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NHL.com is the official website of the National Hockey League, and although the game is famous in Canada and Russia, it has slowly gained prominence in the United States as well. With the league played at a time of year when most others are off season, it provides a lot of options for the user to enjoy… read more
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17 Sites Like Nhl.com



NFL.com is the official website of the National Football League game that has become famous not only just in the country but also around the world because of the exposure it gets.


MLSSoccer.com is the official website of Major League Soccer, and although the sport is not as famous in the United States and still finding its place, the website provides all the information that a person might need to fall in love.


MLB.com is the official website of the Major League Baseball, America’s national sport and therefore has become one of the most visited sites. It contains the latest content that a baseball lover might want and this includes the news that is regularly updated so that no one misses out on the latest happenings.


ESPN.go.com is the part of ESPN.com network and comes as one of the biggest platforms for sports based news on the internet. It first gained prominence in the United States with the focus on Football and Basketball but then expanded its horizon and now entertains people with various sports, latest news, breaking stories, developing articles, features and even documentaries that have Oscar nomination.


CBSSports.com is another website that provides people with in-depth analysis, news and other segments that are of interest for an individual who is into sports. The best feature of the platform is the live sports section where people who have an account and subscribed can watch the latest and famous events around the world.


SI.com may not look like a place where people get the best experience because the website does not have a modern layout or flash added. But it still maintains a name for itself because of the content it provides.


NBA.com is the official website of National Basket Ball league perhaps the most famous sports in America and elsewhere. The revenue that comes into this games means that most of the famous and richest teams are here, and therefore a good website helps.


FoxSports.com is one of the best places to enjoy and stay updated with the American sports and that too with a range of options that are not part of many other competitors.


Goal.com is another leader in online sports and focuses on Football and therefore provides all that a fan would want. The website shows news and other details about the leagues around the world and gives equal importance to them which makes it an international platform.


SkySports.com is the leader in sports news when it comes to the United Kingdom and especially Football and Cricket. Since it maintains the rights for the Premier League and all the cricket including international events, the website is home to several biggest sections.


BleacherReport.com is a favorite sports platform that is owned by Time Warner company and provides people with accurate news, proper analysis and the highlight of the notable events related to the games.


SuperSport.com is just like some other locations that cover a certain location in the world, and it provides for live analysis, sports, news and views in the African region, specifically South Africa.


StarSports.com, now known as HotStar is the leader of sports when it comes to India and the other South Asian region, with a population that comprises of almost 1/3 of the world, the network maintains rights for the most famous events and leagues from around the globe.


Yahoo has a dedicated link for various sports happening around the world, and although its focus was American sporting events, it has now expanded the horizon. If you move downwards the site shows some grid sections that include all the things that are discussed above but the option of opening separate pages for them is also a possibility.


SportingNews.com may not seem like an attractive platform, but it does include several features and news that keep anyone interested especially for the people who love North and South American sports.


ProSportsDaily.com keeps people updated with the premium sports in the United States by providing live coverage of matches, regular reporting and exciting features that become useful. The next sections and perhaps the most relevant is the news which is authentic so that people can enjoy proper details about the latest occurring.


ElevenSportsNetwork.com is another alternative for the sports such as NB, NHL, NFL, PGA, ATP and others and provides with latest scores, stats, news, transfer, injury, and weather reports. ElevenSportsNetwork keeps updating whenever something new happens while the headlines are present on the main page to make it easier for users.

More About Nhl.com

NHL.com is the official website of the National Hockey League, and although the game is famous in Canada and Russia, it has slowly gained prominence in the United States as well. With the league played at a time of year when most others are off season, it provides a lot of options for the user to enjoy. Although it does not contain live matches, the website does include several videos and highlights to ensure that a regular user can easily enjoy some action. Just like other competitor sites, the NHL fantasy section gets the most fame where people can pick players from all the teams and select a group of eleven that gets points based on their performance, the top most user gets prizes at the end. The news is present on the left side so that people can quickly know more about the sport and therefore has a high visiting rate. Another thing is the homepage that just includes the flash section for latest features.