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0 may seem a strange choice for this category, but the fact is that since so much content is shared on the site, the humor part also has a significant presence because of which it becomes apt to add it to the list. People here share the stuff at fast speeds, in a simple manner and users do not even need to create an account to get the exclusive content. The main drawback here is that the website is not that great to look but shows the latest content that is present which makes it easier for people to access and open. Reddit does not contain many videos or images on the top and therefore based on the text. The top side shows the content arranged in categories such as new, rising, high, controversial, promoted and gilded and also has the option of seeing funny stuff, pics, videos, news, gaming, gifs, movies, jokes, television and a lot of other things. Call it a magazine that is different from other online platforms.



Popurls is one of the best websites that has come up to the expectation of people by covering all the current events going on all around the world. This is rather a challenging task but still Popurls has attempted to accomplish this task successfully. The time of newspaper is growing old and the online newspapers have taken their place. It was launched in 2006 and is considered to be a great platform for Popurls is considered to be the best new aggregators that functions well on your mobiles, laptop as well as desktop. Keeping a check over the latest headlines is not a problem now. It is one of the fast and easy to use website that ensures to keep you updated about each and every thing going on in the world that is one click away from you. It is one of the most visited website to gather the news and is said the mother of news. There is a research box in which you can type any world or article to get the related news. You are also given the option to customize the URLs according to any of the options given. Besides reading and keeping yourself updated you can also become a part of Popurls by creating your account and logging in. This lets you custom your website keeping it in accordance to your likes, dislike etc. with the help of this feature, you can keep those news on top in which you are interested in and hide those sources in which you are not interested. You can also download it on your mobile phones and enjoy being updated.



Digg is usually a news aggregator using a curated front page, planning to select stories especially for the Internet audience just like science, trending political issues, and also viral Internet issues. Digg provides the most discussed stories from around the web in one place. You may also see video clips and picture that are obtaining most views online. Receive the breaking news on your preferred category such as politics and also technology. Digg captures a snapshot from all of the Web’s most popular streams. Then it provides a smart, beautiful, editorially coherent digest of what’s well-known online. Other websites have attempted this, but the new Digg is the first place which does it well.


0 is the solution of the search engines when it comes to finding the best answer to any question. This domain is specified for the question and answer system. By joining the knowledge sharing portal of you can also take part in the questioning and answering activities going on the all the time. Whatever you have in mind, will always deliver you the most reliable one answer. Just like other online knowledge exchanging platforms, is also a community-based knowledge sharing center where its members assist each other by submitting their answers or point of views. There are two ways for asking the question from First, one is asking or search Quora bar of from where you can submit your question. In a case of not finding the exact solution or exact question already asked by the others, you can submit the fresh question as well. In the same manner, you can submit the answers to the questions asked by the others. You can make answers to both fresh questions and already asked question. is one of the best community-based knowledge sharing center from where you will always find the best and exact answers against your questions.


0 is one of the most famous platforms and the pioneer of sharing content from the web at one place. It works differently from any other platform and provides people with a button on their browsers which they use to share articles, images, posts, videos and other stuff on the main website. This StumbleUpon button does not stay vital if someone creates their account and then upload content they want others to see. Stumble Upon also acts as a premium place for people who want a social network that also helps them gain popularity. Just like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it allows you to share the content, then others read and share it with others, becoming a trending topic or something similar. The layout of this website is not the best which, for such as a prominent website is a disappointment. You need a social networking account or email address to create an account, and without it, no action gets taken even viewing content is not allowed.



Mashable (Mashable Inc.) is the best leading media company for the connected generation and also the express of digital tradition. Mashable is a best digital media website launched by Pete Cashmore in 2005. Mashable as one of the 25 best blogs in 2009, and it has been referred to as “one stop shop” for social media. Mashable consists of over 6,000,000 Twitter followers and also over 3,200,000 fans on Facebook. Mashable don’t share the personal information with companies, outside organizations and individuals. You can utilize Mashable via one of the many social networks as well as services by clicking the follow link, Just like Facebook link will help you to follow Mashable’s Facebook page and view content via your Facebook account. This is one of the better ways of using Mashable efficiently.



When you are the one interested in hacking the news, Hacker new is the best option for you. Hacker News was created in 2007 by Paul Graham having the initial name of Startup news. It is one of the websites that presents the social news mainly the news related to computer science and entrepreneurship. It works best for all the technology enthusiasts by providing them all the interesting and intriguing news. Another unique feature oh Hacker news is that it does not have any funny news or article present in it making it a website that is free of any nonsense. It has a strict focus on the delivery of news related to tech, Startups and hacking news as well. On the top toll bar present on website page, you are provided with a number of options like Hacking, Tech, Cyber Attacks, Vulnerabilities, Malware, Spying etc from which you can choose the one you are interested in. also you can search by typing any word in search box. You can subscribe to become a registered member so that they would send you news you are interested in right in your inbox. You can be a part of it through Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter where it has more than a million likes and followers. Being a subscriber, you do not need to worry about your security and postings on your behalf as it would not do anything like that. The community is welcoming to the new people and provides them the latest news in tech.



All the websites provide news and articles covering most of the topics all around the world. However some time the readers want certain news focused on a single category. Techmeme is one such platform that provides you news about technology. It is said to be a single page aggregator that collects, filters and summarize the news related to technology for the readers. His website was established in 2005 by a software engineer Gabe Rivera. It provides the new and latest happenings in the world of technology and allows the readers to generated conversation as well. A unique feature about Techmeme is that it uses algorithm that helps in the arranging the stories in order of importance. This ordering is dependent upon several factors lie the date of happening of the story and the number of links associated with the web page of the story. Techmeme added the search engine in 2008 and it incorporated a prospective search feature with the help of which users can subscribe to Techmeme and can also receive the notifications whenever news is related to their search pattern. The working of Techmeme is based on the updating of all the news websites and other blogs list that are top rated. If you are interested in knowing the evolution of the technology and industry, this is the best option for you that help you to track all the changes in tech, business, companies etc. They provide you a summary of all the foremost events going on and keep you updated.



Most of the websites that provide you news do not let you post over their website or publish anything. Digital Journal is one of those platforms that allow its users to publish their articles and stories on the website. It is considered to be a global digital media network that is working around 200 countries all around the world. Although the user base of Digital Journal is small but it provides you the collection of intriguing news and stories of what is going on all around the world. The unique empowerment it gives to its users is responsible for its popularity as the people like a platform where they are at freedom to share their personal stories and events related to their personal experiences. There are thousands of journalists working with Digital Journal. They are also popular for sharing a specific percentage of their website with their users and writers so this platform can also be used for making a good sum of money only by sharing news and events related to you or any other story that might intrigue the readers. There are millions of visitors on this website everyday as it provides a combination of news related to technology, social tools and data tools as well. It is considered among the top 20 promising companies present in Canada and is ranked as pioneer in social news that engages everyone.


0 is an American Web media company. This explains itself as the “social news and also entertainment company … redefining internet advertising using its social, content-driven posting technology … offers the majority of shareable breaking news, authentic reporting, entertainment and video. BuzzFeed was launched in 2006 in New York City as a popular lab, focusing on monitoring viral content. BuzzFeed generates daily content, in which the work of staff reporters, members, syndicated cartoon designers, and it is community are usually featured. Popular platforms on the website include lists, videos, and quizzes. BuzzFeed builds its marketing income via native advertising that matches its own editorial content, and doesn’t depend on banner ads. BuzzFeed also offers regional versions like Buzz Feed India.



This is one of the platforms that provide you with the most popular news and events going on in the world. You can easily browse through several and most prominent activities going on all around the world. This website has been introduced in 2014 and since then it has been working as an aggregator of the news related to media and also features the content posted by the users of the website. Initially it was just a hobby of a student Lund in Sweden but later it was expanded owing to the growing interest of the people in online community and developed a full fledge website. The aim of is to build such a website that comes up to the expectation of users; what they want to see and read on daily basis. They aim at the quality work rather than the quantity and bulk of work and gather information from a number of online sources in an efficient way. You can become a subscriber and can also help the team to find new sources of information posted without dealing with the issues of security. The community of is very friendly and welcoming towards their users and are always looking forward to the ways to improve their websites depending upon the feedback of their users.



This online platform was launched back in 2013. believes in the free-limit of reading books and documents. And following that, it provides you the best quality books online reading service so that you can spend your spare time with quality content. Along with the ebooks in PDF format, you can also download audiobooks, magazines, and daily based newspapers. Latest and old versions of eBooks are available on You can download and view ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, and papers for free and with subscription.



Business Insider is another American business, celebrity and also technology news website introduced in February 2009 and also based in New York City. The website provides and evaluates business news as well as acts as an aggregator of top media stories from around the web. The online newsroom presently employs a staff of 50, and also the site reported a profit the very first time ever in the 4th quarter of 2010. In June 2012 it had 5.4 million unique visitors all over the world. Business Insider hosts industry conferences including IGNITION, which explores the emerging business designs of digital media. In January 2015, Business Insider released BI Intelligence, a subscription-based analysis service that delivers information and analysis on the mobile, payments, online business, social and also digital media sectors. The website every year posts editorial franchises including the “Digital 100: The World’s Most Effective Private Tech Companies.


0 is a web-based platform where the users can discover, share and present content in the form of PowerPoint, PDF, Open Document, and Keynote. It was founded 4 October 2006 by Rashima Sinha. It is one of the best platforms for businesses to share slides among employee more simply. also supports documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. To make the service enjoyable, it allows its user to rate, comment and share the content on the other sites. It is one of the best platforms as compared to the other simple platform. It has more than 70 million unique visits each month and has up to 38 million register user around the world who can upload, share and discover billions of presentations. The content on the is consists of multiple categories such as Education, Technology, Art and Photo, Business, Designs, Career, Food, Internet, Health, Real Estate, and News, etc. Each category also consists of multiple articles. Just like the other similar platform it also requires registration by providing the valid email address. Simple UI, Regular Update, Add your own category, communication option, new idea, share content on the social networking sites and completely free these are core features of the

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