.com


Cloudconvert.com is yet another blistering and astounding website for instantly converting the audios into user’s desired format. Most of the users all around the globe prefer to have mp3 format audios, this site lets the users to convert the audios into mp3 format but also enable them to convert audios and videos into more than 218 formats. These 218 different formats are for both audio and video files. The modern technique of complete folder converting and batch converting makes this site one of the best and most efficient site when it comes to file format conversion. As the name of the site states the site possess the stupendous ability of cloud conversion with its powerful cloud API.

#4 Scdownloader.net


Scdownloader.net is a simple and effective SoundCloud music audios converting and downloading site that enable the users from all around the world to download and convert the audios in all the format. Downloading and converting SoundCloud musical audios were never that easy before. The best thing about the site is its simple and user-friendly graphical user interface. The users just have to copy the link of the SoundCloud audio and have to paste in the text box provided by this particular site. The site will automatically convert and download that audio for the user. No need for any sort of registration or sing up, everything is efficient and quick.

#5 Soundcloudmp3.org


Soundcloudmp3.org is yet another useful and famous SoundCloud audios converting and downloading site that enables users from all around the world to convert and download SoundCloud audios on the go. The site is dedicated for downloading and converting SoundCloud audios. The functionality of this particular site is quite simple and effective. The users simply have to past the link of their desired SoundCloud audio in the text box provided by the site, the rest is done by the site itself. It possesses the ability to convert and download the audios at the same time.

#6 Theyoump3.com


Theyoump3.com is the dedicated audio and video converting site that enable its users to convert and download both audios and videos. The site is best for the users looking for the YouTube audios and videos to be converted and downloaded. The users have to copy the link of their favorite YouTube video and have to paste in the space provided under the navigation bar of the site. Then they have to choose the format in which they want their video or audio to be converted. The converted versions of both audios and videos can also be downloaded for free.

#7 Pointmp3.com


Pointmp3.com is yet another popular and most widely preferred video converting and downloading site. The site is already quite famous and is used by thousands of users all around the world for downloading and converting videos, and the numbers are increasing with the passage of time. Poinmp3.com was specifically introduced for converting YouTube videos into mp3 format and it provides the ability to download them at the same time. The site works with its extension attached to the user’s browser. Whenever the user watches any YouTube video, the extension let them convert the video into mp3 and download at the same time.

#8 Y2mate.com


Y2mate.com is the ultimate platform for those who are seeking a solid tool for downloading and converting YouTube videos and audios collectively. Y2mate.com let its users convert all YouTube audios and videos on the go and that too in various different formats. The best part is that the users can listen to the audios and watch the videos while their conversion in real time. The site has a strong cloud-based API system and modern tools, which enables the conversion and downloading of both audios and videos at once. The site has a very simple and interactive interface without any restrictions of registration and other formalities.

#9 Qdownloader.net


Qdownloader.net is the ultimate site that provides stupendous and marvelous facility to its users of downloading videos from more than 800 different websites and platforms. The users just have to paste the link of the video from any of the social media or other video streaming site, this particular site will itself extract and download the video for the users. The best and unique selling point of this specific site which gives it an edge over other similar functionality sites is its immense support for various formats. Usually, other sites only provide the facility of downloading and converting videos from YouTube only, whereas this very site lets its users download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and variety of other social media platform and videos streaming sites.

#10 H2converter.com


By simply using the H2 extension in the YouTube address of any particular YouTube video, the users can not only convert that particular video in a variety of formats but can also download it. The site is specified for converting YouTube videos and audios. The users although can convert their own files too via giving the path to the sites. H2converter.com does support conversion and downloading for audios and videos from a variety of different platforms, social media sites, and video streaming sites. The default conversion scenario of the site, convert videos to mp4 format and audios into mp3 format.

#11 Listenvid.com


Listenvid.com is yet another rapidly growing video downloading and converting site. The best thing about this site which is giving it that much boost in the market is its immense user support and multiple platform support. Other famous sites mostly just provide downloading and conversion facility for YouTube videos, whereas this site lets its users download and convert videos from Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion, VK.com, Vimeo, met cafe, Instagram etc. Another thing that is favoring the site to make its place in the market is its simple, interactive and easy to use graphical user interface, which enables every sort of user to use this specific website for downloading and converting videos.

More About Klickaud.com

Klickaud.com claims to be the official downloader of SoundCloud audios. The site not only provides the facility of downloading the SoundCloud audios but also convert those to the mp3 for the users. The users can now convert and download at the same time via this particular website. There is no signup or registration required for the user. The users just have to paste the URL in the converting section and then wait for the particular audio to load. After that by simply clicking on the download button next to the only text box that audio is downloaded. Before downloading the users can convert the audio to mp3 or any of the other desired format.

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