Merriam-Webster is one of the most popular American Company that publish reference book including dictionaries. This company was found in 1831 by George and Charles Merriam-Webster in the United States. However, the free online access to the dictionary and thesaurus was done in 1996… read more

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It is one of the best automatic platforms for citing and bibliography formatting that is being used by thousands of users. It is considered to be one of the most intuitive information literacy website that does not only help in providing citation but also helps in note taking. This service was put forth by Imagine Easy Solution Company that is helping the people in their academic lives. Easy Bib provides its users with a number of research tools that help them in their academic life. It helps its user by providing easy to use interface as well as simple features that are understood easily. The results you obtain from this website are not only fast but also accurate as well as comprehensive. It is helpful for teachers in teaching their students and also helpful for the student by making their researches effective as well organized. The services provided by EasyBib include MLA, Chicago and APA citation styles. You are going to get the latest 7th edition of MLA, 6th edition of APA, 16th edition of Chicago and 7th edition of Turabian citation. There are some other citation styles as well like CSL i.e. Citation Styles Language. On their website, you can choose any of the citation cites and choose from the options like the website, book, journal etc. followed by clicking on Cite it and you are given your citation in no time. You are also provided with research tools that are helpful in researches.



It is one of the most commonly used bibliographic citation generator that helps in the citation or reference generation. It is more popular citation generator in the United States. It was launched in 2000 and since then it has been providing its services to the students, teachers, researchers or any other people who need its services. There are many citation styles available for you over the website that includes APA, MLA, Chicago and thousands of others that can be used in your bibliography, research work and many other tasks. This generates the citations automatically for you, and the working of this website is quiet easy. First of all, you have to choose you citation style form the options given, after that you have to search for your form selection search results then this tool edit the information provided by you and create the best citation for you. It works fast and accurately. Citation machine is helpful for everyone either they are students or professional researchers. The usage of this website is simple; you just have to select the source you want the citation from and if it is a website, you can directly paste the link in the box and get your citation generated in a very short time. If it is a book, journal, newspaper or any other thing, you have to provide the required information to get your automatically created citation.



It is one of the citation generators that help in the generation of fully automatic bibliography for its users. The platform was launched in 2007 by the students of Carnegie Mellon University. It is one of the easiest tools to use, and you can generate citation free of cost with the help of BibMe. There are many citation styles that you can choose like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and many more. It is auto filler that helps many students, teachers and professional researchers in citation generation. For using the website, the first step is the selection of the style you want and also select the source like book, article, film, newspaper, journal etc. You can also enter the information by yourself. Add it to your bibliography and keep generating citations that will be automatically added to your work list. After making the whole list according to your citation style, you can download you own created bibliography. Citation has been made easy and simple with the help of this website, and you can easily add the ideas of other research done by other people with their names and due credit given to them. With the help of Bibme, you can also add annotations to your citations y clicking on Add Annotation. Before doing that, you should check the accuracy of your sources. On the top tool bar present on the website, you can also find additional options like citation guide, plagiarism checker etc.



Noodle Tools is one of the best platforms that have been used for citation generation. The website was developed by a California-based company, Noodle Tools, Inc. initially it was launched in 1999 but officially it was started in 2002. After that, it emerged as one of the leading academic research platforms that made a different in the field of research. It is considered to be a smart tool for smart researchers that support the educators and help in teaching a systemic research along with the processing of literacy. Since its development, it has been inspiring a lot of students in their research work and other related tasks. Noodle Tools is recognized as the most comprehensive tool that does not only help in the citation but also provides its services in note taking, document archiving and outlining. The student and researchers can also avail the collaborative writing and research with the help of Noodle Tools. It also provides expert personal support to its users and is greatly appreciated all over the world for its service. With the help of Noodle tools you can also get expert help and exceptional customer support to the professional researchers and students. It is also an award winning tool with which you can also get subscribed. It generates more than 3 million citations every month even with their free version. You can easily sign in by creating your personal ID so that your work gets stored over the website and can be used later on.



WorksCited4U is one of the platforms that help you in citation generation. This is your bibliography generator that is available for you free of cost. It was created by a team of four under graduate student recently and is under use by many students and professional researchers in their thesis and researches. The working of this website is simple and easy. First of all, you have to select your format of citation that can be MLA, APA, Harvard and much more. After that, you get to select the source from the options given n the box. Followed by that you can choose manual entry mode or auto-citation mode and get you work cited. You can sign up on this website by any of your social media account as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc. Also, you are provided with the citation guide over the website that will assist you in formatting the work. However it provides the automatic generation, but you can also learn manual citation generation with the help of WorksCited4U guidelines. This website can also be used by certain Educators, administrators and librarian in schools and colleges as well. This platform is helping many students and professional researchers in their research work. Users can also form the annotated bibliography with the help of annotation tools. It is considered to be a convenient and easily accessible platform that provides you exclusive services as bibliography generator.


0 is a complete organization that has been working for a long time for the student and researchers of America mainly and is recognized all over the world for their services in teaching. It was created in 1883 and since then it has been strengthening the study and teaching of several different language as well as literature. It is indeed one of the finest programs for publishing. There are a number of experienced scholars and teachers that form the team of You can easily get signed up with the website and get you citations generated in the latest 8th edition of MLA. It is one of the styles to document your sources in different types of scholarly writing and has been adopted widely all over the world for publishing and academic presses as well as for sharing the teaching experiences in academic work. If you become a new member, you are welcomed by the team of, who provide you strong support. It is present mainly in English language but also, there are some foreign language teachers. It provides MLA International Bibliography which is one of the best online bibliographies. There are around 25000 members that are distributed in more than 100 countries all over the world. Also, there are more than 140 forums on which free discussions are done by members interested.



APA style .org is one of the most helpful citation generators that help in adopting APA format in your academic papers, research and bibliography. It is considered to be a new platform that helps in learning, research, writing and publishing as well. This website was designed by American Psychological Association. It provides you complete and detailed guidance for citation in their Publication Manual after which you will be able to write concisely in a simple and powerful way. This is followed and adopted by the writers and researchers all around the world. Besides the other services, you are also provided with guidance and free tutorials that help you to improve your citation skills. You can also ask a question to their team members that help you in every possible way to master in APA Style and learn scholarly publishing. You can get connected with this platform through social media networks that can help you to stay updated about their new blogs and posts. The website is easily accessible to wide range of audience all around the world. It has also included much more multimedia application like video and audio descriptions. Also, you are allowed to change the font size, font colors and screen colors as well.



It is one of the most trusted websites that help its users in their academic work and a research paper. There are more than 15000 institutions that are using this website service and more than 30 million students are availing the service provided by this platform. Turnitin is providing an exceptional experience in writing and research to the people across 140 countries all over the world since 1998. Not only the citation generation, but it also helps in plagiarism or similarity checking and rubric grading tools that help in the evaluation of the work of the student. Also with the help of their feedback studios, you can provide online feedback. There is also the tool known as the scoring engine that helps in automated assessment of writing using a scale. This service is specifically designed for the teachers to score their students at a faster rate and also in an accurate manner depending upon their institutional goals. Also, you can check and measure the progress of students. With the help of Revision Assistant, that provides a revision rate of more than 94 percent. This service helps you in great writing and to become a better writer. Also, the student can get their work assessed in a very short time. You can also get connected with the website by creating your account. There is also the option of translation in several other languages besides English so that the students, teachers and researches are facilitated all over the world. The team of Turnitin is passionate and focused to help their students in learning.



It is one of the tools to use in the modern digital age where you can get recommendations on editorial styling as well as on publishing practices. It is easy to use tool and search can be done easily. It has recently launched its 16th edition and students consider it as a must-have reference for Chicago formatting. This online tool is considered to be entertaining as well as informative to solve your queries. It is considered to be the best online reference. You can get yourself subscribed to it and there are three annual subscriptions including individual, institutional or group. It does not only help you in generating references but also enables to validate the documents and other papers. There are many features of this online manual for adding notes, creating style sheets according to the personalized style guide, and also you can bookmark your favorite page or even paragraph. There is an online forum as well where you can exchange your ideas and share or receive information from others. To get help in the citation, you can also use their citation guide that is widely used by students, writers and many professional researchers. Regarding tools, there are many helpful tools to facilitate the users in preparing manuscripts and knowing the procedures and content. There are books and journals guidance for manuscript preparation as well using providing complete instructions to the users.



It is one of the powerful tools that are used for research that helps it users to gather and organize sources properly. It is easy to use tool that also allows the analysis of source to check their credibility. You can also share your research results with Zotero. Besides, it also helps in collecting and citing your work. It works automatically and allows the users to add the related work in their library. The source can be a newspaper, journal, films, book or any other thing. It is a storage house for your collected work and data in a single interface which is easy to search when needed. Not only texts, but you can also add images, audio files, video files, PDFs as well as snapshots in your storage. Everything in your library is indexed and organized properly. It has a powerful community behind it that has put many efforts behind the success of Zotero. This website is an open source tool that is free of cost and easily accessible. It has retained the best features of old reference manager software and combined these with the modern applications and software to provide best services to the students and researchers. It also generates interaction with certain online sources and sense automatically when you are viewing a book, journal etc. that is then saved in it as a complete bibliographic reference to help you in future.

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Merriam-Webster is one of the most popular American Company that publish reference book including dictionaries. This company was found in 1831 by George and Charles Merriam-Webster in the United States. However, the free online access to the dictionary and thesaurus was done in 1996. There are several dictionaries published by Merriam-Webster including the dictionaries of English, synonym, geography, biography etc. Also, you can get help from many of their non dictionary publications like Manuals for writers and editors and many more. Such manuals help many students and researchers all over the world in their academic work. To engage the students, there are many word games present on their websites. Entries are created by Merriam when it finds the uses of a specific word and record it in citation database. The editors spend a few hours in searching newspapers and books along with other less formal sources like ads to know the importance of a single word and to get it saved in their citation file. There are more than 17 million entries that have been documented on an individual basis. The citation files are saved using electronic media since 2009. If you get subscribed, you can lean a new word every day that is delivered to your inbox of the mailing address you provided that help in learning. Also, you can ask any queries and questions to the editors that help you in every possible way.

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