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Snag films

Snag Films is one of the newest platforms where people can get to enjoy movies of their choice. The search option is present at the top from where you can find the video you want to watch with the help of keywords… read more

27 Sites Like Snag films



FandangoNOW is a new service which was started as recently as April 2016 with the aim of providing people with full-time options when it comes to watching content online. It provides people with movie and television program streaming and also with the option of downloading content on their devices.

Hbo now

HBO Now is one the most popular platforms in the United States where people can watch the shows of their choice even if they do not have cable television. The main aim of this service was to provide people who do not currently use online sites like Netflix.


SelectTV is a new service which has been started to compete with other main sites such as Netflix. Although people have not heard about it much once they log into the site they will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of content that is on offer, people can surf through the site and get to see all the things that they want.


PlayOn is an interactive service which does not really provide a bundle of content to watch for people but actually is a software that can be installed in devices so that they can get access to the internet and other sources for free content online.

Free movies cinema

Free Movies Cinema is a site which is best described by the name of the place. It is a place where people get to watch free movies and other content without having to pay for it.


Veoh is one of the best sites to watch movies online and that too, without having to pay anything. People can sign up for the account without having to pay anything but then have to buy stuff online since there is very less free content available.


Vimeo is an online video streaming site which was started as an alternative to YouTube. Although it is not as famous as the main one, still has a lot of content which is available for people who want to enjoy something different.


Yidio is a place which allows the user to discover where to watch movies of their choice and get access to full TV episodes and videos online. People can search for various movies with the help of the search option and apply different filters, and the best thing is that movies are available from all over the world.


Prime is an online television site which is not that famous among people but has a wide-ranging content which can be termed as quality. There is a lot to watch with programs ranging from movies, television shows, series and comedy content available in abundance.

Viddler is an entertaining online video-sharing website for posting, handling, watching, and tagging/commenting on videos. Viddler’s paid business service consists of protected uploading and viewing, support, a customizable Flash or HTML5 player, the cabability to build a personal online community, video statistics, file encoding, and player branding.
0 is an entertainment portal to watch top rated movies and TV shows from any part of the world. It is a web-based entertainment service that provide the dramas, action movies, comedy movies, documentaries, TV shows, TV episodes, seasons and lot of other entertaining stuff.

NewMovies25 is a website where you can get to watch online content without having to depend on the television and will not miss out on your favorite episodes. There are many options within the website that can make people use it and moreover the amount of content and the variety there is makes sure people stay here.

Google play movies and tv

Google Play Movies and TV is a website which might not be the most famous but for sure is one of the most authentic and versatile place where you can get to watch loads of content that includes latest television shows, movies and other programs which can be rented.

Hoopla is another platform like many others where people can get to watch latest content and do not even have to pay anything for the stuff which is free. There are many options through which people can find the stuff they need.

Tubi tv

Tubi TV is one of the biggest platforms where people can get to watch online shows and other content without having to install different platforms. There are many features within the website that can attract a person and the best one is that there are more than 40,000 movies, videos and other content available to watch.
0 is among the top most places when it comes to watching authentic content online and availing several other features that are part of the package that comes along with it.

Classic cinema online

Classic Cinema Online is a place which is best described by the name itself. Here you can get to watch old movies which were pretty famous in their time and get to enjoy the classical movies which have been famous over the years.

Hulu is an United states online company and partially ad-supported streaming service supplying a choice of TV shows, clips, movies, as well as other streaming media on Hulu. Hulu subscribers can access episodes in HD from ABC, the CW, Fox, and NBC the day after they air, via Internet-connected devices.

Acron.TV is another application in the increasing list of places where you can get to watch videos online. Although it is not as known as others and does not have the big database of content available it still is a place where you can get to enjoy authentic and new content.

Sling tv

Sling TV is an online television platform where people can get to watch movies, television shows, videos and other content which is uploaded by the website and the people who are using it.

Cinema Now is one of the most versatile tools which are available on the internet where people can get to watch the content of their choice with the help of the options and movies available.

Just like many other online streaming platforms, EPIX is another in the ever increasing field which provides people with the option of watching content online and gives them a broad range of content to choose from.

Fandor is an online streaming site which provides people with the latest content which can be watched online or downloaded depending on their choice. The main advantage of this platform is that people have to create an account and do not have to pay anything to avail all the options and watch content.
0 is a web based platform of watching full length movies and TV shows for free. is a platform for watching most popular and new arrived movies in an online environment.
0 comes as one of the most famous places to watch your favorite television shows and movies online and that too in highest quality. Before the origination of Hulu and Netflix, this place was considered the home of top rated content but now has lagged because of non-availability of exclusive content.
0 is a web-based platform that allows you to watch TV on your computer system including live sports and your favorite shows. It is one of the best services that offer fast streaming as compared to the others.
0 is one of the best free TV spilling administration that brings you full movies, episodes and web shows from an assortment of classification including experience, comic drama, reality and significantly more.

More About Snag films

Snag Films is one of the newest platforms where people can get to enjoy movies of their choice. The search option is present at the top from where you can find the video you want to watch with the help of keywords. The platform is not free of charge which means you have to subscribe to the monthly package or can rent movies. People can access valuable details about a particular film that include a short story plot, cast of the movie, trailers as well as pictures from the show. The trailers can be watched in various qualities to suit different internet connections The user interface is simple yet attractive, people can browse through the movies or can search for their favorite movies by entering keywords and names of actors along with the length and other factors. The best feature perhaps is that you can not only watch stuff online but can download it on your device in case there is no internet available. There are many other features of the site too, which can serve well. Overall this app has a wide range and good features which allow the user to have a nice time while using this platform.