is the ultimate platform for the young and advanced programmers to polish their skills and learn new things related to coding and programming. Odin project is one of the best and most effective ways to begin the career as a programmer if you are a newbie, as it helps in learning all the basic and necessary starting up steps… read more

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“Achieve mystery through challenge”. is one of the most desired and widely preferred online coding learning and practicing platform, used by thousands of coders and programmers from all around the world. Learning coding and programming was never that much simple and easy. let its users learn a variety of different kinds of programming languages all at the same platform. The users can register themselves for free, but for more advanced coding experience and techniques they have to become premium members. The site is best for both beginners and intermediate programmers who want to polish up their programming skills. The users can learn all the famous and important programming languages such as JAVA, C, C++, C#, Python etc. The best part is that the users can track their performance using specified tools provided by and that too for free.


0 is yet another famous and one of the most widely preferred online programming and coding learning website, used by thousands of young coders from all over the globe. The site is just not only best for the newbies, but it provides great assistance to the intermediate and advanced level programmers to learn new things and polish their skills more. Learning coding was never that much simple and easy. The users just have to register themselves for free on the platform and start learning on the go. The best and most effective thing regarding this specific platform is that it enables the users to perform practical while in the learning process. The users are given a variety of different projects to work on, which surely help them in gaining confidence, sharpening skills and learning in the best possible manner.



Finally, it’s the time to become a keyboard warrior and a super real-life avenger yourself. is the platform that will help you to become a skill, full programmer. Learning coding was never that much easy and fun task. This platform will surely make you capable of developing your own websites, applications, games, and many more other things. The users can start up for free by simply getting registered after setting up their profile that requires a valid email, username, and password. For learning more advanced techniques, the platform offers a pro version, which is only for paid premium members. The users can submit their current level of expertise and learn accordingly. No matter whether you are a newbie, intermediate or an advanced level programmer, the site has a variety of thing for all levels.



David Walsh is a famous and World’s renowned programmer, famous for his fantabulousness coding and problem-solving skills. is the online technical training blog run by David himself. In this platform, David taught and share all sort of programming and coding knowledge with the fans. The users can simply register for free online coding courses and can start improving their coding skills on the go. The best part of the blog is that it includes lives sessions, real-time problem solving and real-life success stories that surely play a vital role in terms of motivating the young programmers entering the field. The blog helps in learning all the famous coding language and specifically the web-based designing and development languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS etc. The users can submit all their queries and ambiguities directly to the forum, which are checked and answered by David himself.


0 is yet another stupendous and astounding all in one sort of coding learning platform, that let the users sharpen their programming skills all at once. No matter if you are a designer or a developer and even a newbie looking to chose any of the above paths to excel in the future. This particular site has thousands of astonishing quality tutorials that will help its users in learning all the essentials of designing and development techniques. The site has hundreds of free coding and programming courses to offer, the users can choose from the vast variety of programs based on their expertise level and requirement. Other than programming and coding, the users are provided the facility of learning video editing, adobe photoshop, and various graphic designing courses as well. The users have to sign up initially before getting started.


0 is one of my personal favorite online web development and overall programming learning platform. is the hub of learning all the necessary techniques regarding coding and specifically web-based designing and development. The site helps the users to enhance their programming skills with more than 250+ plus free online learning courses. This platform is best for those who are looking for complete effective guidance regarding web designing and development. The site provides the facility of downloading the courses offline, the users can get their desired courses on their email addresses and can start learning anywhere they want to do. For more advanced facilitation, the users have to become premium members by paying the membership fee.


0 is a unique sort of online social meetup platform. It is not for everyone but the programmers and coders. This particular site is the social forum of getting in touch with the world’s top-rated programmers, coders, and web entrepreneurs. It is the first platform that provides extreme level facility to every young or advanced level from all over the world to get to interact with top-notch developers and share their queries with them. Although it is not a specified learning platform like the rest in our list, it is nevertheless one of the most effective in terms of seeking knowledge and hidden techniques of famous programmers. If you are a high-quality programmer, your profile will be listed among the top-notch legends, and you will be given an opportunity to guide others.



Dash is yet another astounding and stupendous free online coding and programming learning platform. Dash is particularly dedicated to web-based learning. It has everything a user needs to learn regarding web designing and development. Being specific, the site is way too relevant and possess core programming knowledge regarding the complete website and web apps development and design both. The users can now learn every web-based language including HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and everything about the famous web-based frameworks like Laravel and Bootstrap. The users can simply start learning on the go by setting up a free account on the platform providing some basic details like username, email, and a password.



Coding was never that much easy for the beginners before. is a platform that unleashes great quality feasibility for the young coders and programmers to learn everything about coding from basics to advance level. Specifically, this site is for high school students, who are to be the future programmers in their life. It is one of the best ways of teaching coding to the high school student and newbies. Already numerous teachers in the famous schools all over the globe, use this particular platform for teaching coding to their students. The site possesses comprehensive detailed courses along with all the basic essential tools.


0 is yet another stupendous and astounding online coding and programming learning platform. The site offers a vast variety of comprehensive courses and tutorial for all the famous programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, HTML, CSS, C++, C#, JS, jQuery, Python etc. The users simply have to create an account and sign in to the site. There are numerous free and paid courses available along with videos and real-life tutorials. The users can get registered themselves to any of the course whether free or paid. For premium courses, the users need to provide the payment details and choose from the options provided to them. The users can get courses emailed or even the hard books can be delivered to their homes on booking the order. The best part of this particular platform is that almost all kinds of courses are accompanied by videography teachings, that makes learning more fun, easy to understand, interesting and interactive all at the same time.


0 is stupendous, astounding and robust online learning portal, that enables its users to learn a gigantic variety of different courses all in one place. The robustness and massive offerings of a vast variety of courses make it one of the best online coding and programming learning platform. The site although is new in the market as compare rest famous similar sort of platforms, but still has managed to make his own unique standing and presence in the market. People from every part of the world are using to the very platform to sharpen their programming skills and learning all about web development semantics. The unique point of this platform is that it offers different courses to the individuals and possess a totally different setup of learning for the companies and large groups who want to learn a common thing.


0 is one of the most widely preferred and largely accessible online platforms that is used by thousands of knowledge seekers from every part of the world. It is one of the best online coding and programming learning website. The site is possessing a simple and interactive overall graphical user interface, that makes it even more interesting and convenient for usage. The users are able to learn all the famous and essential coding languages for free including Ruby, PHP, JS, Python, Swift, Binary, jQuery etc. The users can simply sign up for free and quick start free trail learning. For more advanced concept and detailed courses, the users have to pay for further assistance.


0 is one of the largest online coding community with millions of users and subscribers from every part of the world. This particular platform is used by thousands of teachers to teach coding basics to the students, whereas a gigantic number of young coders and professionals find this specific site perfect for their practice. provide hundreds of advance level coding courses along with examples and video tutorials, which make learning way too interesting and effective at the same time. The best part of the site is that it gives real-life projects and some mock projects to the coders for sharpening their skills in the best possible way. The users can simply browse through the category of their choice and can bump into the site by simple sign up and start learning. It works as a social portal as well, where young and advanced level programmers can interact and discuss their queries.



Nothing is better than Google Inc. itself teaching all about coding and web programming to the individuals, professionals, and newbies all around the world. is the place, in which qualified members and professional developers guide people all about the web-based programming. Google Inc. being the most trusted and biggest company ruling the whole web and internet is surely the best choice of learning web designing hacks and development techniques. This portal helps the users learning all the basics of web designing, web development, website hosting, website launching etc. It also helps in learning the techniques of successfully running the websites on the internet along with additional tips of search engine optimization.



As the name of the site gives a clear-cut message, yes, it is the platform that gives the best possible opportunity of learning the coding and that too in the easiest and effective manner. The site entirely focuses upon making the coding and programming so easy and convenient for everyone so that the young developers could be able to gain maximum knowledge in the most operative manner. The users can choose from a large bunch of free and paid online coding courses, which involves basics and advance the learning of a variety of famous programming languages. The site is divided into two basic modules, one includes the beginner level of learning and that is totally free for every user. The other is intermediate one for which user has to get registered after paying the course fee in advance.


0 is yet another astounding and stupendous platform that helps the young and advanced programmers to enhance their coding skills in a simple and effective way. It is indeed one of the best sites for learning stack development of the web. The users can learn in depth of all the essential web designing and web development languages like HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. The site has a vast variety of different online free and premium paid courses. The users can choose the best suitable and desired course and can start sharpening their coding skills on the go. The unique thing about the courses offered by this particular portal is that it develops the way a programmer should think and work on the basic problem-solving concept.


0 is a dedicated online portal that includes a gigantic range of tutorials regarding learning and working of HTML 5. is a product of Google Inc. and it was launched for providing understanding to the coders and programmers to learn the new additional features introduced in the new version of HTML 5. The tutorials listed on the site are very helpful for the beginners as well as they can learn all the basic to advance working of basic web language. Along with HTML 5, the users can learn all about the web designing and web development which includes CSS and PHP learning as well.

More About is the ultimate platform for the young and advanced programmers to polish their skills and learn new things related to coding and programming. Odin project is one of the best and most effective ways to begin the career as a programmer if you are a newbie, as it helps in learning all the basic and necessary starting up steps. If you are the one, looking for a bright career in web development, then this is the perfect platform for you to start with. It is a dedicated web designing and development platform. It has a properly defined curriculum; the users simply have to get themselves registered for free and start getting benefits of the complete course. The site does not only help in learning all the important web programming languages but also help the users for getting projects and jobs too.

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