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MeisterTask is a web-based platform that offers most intuitive project and task management tool for those users who want to manage their team by assigning a task and other important things. The service allows the users to create projects, add team members as you want, manage the task, assign a task and share it team members. You can also follow’s each other progress. The platform is inspired by the and offers lots same service with lots of news exciting features that engage the worldwide audience. The dashboard of the Meister Task offers an instant overview of all your active projects, notifications and open task from your team members. Just like the other similar platforms it also offers customization option that allows the users to easily create your own custom workflow that will increase your workflow. At the start, you need to register yourself by providing the valid email address and other important information about your projects. After the completion of registration, it allows the user to create projects add team members and assign a task to each team member. You can create unlimited projects with a single account. offers hundreds of exciting tools that solve each specific problems of their users. If you can looking easy and advanced project management service here is the best platform for you.



You’re looking the platform where you want to manage your projects efficiently and simply? Here is the best service for you that allows the users to manage your tasks in an advance way. It is one of the best project management service that helps to organize teamwork and increase the efficiency in the management team. On this platform, you can create many projects and assign tasks as you like if you already have projects you can create tasks by adding name and description. It organizes team work and allows the users to assign a task to a proper person and easily add, move and delete these tasks. To the service better it offers customization option in which you create your custom board according to your business activities. Kanboard has millions of users around the world who can arrange numbers of tasks on each day. also offer lots of prominent features such as visualize your work, simple installation, easy to use, manage various projects in each time, drag and drop, open source, free and integration with external services, etc.



RememberTheMilk is a leading platform that is specially made busy people who never forget the milk or anything else again. It is a task management service that allows the users to manage your all the task and avoid to write you to do list on sticky notes and random scraps of papers. Remember The Milk offers a smart and easy way to manage your task, create a list and share it with other. It automatically syncs your devices in order to fastest services. You can also search your task, notes and save your favorite searches as smart lists. It was launched in 2004 with very basic level, and now it has millions of user around the globe which can complete search, note and save dozens of tasks in each single day. include key features such as subtasks, unlimited sharing, advanced sorting, unlimited storage, get a reminder, color your tag and lots of other. Do try it out if you want to stop thinking about your to-dos.



JIRA is a propriety issue tracking product created by Atlassian that offers lots of exciting services such as bug tracking, project management, and issue tracking, etc. According to Atlassian JIRA has more than 75000 customers in more than 122 countries around the world. It offers best team ship with no many tools; it is created for every member of your software team to manage, plan, track and release great software. It offers a free interface for each user to create your own style of workflow in order to increase your work productivity. Knowledge management, real time collaboration, continuous integration, development workflow, plan development iteration, bug tracking functionally and simple to use these are most prominent features of the JIRA also provide the best way to update with your whole team at anytime and anywhere.



WorkFlowy is a platform that offers world’s best tools for taking notes and making lists. It is different from other project management service but offers more engaging experience. It offers a simple interface and allows you to manage all the important information in your life. The ultimate objective of the Workflowy is to deliver the best service that solves all the major problems by keeping track of everything. It allows the user to create brief notes of your task, create lists with sub list and share it with your team in order to manage your task. The platform also delivers new articles which offer new ideas and motivations. WorkFlowy offers lots of key features such as zoom in on any sub-list, automatic syncing system, collaborate with the others, quick expand, simply tap, full-text search and offline functionality, etc. WorkFlowy is like a notepad that enables lots of super power.



Asana is a web-based platform that is designed to improve team collaboration and allows the users to manage projects and tasks without the user to email. It was launched in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein who worked in improving the productivity of employees at Facebook. On this platform each team can create a workspace, the workspace can contain projects, and these projects can contain task from the users. In each task, the user is also able ass notes, attachments, comments, tags and other important information, etc. It also introduces new inbox features which aim to minimize the use of email. The inbox shows all the update to tasks, due date changes, comment s and all the updates. It has lots of clients across the world, and some high profile clients are Airbnb, Dropbox, NASA, Uber, Samsung, and Pinterest, etc. offers lots of engaging to proceed your projects. You can easily access on at any time anywhere.


0 is another project management platform for agile project managers, developers, and designers who want to advanced tools that make work truly enjoyable. The platform loves your projects and always try to deliver best. It handles both simple and complex projects for startup, software programmers, and all the other target teams. integrates video conferencing functions with the use of third-party services such as and You can also communicate with the multiple users with the help of HipChat. is a leading platform that has millions of users around the world and complete thousands of tasks. As compared to the others it has lots of advanced tools that engage the audience. Unlimited task share, customization, simple and intuitive, highly design, various importer, regular update with new ideas, wiki, provide team work and social management these are core features of the service. Taiga is not just a tools that manage your projects it is a whole community that loves your works.



You have big goals and want to proceed? Here is the best platform for you that help the user to manage tasks and projects anywhere across ten platforms. It is a project management software just like a and offers lots of similar services including some extra features. It offers more reliability you can easily access tasks everywhere and share the unlimited task with family, friends, and colleagues. The service aims to deliver all the major facility that is required to run a successful company. To make the service better, it offers hundreds of exciting tools that will help the users to create distraction free design of your projects. One of the great thing about To do list is that it introduces lots of useful features that you can never see before any other platform such as Sub task, Powerful recurring dates, Sub projects, Share and Collaborate, Notification, Intuitive Date, Visualize your productivity and Comment. has millions of user around the world and trusted by leaders in Fortune 100 campaigns. It is completely free service for everyone tries it out.



Wrike is a project management service provider founded in 2006 by Andrew Filev. Basically, it is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product that offers its users to tracks and manage projects, schedules, deadlines and all the other processes. allows enabling the users to collaborate with one and another in order to discuss the same topics or other information. It is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Italian, etc. The ultimate of objectives of the service is to help the streamlined workflow and allows the companies to focus on key tasks. It is designed around the minimalist multi-pane user-interface and consists of two different categories such as project management and team collaboration. Project management feature is used to help teams track dates and dependencies associated with the manage assignment, major task, resources and track time. These include a workload view, an interactive Gantt chart and portable projects which the user can customize in order to store project data. The second one is collaboration features that are designed to aid in conversation, decision-making and asset creation by the team. Wrike is one of the best online work management solution. Try it out.


0 is web-based project management platform that operates freemium business model created by Fog Creek Software in 2011. It uses the Kanban paradigm for managing their projects. It has a verity of work and personal use such as software projects management, real estate management, lesson planning, school bulletin boards, and law office case management, etc. It has millions of users around the world who can solve billions of projects with It has a massive team of professionals who work hard in order to deliver the most stunning content that helps the users. With the help of the of, you can complete numbers of work in few minutes such as creating a board to the organization, attach files, upload images and videos, comment on items, assign a task to yourself and your team and much more. It is a simple and completely free platform for all the users. Try it out; it will surely engage you.



Slack is a cloud-based platform that offers team collaboration tools and services launched in August 2013. It is an online platform that allows you to create your own team with the help of Slack, assign a task and manage each member of your team. contains hundreds of advanced tools that allow you to create, manage and finalize your commercial project with the help of your team. Slack teams offer communities, groups to join through the specific URL or invitation message that is send to the owner of the company, most of these communities are categories by the topics which the member of the team may be interested in discussing. In order to use the service, you must need to sign up providing an email address, username, password, Skype id and all the important information, etc. One of the most exciting things about Slack is that it creates alignment and shared understanding around your team which makes you more productive and less stressed. is one of the best platforms that helps everyone to get the answer they need. also offer customization features that allow you to create your projects with your own style. Do try it out, if your team need to kick off projects.

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