When it comes to video chatting, Oovoo is one of the bet options for you. It provides you a good platform to make video calls to the people in your contact list. You can enjoy the face to face communication with the other users on this website provided by the fact that you both have a web cam in your device… read more

Sites Like Oovoo.com

#1 Chatroulette.com


Chartroulette.com has become the most widely used, specifically for its video chat function, which offers user to drop into chat with random people in a secure and friendly online environment. This website offers a huge users list so there is definitely remarkable and also enjoyable experience to be entertained from. The website initially launched in 2009 and also speedily increased courtesy to the reliable software, hard and fast guidelines over increasing user base. Chatroulette gives you to rapidly get started communicating to any stranger within moments using the most of connections being to users in the France, USA and Germany. Chatroulette is one of the simple platform to chat with others.

#2 Omegle.com


Omegle is one of the perfect and also most widely used online chat internet site enabling user to talk with anybody without sign up. The utility simultaneously pairs users in one-on-one chat sittings where they communicate namelessly using the handles ‘you’ and also ‘stranger’. Omegle delivers the outstanding Spy Mode that links three people randomly. Omegle enables users to connect with Facebook that allows users to talk with people that contain similar tastes. Omegle help you to stay safe, chats are anonymous unless you inform someone who you’re (not suggested!), and you will stop a chat anytime. Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.

#3 Imeetzu.com


iMeetzu offers a live video chat as well as text chat rooms experience. iMeetzu offering a totally free online dating plus friend finder social network, that is in lots of ways just like the popular website Badoo, but provides a much more laidback as well as enjoyable environment to find people online. iMeetzu community is like no other can be found on the internet, and iMeetzu constantly trying to make the site better for fun social conversation as well as for making friends online. iMeetzu over 1000 new members a day, it should be simple for you to create friends. iMeetzur to just make some online friends or you could come on Meetzur to attempt to meet someone in the real world nearby, or a combination of the two. Or, you may begin using the goal of doing one thing and quite easily change to another, this is the simply way of chatting.

#4 Rouletteb.com


RouletteB is a cam to cam way to socialize with strangers. It is for those who are looking for a web-based platform to connect with strange random girls across the globe. So, move to RouletteB and experience cam to cam chatting with random girls for free. RouletteB is a platform for chatting with only girls for free. It is one of the best chatting platforms that brings the maximum amount of girls over its random chat site. Instantly start searching for your perfect match and with a press of the button, start chatting with her. Each time you will enter in the platform of RouletteB, you will find thousands of girls already login to extremely give you an experience and chance of meeting with tons of interesting and funny people for free. So, in overall RouletteB is a 100% chatting platform, a platform to chat with girls only, unlimited girls beyond your imagination, select from any country. It is filled with those amazing feature will add the color and enjoyment to make your chatting experience remarkable. You will be never asked by the RouletteB to pay for the chatting as it is totally free. Even if you want to go for specific features then there you will be also allowed to move with free hands.

#5 Facebuzz.com


FaceBuzz, the best random free video chat website with webcam. FaceBuzz is “Chatroulette” style video chat game enables you to meet strangers as well as communicate with them in real time. FaceBuzz fast-dating video chat come laugh and have fun for the first time. Meet females as well as guys. FaceBuzz offers to invite your friends, and make your funniest faces.FaceBuzz! Meet unknown people with webcams, from all network like USA speed dating, Canada speed dating, UK, Germany video chat, Australia matchmaking, New Zealand videochat, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Finland, Norway, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, India, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines and many more countries.

#6 Lollichat.com


Lollichat.com is a free online chat community where anyone can chat with anyone, anytime. Lollichat.com is considered as an alternative to the other online chatting sites like Omegle, Chatroulette, and Camzap. This online chat community is cam based and is for adult use only. People can chat with any stranger from any corner of the world if the other person has also joined the Lollichat.com community. You can chat with more than one person by participating in a chat room. For joining this online chat platform registration is not required. You can visit and join cam and written conversation anytime. You can also invite your friends for cam chat.

#7 Streamberry.com


Streamberry.com is a website only for the adult to find the other adult to enjoy chatting with each other. Streamberry is a completely free websites for the adults to chat with other strange adults across the globe. Availability of better features in the shape of exploring more people and best loading speed of the webcam are those main features of Streamberry that make it different from the numerous other chatting sites. If you are looking for tons of strangers then here is a treat for you in the form of thousands of users that you will find here online all times. You can explore here thousands of hot and sexy girls that are already there and looking for the new people to have fun with them online. Best of all about Streamberry is that there is no restriction over adultery contact and nudity. You have a legal license by the Streamberry to do whatever you want to do on the webcam, Streamberry will never ever ban you from its site. No rules & regulations and terms & conditions; only liberty and liberty. Exploring the features of Streamberry is very easy and simple because of its user-friendly interface and simple navigation system.

#8 Wocchat.com


Wocchat is among those chatting platform that are known as free and top class platform of free video chatting with strangers and random people. Wocchat has introduced the new way of chatting and communicating with people. The features of Wocchat are even so enhanced that it can be compared with Skype as well where you are first required to send a request and after acceptance by the other you can start chatting. The Same ethical principle is also adopted by the Wocchat where the users are required to make a request to other persons and then after mutual consent can start chatting and communication as they want. In that’s why, Wocchat provides a different meeting experience to its users that compel them again and again to Wocchat each time they desired for chatting. If it is about privacy then Wocchat has no compromise on privacy. You will remain undisclosed and anonymous until you disclose about yourself. As Wocchat is not for adult only and it paints itself as a social networking platform, so the Wocchat requires every willing user to first register himself with the Wocchat to gain the full benefits of chatting. Anyone can enjoy the chatting platform of Wocchat as there is no nudity and adult chatting system in Wocchat. After getting registered with Wocchat, users can then create their comprehensive profile to tell and share about their self. This system then gives access them to a chatting platform.

#9 Instachatrooms.com


InstaChatRooms is another best lve chatting website provides three platforms for chat which are: single people chat; dating chat; as well as college chat. InstaChatRooms offers chance to people to chat with strange people and modify their life through learning other people customs as well as cultures. InstaChatRooms offers totally changed the structure of traditional old chat rooms’ thought and change it in new and advanced ones. Instachatroom offer a complete selection of chat rooms to select from ranging from sports activities rooms, political conversations as well as support groups for lovers, cancer patients and much more. You get to see the people you’re speaking with; it’s the next best thing after actually being face to face with them.

#10 Shockrooms.com


Shockrooms.com is a live and instant webcam for online chatting. You can communicate with your friends and people all over the world by video chat on this site. No registration is specifically required as you can sign in with the guest mode. As a member of a chat, you can also host a chat room. You can easily search your chat room in the chat rooms list present on the site. Not only single chats but also chat rooms can be accessed in a live mode. Enabling adobe flash player on your PC is compulsory if you want to access chats, whether public or private.

#11 Iwebcam.com


You can now do an instant online chat with your friends and family members with iWebcam.com. Chatters from all over the world have joined this chat forum. You can communicate with people y simple text or webcam chat. You can create a chat room with your friends and host it. Hosting a chat room requires registration procedure on IWebcam.com. Variety of chatroom configurations are offered by this online chat platform. iWebcam.com gives you the option of password protecting your chat room. You can now download IWebcam.com app for your PC and Android so that you can chat anywhere with your friends and strangers as well.

#12 Tokbox.com


It is considered to one of the good platform when it comes to chatting and video calling. It makes the use of GUI interface that is user-friendly. To make the use of the website much easier, you are provided with the buttons and guide in the form of the text box. It is one of the leading WebRTC platforms that help the user to embed the live video as well as audio and texting even on your mobile devices. Other features provided by Tokbox include the sharing of the screen, multi-chat options, internet explorer plug in and archiving. It helps you to enjoy real-time communication to the people all over the world. With tokbox, you need not worry about the security as it is made up of a reliable interface that is responsible; for the global coverage in a reliable manner. All the information you provide on this website during the process of signing up is safe and secure. They have made every possible effort to make the integration for their users quick as well as easy. It is a full featured website that has much more to offer you, and you can easily download this over your mobile or desktop devices and enjoy the face to face communication in the form of video chatting with your friends. It also provides you the feature of adding friends in your account. You can add any by searching their name and clicking on the single button present at the bottom of their profile. This website provides you with a lot of opportunities, for example, it is used for counseling other, for making speeches.

#13 Skype.com


Who does not know about Skype? It is one of the most popular platforms for live chatting and video calling. It is loved by the people all over the world owing to the easy to use and friendly interface of the website. It works at such a rapid rate and does not get stuck in any way. You need a webcam to use the video call option. Also, you can chat with friends and can also have audio calls. It provides its users, a high-quality streaming and easy access to the people overseas. To make yourself a user of Skype, you do not need any activation fee or any such thing. Just download the app and run it one your device followed by the formation of your account over it. You are allowed to customize any of the options over there. People are added into your account with whom you can enjoy the talking in any way. It also allows you to enjoy group chats, group video calls and sharing of photos and videos. A unique feature of Skype is that it allows you to share your screen with the person you are chatting with. Also, you can manage that who is allowed to call you, either anyone on Skype or only the people in your list. This feature makes it a secure website that has been used worldwide in more than 170 countries all over the world.

#14 Wowchat.net


It is one of the new additions in the world of chatting which is a platform where you can chat with strangers. It provides you the best features and users are also allowed to use audio messages service provided by wow chat and can also text other persons besides the video chatting option. Using these features, you can have an enjoyable experience by video streaming feature. It is considered that it provides best web cam chat rooms to the people and is standing out owing to the features which other websites do not provide. For example, random chat feature is available where you can hide your identity and can stay anonymous. Also, the strict guidelines help the users to stay away from troubles. If any abusive language or any such thing is caught over the website, the person gets reported and banned from the website depending upon the terms. With the help of the feature of live streaming users can also launch a new channel of their own and can upload it on the internet. The users with their channel can show their extraordinary personality, their talent and can also use it as a source of entertaining people by comedy and music collection. Wowchat website is popular among all over the world due to these fabulous features and facilities it provides to its users. It has only one drawback that it is only present in English language and cannot be translated into other languages, so the people native to countries using languages other than English is reluctant to use this website.

#15 Messenger.com


Messenger is a product of Facebook that connects people all around the world. It is an online free and fast service that allows the users to communicate with online user around the world. You can reach anyone with the help of name and phone numbers to find a friend. It is available on all the platforms such as tablets, mobile phones, and desktops. One of the creative things about Facebook Messenger is that it offers customization option which allows the user to create your custom chat room with different colors, nickname, group photos, and emoji, etc. To make the service better, it introduces video call features with HD calls; voices sound clearer and closer. Video call features allow you to face-to-face communication with your friends, family and other someone special. Capture the best moment with fun art and effects and share it in your conversation or post to your day. Just like the Facebook it also introduces daily new features that engage the people. Send videos, voice record, HD calls, send maps, customization, reach anyone, video chat, and create groups and regular update these are a most prominent function of the service. If you’re looking the platform where you can communicate with your friends, Messenger is a best for you.

#16 Whatsapp.com


Whatsapp is a Free, Secure, Simple and Reliable messaging and calling service that connects billions of people in over 180 countries. It started as the alternative to SMS. The best about Whatsapp is that it supports verity of media such as Images, video, documents, and location to sending and receiving. It offers end-to-end encryption service which means no third-party include Whatsapp can read or listen your messages and calls. It is cross-platform instant messaging service for all the smartphone and available for free. To make the service better Whatsapp.com also introduce their service for pc clients under the name of Whatsapp Web. It does not need to require any registration you just need to place your contact number to use the services. Voice and video call, Document sharing, share each moment, security by default, reliable messaging, create groups, free and available in multiple languages these are most prominent features of the Whatsapp. Do try it out, if you explore the alternative to Skype.

#17 Discordapp.com


You’re a gamer and want to chat with the other gamer friend around the world? Here is a best and absolutely free platform for you named as Discordapp.com. It is an all in one voice and text communication platform that is specially made for gamers and available on both desktop and mobile platform. On this platform, you can stay connected to all the Discordapp chat channels even while AFK. It is one of the greatest platforms for Massively Multiplayer Online players that allows chatting with the other players during the gameplay. As compared to the other TeamSpeak services it offers lots of exciting features that you can never see before any single platform such as 100% free communication, mobile app, friend list, codec, custom hotkey, modern text chat, automatic failover, IP and DDoS protections and smart push notifications, etc. Another great thing about Discordapp.com is that it offers blog service where each user is able to discover, upload and create their own article about the games. Do try it out, if you are a true gamer.

#18 Chatrandom.com


Chatrandom offers totally free cam to cam chat with total unknown people from all over the world. This website is simple for you to find random people across the world instantly. Chatrandom offers a beautiful as well as simple website user interface with a decent host of functions to provide a great online random chat website. Users are facilitated to connect easily to random visitors on Chatrandom and utilize their webcam as well as text to understand about others. If you are searching to have some sweet gossips with somebody or thinking about finding new friends, Chatrandom is the perfect place. You can enjoy 100% free random chat, Try it Now!

More About Oovoo.com

When it comes to video chatting, Oovoo is one of the bet options for you. It provides you a good platform to make video calls to the people in your contact list. You can enjoy the face to face communication with the other users on this website provided by the fact that you both have a web cam in your device. Also, the other user should be online for you to make the call. Oovoo provides the users with a user-friendly interface that has made it more popular. It has easy to use features that allow you to enjoy the video chatting. It also provides its users a unique feature that allows the user to call another person even when he/she does not have Oovoo installed; this feature is known as web call. Using this website, you can also make a call to more than 12 friends at a time with their multiple call options and enjoy talking to all the friends in the group. Not only the video call, but has it also allowed its users to send texts, share picture and videos with the friends. You can download Oovoo on your mobile, iPod, iPad, Android, Window Phone, PC, and many more devices, free of cost. There are certain features that help this website to stand out among the other websites, like you can buy credits and make a call on landlines. You can also watch YouTube video together with your friends during your video chats.

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