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UnPlugtheTV.com is an interactive platform that is also simple at the same time. Instead of asking people to find the most relevant content it just shows random videos from several categories. The central section contains the ongoing series of videos that are based on fixed types of data… read more

17 Sites Like Unplugthetv.com



WiseGeek.com is a primary website that shows most relevant videos based on the questions people ask, and they get the obligatory information without having to spend too much time. If we talk about the other sections, they include health, home, and garden, lifestyle, money, science, technology, manufacturing, geography, history, languages.


How-to-Study.com is what a student may require, a place that contains several tricks, tips, and ways along with concrete material to learn about the topic of interest or subject of study.


LiveScience.com comes as an alternative to leading science platforms and provides the most appropriate information and news when it comes to various topics of interest for people. Some of the main sections include how to make a calculator, training centers for internet explorer, virus and traffic management.


MadSci.org is a place created by scientists that have come together to provide information to people and answer their questions so that they know more about the world. Mad Sci has more than 40,000 questions answered therefore people get the best out of it.


WhyFiles.org allows people to understand the logic behind most things and the facts behind the news that otherwise seem unreal and it does so with a range of options that are part of the platform.


SchoolScience.co.uk is an educational platform for students for almost all age groups and even for teachers who are part of the school system. It provides the most relevant content that anyone would want and that too in an interactive manner.


IndiaHowTo.com is a location specific platform that gives people information about various things they want to perform at home without having to learn about them professionally. The platform started as a regular forum where people shared their experiences and other things.


WannaLearn.com is a place for learning for people who want to know more about the stuff or get information about various processes that go on in the field of science, engineering, education, and others.


ExplainThatStuff.com is exactly what it does, explain the stuff that people need to know about and does so with a range of options, analysis, and articles that are helpful. The best thing about the website is perhaps the worst, the layout is simple with all the options present on the main page, but the site looks messy.


ScienceDaily.com is a place where people can get to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the world of science. It does not have any restriction for the topic and therefore includes information from other subjects if they have some relevance with the scientific and technological.


NSDL.org is one of the biggest resource platforms for people of all age groups who cannot visit libraries and want to stay at home and learn more about things. The organization goes with the name of National Science Digital Library and contains in it, several thousand books, tutorials, research papers and other material including technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Zooniverse.com comes as a platform that includes research and other activities that are powered by people. It means that the findings may not come as approved by modern stages but gets connected through individuals who conduct it and the ones who are part of the conduction process.


Ed.TED.com is the website of the important TED platform which has the tagline of lessons worth sharing. A platform that not only has an online presence but also conducts several seminars and other activities such as exhibitions, debates, question and answer sessions and therapy classes.


OpenCulture.com deems itself as the best free cultural and educational source on the internet and does so based on several options that are part of the platform. The standout thing is the layout, which has the simple features that are helpful for a person who wants to find the relevant content.


MartindaleCenter.com is more of a reference desk than an information providing the website. Here the user who is working on various projects and wants to get the latest information about different parts such as the weather changes for a location, or the temperature at a given moment and other such things are the ones who benefit the most.


MadeHow.com explains the purpose of the website itself and comes as a place which describes the information, history and the processes involved in making things. MadeHow starts from the selection of raw material and then moves to the manufacturing of daily household items, electronic goods, machinery, and others.


HowStuffWorks.com is a place of learning for people no matter from which age group they belong. The website itself is nice, easy to navigate, and therefore it becomes easier for the user to move from one option to the other and find the most appropriate content for themselves.

More About Unplugthetv.com

UnPlugtheTV.com is an interactive platform that is also simple at the same time. Instead of asking people to find the most relevant content it just shows random videos from several categories. The central section contains the ongoing series of videos that are based on fixed types of data. UnPlugtheTV has an interactive website that helps people to move from one option and other and therefore becomes explained easily once you get used to it. The choice of searching randomly, finding material based on alphabetical order and collections make it another interesting website. The type of information that is present include data about the microorganism, how they survive and keep existing. Stuff related to animals that how they have changed over time and what are the changes taking place. The only thing that lags at Unplug the TV is that the authors need to add new content and keep it updated so that people can enjoy and then visit again.