It is one of the simplified web-based system for the management of your social media activities. It generates an automated cross-channel social media management approach. It has been launched in the year 2009 by Sprinklr that is a New York-based company dealing with the manufacturing of social software… read more

Sites Like Sprinklr.com

#1 Hootsuite.com


It is one of the most popular tools for social media management. This is mainly used by those people who are in business and want to execute certain campaigns or for such people who want to run their campaigns on social media networks from one web-based dashboard. It was created in 2008 by Ryan Holmes. It takes the form of dashboard interface and supports the integration of several social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Plus, Word Press and many other social media networks present in the App directory. It is working successfully in more than 175 countries with its more than 10 million users all over the world. It helps the users to manage their online brands and to spread their message to a wide variety of social media network. This is being used by many famous companies and other organizations like HBO, Obama Administration, PrintBindaas, Panasonic, LHC and many more. You can avail both the full version and lite version services of Hootsuite. Not only does it help in campaigning but also helps in tracking conversations. You can also measure campaign results using this website, and it can be done over your desktop devices as well as mobile phones. It offers the users with a free, enterprise and a pro solution to manage the unlimited number of profiles on social media networks. Other features like enhanced analysis, Facebook Insight integration, and advanced message scheduling are also offered by Hootsuite.

#2 Sproutsocial.com


It is one of the most powerful management tools for social media associated business that is also considered to be the best engagement platforms for social business. The users are offered with a single stream inbox on Sprout Social that is designed to facilitate the users. This feature makes sure that the user does not miss any message or post. It helps you collaborate the messages and schedule your posts on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. Users are provided with tools for monitoring and analysis with the help of which metrics are observed and visualized. This tool helps you with your every post and also offers help with drafting, scheduling and queuing messages. You can also assign the tasks to the team members of Sprout Social, and they get it done for you. Your social performance can also be measured with the help of the tools. Other outstanding features provided by Sprout Social include the provision of a free trial of 30 days in which you can use the application and check its suitability and in-depth analysis option to which you are connected with the Google analytics. After the period is over, you can use this at an affordable price. Users can also enjoy brand monitoring with Sprout Social and are also provided with the reporting capabilities, and the users are not asked for any additional payment for this feature.

#3 Buffer.com


It is considered to be one of the smartest ways to share your messages over social media networks. It was launched initially in 2010 and was developed by a European expats group in San Francisco. In a period of six years, it has gained a lot of popularity and is used by many renowned companies like Business Insider, Fortune etc. This software application has the ability to manage the accounts of the users on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It provides the feature to schedule the posts on the social media networks as well. According to the recent studies, the website has more than 2,000,000 users that are registered with it and enjoying its services. You can think of it as a virtual queue that can be filled with content and allows you to keep a consistent posting schedule on social media networks. While using Buffer, you do not need to be worried about the micro managing of delivery times. You are also provided with an analytic that helps the users to engage and reach their posts in short time. However it does not work like a dashboard, but it provides the best scheduling flexibility as you can change your schedules patterns all the time in a week. It has been used widely in several countries throughout the world and helps you to fix the bugs. More than five members work as a team for a project and also provide you RS feed integration associated with all your plans.

#4 Ifttt.com


IFTTT stands for If this then that is one of the most powerful website that helps you to connect with the apps that are among your favorites. This was initially released in 2011 and since then there have been many improvements. It helps the user to manage their social media websites without spending much time. With the help of IFTTT, you can get any major network connected together that can lead to automation. You can pursue automate sharing with the help of this website on several social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more using any of the action you want. It can also be used with other such websites to enhance their functioning. This website is used by many professionals of social media as they provide the best features. This provides the users with the creative control over the apps and products you love with the help of recipes which are simple connections. There are two types of these connections between apps and products. The Do recipes enable the user to create the personalized button, notepad and camera whereas the IF recipes work automatically. Users are provided with more than 20 million recipes every day.

#5 Viralheat.com


This is one of the website that has been helping its users to manage their posts on social media for up to five years now. It was developed in 2011. Not only social media management, but it also provides the features of social media monitoring, analysis and publishing as well. It is subscription based software for social media management services that was first established in 2009. It is a comprehensive tool that helps the user to monitor conversation raised about your brand over social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. You can easily create smart streams for your channels on social media and can also identify the trends to know and modify your performances there. Viral heat also lets you analyze and covert data. Users of this tool can review trends and are given key insight using which they can make informed decisions. This can also help you to grow your audience and to increase your revenue. You are provided with real-time measurements and metric reviews. It is considered to be a user-friendly platform that helps the user to manage workflow and engaging content; recently it has joined Cision that is a global media software company. With Viralheat, you can access to a custom number of your connected social accounts as well custom the number of users. It also publishes free application programming interface along with two extensions for Chrome.

#6 Socialoomph.com


SocialOomph is considered to be one of the neatest web tools that help the people to boost their social media productivity. It is a Canadian based company for productivity solution that helps the users to update easily their schedule and find quality people to follow their social media activity. Users can also easily monitor and analyze the social media activity. Earlier it was focused only on Twitter, but later on, it expanded to other social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. With the help of SocialOomph, users can schedule and publish their blog posts for an unlimited number of blogs. You can also filter out the spam with its advanced DM management. Even if you are using the free version of the website, you can use it for a unlimited number of the account. It also provides the Auto responder functionality to its thousands of satisfied users all over the world. Users can track keywords and can also save and reuse drafts that save them from hours of typing. There are several other features of SocialOomph like viewing mentions, retweets, auto follow, DM inbox cleanup and auto DM features are also provided to the new users. The auto following option saves a lot of time of the user. There are two versions; one is free, and other is professional with additional paid features.

#7 Tweetdeck.twitter.com


This website exclusively works for Twitter and is a web and desktop solution that helps you to monitor your Twitter feeds and manage these accordingly. It was purchased by Twitter and can be easily used on Chrome as well as desktop and Windows devices. There are powerful filters present in this website, which helps to focus on the posts that matter the most. Users are also allowed to schedule their tweet and are kept up to date with the help of notifications. This service is available to the users free of cost. However, they have shut down its usage via mobile phones. With the help of Tweetdeck, you can manage an unlimited number of Twitter accounts. You are also allowed to arrange and organize your lists and activities with the help of custom Twitter experience. It also allows you to search for the topics, hashtags, and events. Also, the filter present at the top of timeline helps the users to refine their search results. The unique feature of tweetdeck included that it can be downloaded and used as desktop software and provides the offers to deal with a unlimited number of Twitter accounts. There are options to set the audio and customize your notification. You can also combine this tool with Buffer that enhances the functioning of both tools.

#8 Socialpilot.co


It is one of the platforms that are used for social media management. It has been designed by SocialPilot that is a company in California. SocialPilot has much more unique features to offer to it customer even at low prices. You can easily manage and automate your posts on social media accounts, and you can deal with multiple accounts in one time. This feature helps you to promote your business by increasing the awareness of your brand. The posting through multiple accounts also helps in customer engagement that can increase the promotion. If you are using SocialPilot for your company to sell the products online, you are going to find massive help over this platform in this regard. It will automate the products addition and makes updates on various web accounts. Also, it can be used for mobile app promotion and helps in connection of uses and app stores. The other great features of SocialPilot include easy integration with the accounts of iOS App Stores as well as Google Play Store accounts. It also provides one of the most flexible scheduling of the posts and campaigns, unlike other such websites. Users are also provided with the Google Chrome Plug in. There are more than 300 supported apps. The free version of this website allows the user to connect to five accounts with around 20 posts and access to a unlimited number of groups. It has two plans for its users, one id Pro Plus and other is App Promotion with slightly higher rates.

#9 Salesforce.com


SalesForce.com is basically a cloud computing platform that delivers the solution for business problems in an online environment. SalesForce.com is the set of those tools and instruments that assist the business managers and professionals in building the lasting and meaningful relationship and connect with customers in a more systemized way. SalesForce.com is basically the provider of sales & marketing tools, apps, analytical tools, customer services and much more in a single platform. The main highlighted products of SalesForce.com are sales, customer services, marketing solutions, community networks, analytics tools, apps, and IoT. SalesForce.com is the solution provider for small business and medium size enterprises. SalesForce.com is the cloud-based solution for selling smarter and faster with the highly advanced CRM of the SalesForce.com. CRM is the hot topic of the modern dynamic business environment, and this issue is often overlooked by the most of the business. SalesForce.com is a platform that assists the business managers in creating the satisfactory customer experience that will delight your current clients and retain the existing one. SalesForce.com is the provider of the state of the art CRM solution along with speed and efficiency. The sales and marketing solution of SalesForce.com assist the users in connecting with their customers in a brand new way to by simply using the sales and marketing apps of the SalesForce.com.

#10 Crowdbooster.com


It is one of the best platforms that are involved in social media management. It offers the users a decent set of social media analytics that includes several suggestions present in it for the users. You are also provided with a number of such resources that help you to boost your online presence and productivity. With the help of its super fast analytics, you can know the status in just a few minutes and not only it provides you analysis, but also suggests certain ways and recommendations to improve it. You are also guided about engagement and timing of you management. Users are also allowed to schedule and customize their content with the help of Crowd Booster. This platform consists of a small team that is dedicated and passionate in their aim to connect the people all around the world through social media platform and ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

#11 Dashburst.com


It is one of the latest website that is helping its users in social media management. It is considered to be more than a tool and is one of the basic platforms for content creators that provide a new multimedia web experience to its users and also a great social network and platform for blogging. Users are also given the opportunity to explore the new features and share multimedia like photos, videos, articles, documents and what not. This digital content sharing is a new and exclusive feature of this platform. Also, once you start using it, you get your updates directly into your browser or you can also select your mobile phone or tablet to get your updates over there. It allows the users to publish whatever they want and whenever they want. You are also allowed to schedule your Bursts that may be unlimited in number. You may get these published automatically on your Dashboard as well as on other social media channels even at the same time so that it helps you to save your time. Besides the other features provides, you can also create your Boards to curate and show your interesting content that may include your word, articles, pictures, videos and any other thing.

#12 Sendsocialmedia.com


This is one of the tools for the management of social media networks that bring together different social media with SMS and email technology. With the help of this platform, you can not only promote your business, but it also helps your band to grow. The users are also provided with the opportunity to monitor their brand and to track the results of your posts and campaigns. Send Social Media also provides many other unique features like it allows the users to get connected with more than 30 social media networks at the same time and can also post through their accounts. They are provided with the schedule updating option and are also allowed sending group and bulking messages as well. The user can also get engaged with their followers when they are using Send Social Media site. Another exclusive feature of this website is that it helps you in email marketing campaigns as well in which users can use the recent email templates as well. Users can also personalize their emails and can schedule these according to their desires. Not only this but also Send Social Media provides you the feature of using t with SMS, and you can send texts as well as receive texts from all over the world. The option of scheduling is also present for messages service. This is indeed one of the exclusive features, along with in-depth analysis and monitoring for several social media networks.

More About Sprinklr.com

It is one of the simplified web-based system for the management of your social media activities. It generates an automated cross-channel social media management approach. It has been launched in the year 2009 by Sprinklr that is a New York-based company dealing with the manufacturing of social software. It provides a whole social media platform that helps in the end to end functionality and has many other features. It allows the user to manage their content and digital assets across their social media accounts. It works with more than 20 social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Word Press and many more. It also holds the features of engagement and moderation that helps to manage communities of many complex social media network accounts and allows the user to scale and analyze the workflows. Owing to its wide and facilitating features, it has been growing continuously and making the addition of much-improved features. It has social content including Facebook apps, polls, social ads, web apps and quizzes. The content can also be translated into more than 70 languages. Users are also allowed to do in-depth analysis with their customized reports. Sprinklr does not only allow the posting of the content but also helps the users to monitor their social channels. The fully integrated monitoring of social media is also called listening capabilities that can be used to monitor and track any keywords. Big data analysis and visualization is also available to the users.

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