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SquirrelApp.com is the provider of elegant and simple money management solution fir the Mac OS X operating system users only. By using the simple and easy to use personal fiancé management system of SquirrelApp.com, the Mac users can manage their financial life in a more organized way… read more

15 Sites Like Squirrelapp.com



MoneyDashboard.com is a web-based money management system aiming to help making better decisions by showing your where and how your money is going. It provides financial institution-level protection to protect your data.


There is an endless list of personal finance management providers but for the first time there is a wealth management system by the name of PersonalCapital.com. Private Capital is a totally advanced and a customized accounting solution provider that will make you able to take control of the money, manage personal property, track the investments and manage financial records as per the requirement of your business.


Quicken.com is the provider of cross functional personal finance administration software that’s used for assembling the specifications of personal economic management existence. By means of using this personal finance and money management system, the customers can manipulate the basic requirements of fiscal disorders like cash administration, budgeting, earnings and price management and a lot of others.


Buxfer is a free web-based money and cost management software. It will help you in managing all of your income and expense records from whatever the source of earning and spending is.


MoneyTrackin.com is a web-based multipurpose personal financial management system that you can use for the management of even small business accounts as well. MoneyTrackin.com is a way to transform the paper financial life into digital one.


HomeBank.free.fr is a totally free money and finance management system that is freely available for all three leading PC operating systems. It is intended to check your budget elaborately by utilizing several amazing filtering tools and graphs.


MoneyWizApp.com is a personal financial solution for the iDevices only. Hundreds of professional level of account and finance management features is the part of MoneyWizApp.com. Its main aspects and features are regarding the administration of accounting and monetary records.


KMyMoney.org is an entirely free personal finance management provider that strives to be the one of the easiest finance management systems available over the internet. Based on the internationally acceptable accounting principles and then crafted as per the requirement of each and every type of users, KMyMoney.org delivers the perfect money management solutions to all of its users.


A professional buddy designed by the professional accounts named iCompta-App.com is there to give the control of your financial life in your hand. iCompta-App.com is going to arrange your financial life by making you able to manage your accounts with ease.


This website is the provider of smart amount and money management system for getting full command and control over your financial life. This personal finance management system named SmartAmount.16MB.com will guide you in tracking your revenue and bills.


Presenting you an all in one personal finance management solution by the name of LoveMoney.com that is designed for all purposes. From individual purpose to commercial objectives, LoveMoney.com is designed for all.


Mint.com is a web-based portal that gathers your whole economic and financial data into one place, providing you with the whole image in a technique that’s effortless to have an understanding of and take capabilities of managing from a centralize place.


BankTree.co.uk is a personal finance management system for the Windows operating system. It is designed to help you organize and manage your income and expenditure. Take the hassle out of managing your cash and put your financial life with the finance application of BankTree.co.uk.


Designed to be easy to make use of, but strong and customizable at the same time, GnuCash.org allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income, and expenditures. It is very easy, quick and intuitive to use just like a checkbook register as it is centered on reputable accounting principles to produce the balanced books and correct reports.


IBearMoney.com is an ultimate personal finance management system for the Mac users to maintain the budget income, expenses, savings, control bills, track accounts, synchronize accounts between multiple devices and perform various other activities.

More About Squirrelapp.com

SquirrelApp.com is the provider of elegant and simple money management solution fir the Mac OS X operating system users only. By using the simple and easy to use personal fiancé management system of SquirrelApp.com, the Mac users can manage their financial life in a more organized way. From planning to manage and monitoring to tracking, this platform will deliver you international level of money and personal finance management solutions. Account reconciliation system that is said to be the easy system of auditing is missing in most of the money management tools but it is integrated in the SquirrelApp.com. Squirrel is one of the best ways to manage your financial transactions in a more complete method. Managing accounts on paper is really a hectic task but now all you can do this via the digital accounts management system of the SquirrelApp.com. The exceptional about Squirrel is that it is an enormously customizable and configurable personal monetary administration procedure to provide you to command and manage your economic concerns. SquirrelApp.com is available in multiple currencies and international languages. The main highlighted features and functions of the SquirrelApp.com organize your financial transactions, use multiple currencies, account reconciliation system and track the balance in real time. You can define your own accounting rules as per your own business requirement.