Waplog.com Alternatives


Waplog.com is a new but interesting social network that provides individuals with the options of sharing anything with everyone and that too for free. The website is not as old as others but has made a place for itself through some of the most exciting features… read more

19 Sites Like Waplog.com



Vk.com was one of the biggest competitors of Facebook and still has a lot of public that follows the platform particularly in europe. Known as the Facebook of Europe it quickly made a name for itself for a place that consisted of authentic content, profiles, and images shared by people.


Qzone.qq.com is the website for Q-zone that comes as one of the newest social networks for people who live in China and has several interesting features that can keep a person addicted to the interface along with the options that come along.


The-Dots.com is a versatile network that is new in the field of social and professional networking but slowly making a name for itself. Most people who use this platform are invited by the company and then becomes a place where you do most of the work related to projects.


Prochan.com is a mixture of many social networks and originates from Russia. A place where if one person adds an image with a caption or name, anyone else can add to the list and create a non-ending thread.


Plurk.com is a social network that knows how to keep people interested and always offers something new to people who have an account. It includes not only creating your social platform but also participate in several activities such as earning badges, creating emoticons, winning prizes and many more things.


Sunzu.com is a professional network that provides people with the option of connecting with like-minded individuals and several features that enhance the standard and skills of the individuals who make use of this interactive platform.


Taringa.net is a place that has taken inspiration from Facebook and added the main features from that site and now comes as a platform that provides people with the option of having something new although the focus still remains on Latino population.


Ning.com is a place that you can use as a social networking platform but is a provider for people who want to create a social network through websites and comes with some exciting tools that allow for the usage.


Renren-inc.com is another social network that comes from China and has its focus on people belonging to the country. It has not gained as much fame as others but Renren Inc still has a big presence because of the options and the features that come along with the original platform.

Google plus

Google Plus that has the link of plus.google.com emerged as a substantial and potent candidate to displace Facebook from its place but failed to do so, even when it contained several new features.


MeetUp.com is a place that is different from any other, and therefore it becomes difficult to put it in a particular category. The thing that stands out about this platform is the range of options that come along.


Qq.com is another fascinating and famous platform from people who know the Chinese language. It started as an instant messaging platform which competed with Yahoo and MSN Messenger but then rebranded itself and added several other features that are part of many lives of people.


DoMyStuff.com is the biggest platform for people who want to have a professional place where they share their interests, look for jobs, create a platform for sharing their knowledge. Although several other places have emerged recently that have tried taking over space, LinkedIn has stood out among them.


Weibo.com is the alternative of everything for Chinese people and therefore one of the most famous platforms in the world, even when it is used just by people who understand language.


Netlog.com has been taken over by Twoo, and both combined to make a platform that provides the fastest growing network where people get to interact with each other. The possibility of terming it as a dating as well as social platform exists, but it depends on the individual on how they want to utilize all the features and then get the best out of it.


CyWorld.com is a place where people get to create and enhance their social network when it comes to their professional life. Started after the other famous locations that provide the same features, it has gained some fame for its versatile features.


Tumblr.com has emerged as a leading platform that combines the features of a social network, blogging platform and chatting place where something for everyone exists. The best feature is the posts sharing options, instead of just statuses, where the user gets to show others anything they want such as images, videos, link, text or others.


MySpace.com was one of the leaders in social networking, especially in the early 2000’s when the American audience gladly accepted an impressive platform that had everything new. Other places copied several of the features that existed on this platform, but now it seems like a place which takes stuff from other platforms.


Twitter.com has become one of the most famous social networks in just over a decade and has several attractive options that have become a trend in the social world. The best part is tweeting with just 140 characters at your disposal and saying anything with preciseness.

More About Waplog.com

Waplog.com is a new but interesting social network that provides individuals with the options of sharing anything with everyone and that too for free. The website is not as old as others but has made a place for itself through some of the most exciting features. Another option that allows people to interact with each other is messaging. Creating an account is the easiest part, the user selects a username adds a password along with their email address, and they have the biggest platform as their disposal. Several of the features that existed on this platform were copied by other places, but now it seems like a place which takes stuff from other platforms. One factor to note about this site is that people can create their account and then add music to their profiles. It also has the messaging option where one person gets to send messages to the other and then interact privately. Overall, Waplog still needs some more features to become as famous as others but does an excellent job.