is a privately held platform that offers its users a user-generated learning source for learning different languages. This website uses flashcards as memory aids. The main specialty of this website is that it offers you the chance of learning different languages… read more

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0 is an online language learning site where you can different languages from all over the world. The fact that makes this language learning site unique from others is the feature that learners and teachers can connect to the language learning process. This site gives a chance for learners to find themselves a tutor. This site offers people the opportunity to earn as a tutor on freelancing basis. The website aims to provide a teacher marketplace where teachers can earn more than a regular job by providing their services to the language learners.


0 is a language learning source for people from every country in the world. There are more than 30 languages that a learner can learn whether the individual is school going kid or an office worker, it’s for everyone. The main goal of this site is to encourage the concept of language learning from the perspective of education for individuals. Individuals are independently evaluated by the language instructors. There are proper language learning tests conducted to ensure the right learning.


0 is an enhanced and empirical way of learning different languages for individuals from every corner of the world. There is a whole panel of language experts available at your service 24/7 so that don’t face any issues. The site offers the learning of 14 different languages. this site offers different courses even in your native language so that you can understand them easily. For the easy learning, examples and different statements are present in the audio form by the real native speakers of the 14 languages.


0 is an online language learning source for people without getting bored. The community of this site consists of enthusiastic learners and capable tutors for the whole language learning process. Learners can choose audios and manuscripts from the extensive language web library on the site. The vocabulary tools help you to correct your phrases while learning a certain language. There are personal tutors available for free help 24/7 for your correction. You can now learn various languages anywhere by downloading the app.


0, unlike every other online language learning site, is not an ordinary type as this site is not only a language learning, social site but a newly developed technology-based site for learners. This site is based on artificial intelligence which gives every user the benefit of personalizing the course type of learning a language so that as a learner you don’t face any issues. This language learning site, serves as a tailor-made teacher for your learning a language. You can learn languages according to own time preference.


0 introduces a new way to learn different languages like being socially active. In the community of, as a learner you will meet many people from more than 180 countries and can learn more than 110 different languages. On this site you can meet people with your common interest for a language for getting better help. You can also chat and make a video call with tutors and friends from your browser directly. For learning a language anywhere, you can now download app for your Android and iOS.


0 is an open source for language learning for everyone from around the globe. This language learning source includes its own app and a proficiency assessment test for different languages. The main goal of this website is to give every individual to learn different languages from an online source for free. This site offers 68 languages across 23 languages. Along with that, it also offers 22 additional courses of development. There are total 200 million users registered on this website.


0 is an online way of learning different languages. This site offers you a great chance of learning different languages by using Skype as a medium of communicating with the students and the teacher. As a native speaker of a language, you can help out others to learn by not only through assessments but by also having a conversation. As for Skype, you can use the video feature as well in the learning process. The catch about this site for most learners is that it is for free and only requires registration.



The site is here to help you out in learning different languages from all over the world without facing any issues. As a learner, you can learn more than 1400 hundred new words. This website has an amazing feature of audio and visual learning for the learning of foreign languages. Apart from learning languages, you can also add something useful to your memory like proverbs and more than 350 verbs from every different language. is considered as the most extensive and dedicated website for language learning.


0 that has now the same name but was previously known as is one of the biggest sources for people to learn a range of skills from photography to engineering and a lot more. Since its rebranding a couple of years ago, UDemy has emerged as one of the best places for students to make use of the courses present. The best thing about the site is the number of activities available with more than 55,000 that ensures everyone who has the urge of improving their skills can benefit here. Another thing to note is that outlook, the website is top class, with the search option showing on the homepage so that the user can quickly enter the course they want to learn and then benefit from the material on U Demy. It also encourages people to become part of the community to create material for students and in this way helping at a bigger level. All in all, an excellent website if someone is interested anytime from anywhere.

More About is a privately held platform that offers its users a user-generated learning source for learning different languages. This website uses flashcards as memory aids. The main specialty of this website is that it offers you the chance of learning different languages. This website offers more than 150 languages across 25 languages in its learning courses. This app is widely popular as it has more than 20 million users from all over the world.

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