Mininova is a website providing BitTorrent downloads. Mininova is a largest website offering torrents of well-known material, Mininova is a popular BitTorrent website provides a brand new bookmarking function that makes it easy to start up a Bit-torrent download in your computer from anywhere… read more

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Torrentking is a torrent search website. Torrentking is able to manage as well as save several searches so you don’t lose your search progress. It instantly refreshes search results on a schedule, that you simply able to edit. Torrentking may also manage automatic consecutive downloads perfect for weekly TV shows. Torrentking allows you to download your most desired songs, video clips, Television shows, applications or softwares, and many more. In short, you can search, manage, and download bit-torrent data files right from your desktop. Torrentking several unique options which make it greater than the average torrent website and other desktop search apps. Before you start Torrentking the first time, you will observe the quick start video. You want to watch it. It’ll tell you about each of the fundamental features and find you started off proper.



The Pirate Bay is an online list of digital content of largely entertainment media. is to deliver user-friendly system that can make search of torrents easier and much structured. Thepiratebay website enables its users to get for Magnet links. Many are helpful to refer resources available for download through peer to peer networking websites. When opened inside a Bit-torrent client, start downloading the unique file. does not allow downloading or the playback of personal files. The pirate bay website is a great for use in partnership with uTorrent or BitTorrent. is a very quickly and also good way to find files on the biggest torrent website in the world. By using this application installed, when a torrent is accessible, you’ll be able to find it and also download it. characterizes a search function which helps users to determine which is to be seen in broad categories like Audio tracks, Video, as well as Games, along with sub-categories like Audio books, and many others torrent files.



Treetorrent is a large torrent website with meta-search for torrent. This website presently listing the most popular torrent sites such as Thepiratebay, BitTorrent, Torrentz, IsoHunt and Kikasstorrent (KAT). Treetorrent website allows its user to search and downloads the torrent files. The website includes the Movies, Audio, Video Games, Television Shows, Cartoons and many other torrent files. Treetorrent have a large database and find out the all types of torrent. Treetorrent find the file results from several other hosting websites and present in one merged list. Treetorrent website is an incredible for use in partnership with uTorrent. Treetorrent is definitely a speedily and also easy way to find files on the biggest torrent website in the world. By using this application installed, when a torrent is available, you are able to find it and also download it.



Service was suspended by Authrities but it is back online with name. KAT sometimes abbreviated (Kickass Torrents) is a website that delivers torrent files as well as magnetic hyperlinks to guide peer-to-peer file sharing using the Bit-torrent process. KAT is a most useful torrent website. KAT isn’t a tracker and hosts no content material, KAT offer simply use of already available torrents in a similar technique Google and alternative search engines do. The most significant reason for using KAT is to deliver users with a user-friendly system that can make search of torrents simpler and much organized. The function of KAT is simple to view all new submissions to the website, but if you decide to download anything, you need to be sure you use a Torrent client installed on your computer. Simply, you will simply be capable of enjoy each of the features of the website if you already have the PC/Desktop kind of BitTorrent, Utorrent, or a related software.



Torrentz is discontinued. The best BitTorrent met search website is longer active. This unique website gives a good processed search system. Torrentz consists of two simple blocks: a user menus and a search panel. Users aren’t needed to sign-up before searching the files. The search field is autocomplete-enabled, providing guidelines according to popular searches that match the presently typed keywords. You are free to figure your search query Torrentz provides a great variety of techniques. All files discovered by using Torrentz, Torrentz are part of the Bit-torrent file sharing technology, a great protocol helpful to deliver good files to a large amounts of users regardless of the place they happen to be. Torrentz is a quick and simple option to finding torrent files on the web, torrentz is a greatest torrent platform in the world. You may easily downloads the torrent just as Audio tracks, Video Games, Movies, Audio book, and many others files.



BitSnoop is a torrent website. This website is designed to create bad, duplicate and also missing torrents something of earlier times with increased listing and mixing of torrents. This kind of torrents platform is generated by Tracker Match. It collects a lot of the trackers related your search results and also uses the ones with more quantity of seeds. This also filters out copied torrents for quicker download connections. The website seems like that of Google’s in so far as the employment of minimalism. The search outcomes are incredibly simple yet completely organized free from advertisements except for a banner ad at the end of the screen. This is a easy, fast and as well good way to find files on the biggest torrent website in the world. By using this application installed, when a torrent is available, you’ll be able to find it and also download it.



isoHunt was a torrent website for file index and file repository. The website function for its users to browse, search, download or upload torrents of different digital content mostly of the entertainment style. IsoHunt allows its users to feel free to search and download torrents. isoHunt offers almost Two million torrents and also a large users list. And also being able to search torrents and type them by age, quantity of peers, as well as other common search elements. Isohunt has a selection of all the other elements which includes age, range of user comments, plus much more. Sorting by isoHunt Rank allows you to see which torrents are the best overall rather than just best in some subcategory like quantity of seeders or age.



BTDigg is a torrent website that offers a BitTorrent file sharing protocol. BTDigg is a file with meta-data that describes distributed content. BTDigg is not a tracker and doesn’t store any type of content and just collects torrent metadata (such as file names and also file sizes) and a magnet link (bit-torrent identifier). This means BTDigg is a totally legal system. Along with legality, BTDigg provides two important properties: unicity and also decentralization. Unicity shows that BTDigg is the very first system of its type and there is nothing analogues yet. Decentralization of BTDigg provides the opportunity to search in the whole torrent space in and out of trackers (except private trackers). BTDigg’s database is created by DHT users. BTDigg participates in the DHT network and also follows the DHT protocol specification.



Torrentreactor is a popular and most trusted resource for torrents. It is easy to find and also download everything you wish in five minutes – a number of copied torrents online now. The key objective of Torrentreactor is to find and also directory all the good torrents from other websites Torrentreactor is trying to be a trusted listing along with a news source for all the torrent gurus out there. This torrent website have no files are actually hosted on this server, they are offered from peers of the BitTorrent network. Torrentreactor is allows you to download your favorite music, video clips, Television shows, applications and software’s, and a lot more. In short, you can search, manage, and also download bittorrent data files right from your desktop computer.



Limetorrents is a approved torrents download Movies, Video Games, Music, Cartoons, Television Shows, Software, bittorrent downloading completely free of charge. Limetorrents is easy to get and download anything you like to download as well as allows you to download your favorite music, video clips, TV shows, Softwares, and many more. In short, you can search, control, and also download bittorrent data files from your desktop. Limetorrents a large amount of copied torrents online. The main function of Limetorrents is to find and also listing all of the great torrents from other websites. Limetorrents functioning to be a trusted directory as well as a news source for all the torrent. The website interface is easy and user-friendly, simple to understand and find the reliable torrents. You will get verified file that are trusted by downloaders and are virus and also malware free.


0 is the popular bit-torrent website is made to deliver an database and search engine for every type of torrent files. have a lager information of the torrent files. The website guests of this platform may upload torrents to this website, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker, the great file submitting technology recently launched sync the tool for synchronization of data found in various files along several devices. The achievements story of this great tool is pointed out by the simple fact that users already have used it to sync a large petabyte of data. is the biggest bit-torrent platform aims to offer an easy-to-use index and search engine for all sorts of torrent files. Visitors of this website are permitted to upload torrents to this website, followed by any BitTorrent tracker.



Demonoid is a private BitTorrent tracker for peer-to-peer distribution of files. The page has a publicly available search tool, although membership is required to download torrents. Membership sometimes requires invitations, and other times everyone can participate. Those who are members of the site can send invitations to others. This service has been taken down many times but emerged live again. is newest of its domain names to be live and working. This is not a public site for public audience, Demonoid is private forum for it members.


0 is the newer version of the world’s most famous website for downloading torrent that was closed recently. Kickass Torrents To has tried to maintain the level and most of the features of the previous internet site, but the main concern is the content and the availability. If the user wants to get the latest release and other information, then they can sign up on the site and make use of the notifications otherwise they just find the torrent, click on the link and then download it on their devices without any fuss. Another good thing about KickassTorrents is that people can easy upload anything they want and then convert the file into torrent, this also helps when it comes to downloading it. The best thing about this platform is that the torrent present here have top seeds and leeches that provides for a safe downloading experience. The search option stays on the top and comes with many other options such as finding the categories. Overall, Kickass Torrents mirrors its past more than future.


0 initially began out as a small Bulgarian tracker but has won the hearts of people who are intense movie fans and need an limitless content run of the modern-day flicks.This torrent web site is for P2P fans. It is filled with high-quality, high-resolution torrents. It is about quality here, no longer quantity. No matter what categories of these films belong to, RARBG will have the whole lot appropriate for users. Other than films, finding tv shows are also going to be a totally not unusual experience, which is why it has located its area as one of the top torrent websites in the world. According to a Alexa stats, RARBG managed top ranking of 5, in last 12 months, even though there are some countries that banned the site. Yet again, we shall reiterate that you should not use Alexa as an accurate tool of ranking, but the fact that this internet site even ended up being on the top ten listing.

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Toorgle is one of the leading torrent search engines currently in use. This site provides torrent search using 450+ torrents websites in its databse at the same time. You can also search any torrent by searching it on this search engine. When you search any torrent file, Toorgle then fetches the websites where the file is available. However, Toorgle doesn’t host torrent files, it just brings you the torrent site from where you can download or get the magnet link of the torrent. For users who are looking for torrent alternatives, we have complied a list of torrent websites.

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Mininova is a website providing BitTorrent downloads. Mininova is a largest website offering torrents of well-known material, Mininova is a popular BitTorrent website provides a brand new bookmarking function that makes it easy to start up a Bit-torrent download in your computer from anywhere. The fresh new feature creating a private RSS feed of all of your bookmarks. Considering that popular BitTorrent clients support following in order to an RSS feed of torrents, which means that any time you bookmark a torrent, your BitTorrent client will quickly start downloading it. All you have to do is sign up for your customized feed and get bookmarking. This is a very good element, but if you’d select much more control of your BitTorrent downloads when you’re away from your computer, check out the way to remote control uTorrent or Transmission on the internet.

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