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WPEden.com is the online collection store of free and premium themes and plugins for WordPress. It also deals in the various other professional products for the WordPress based websites as well. WPEden.com is the online marketplace of awesome themes and plugins for the WordPress… read more

15 Sites Like Wpeden.com



ThemeForest.net is an online center for selling and purchasing templates and themes for the websites. Most of the themes and templates available in the database of ThemeForest.net start from the minimum price of $2.


Templamatic.com is an online marketplace for those who want to sell their web template and themes. Templamatic.com is a cross platform for the purpose of online trading in the themes and templates.


Fantero.com is an online digital marketplace for the creative web designers and graphic designers. Right at the platform of Fantero.com you can buy and sell the websites products like templates, themes, script, graphic material and various others.


MojoMarketPlace.com is the online community of professional designers and developer where they sell their web based creative products in the category of templates and themes. From the online buying and selling platform of MojoMarketPlace.com, you can explore premium level of products that will enable you to grow the value of your brand and website.


WooThemes.com is a web based market place for the WordPress themes, template and plugins. The products of WooThemes.com are particularly designed for the ecommerce websites. For its innovative products, WooThemes.com is said to be the one of the leading and ultimate WordPress toolkit.


WPNow.com is the online shopping portal for WordPress plugins and themes. The themes and plugins available at WPNow.com can be sort out in term of popularity, date of uploading at the database, low to high and high to low price.


InkThemes.com is an online market place for quality of themes that will make you able to promote your business, portfolio, and brands. The quantity of themes available at the InkThemes.com is although low but it is said to be the provider of premium and professional level of themes and templates.


CreativeMarket.com is a web based buying and selling center for finding the themes, plugins, skins, add-ons. The products for the websites available at the platform of the CreativeMarket.com are being designed by the creative designers of the CreativeMarket.com.


ThemeSnap.com is the handpicked themes provider of the WordPress and Drupal. This online digital marketplace provides the WordPress themes, Drupal themes, CSS & HTML based templates and various other products to make your online business successful.


This platform is the provider for WordPress themes and deals in the selling of themes only. You can’t sell your own themes at this online digital market store. In term of categories and number of themes, ThemeTrust.com is a featured rich place.


This domain is a dedicated platform for the WordPress themes in which most of the themes are available for free. WpShower.com is the portal of the designers who are setting the themes for the WordPress only and selling it across the globe.


Welcome to the online portal of the ModernThemes.net that is a place for free and premium themes of the WordPress. This online digital market place is best known for delivering the great looking, well coded, highly responsive, browser compatible and bloat-free WordPress themes.


BuddyBoss.com is a web based platform from where you in addition to purchasing the themes of the WordPress can place the custom order for your project as well. In addition to themes, BuddyBoss.com is the provider of plugins and various other digital devices as well.


Codester.com is a web based digital marketplace that deals in the selling and buying of themes, scripts, plugins, app source codes and several other digital products for the websites. A lot of graphical data is available at the platform of Codester.com that will give a new shape and add features in the internal and external structure of your websites.


It is an online marketplace for exploring and buying the premium templates and themes from for the Bootstrap. At the platform, you can buy and sell the themes and templates. The digital data available at the platform of Wrapbootstrap.com can be explored in the range of business & corporate, portfolios, resumes & CV, e-commerce, components, blogs & magazines, WordPress and various others.

More About Wpeden.com

WPEden.com is the online collection store of free and premium themes and plugins for WordPress. It also deals in the various other professional products for the WordPress based websites as well. WPEden.com is the online marketplace of awesome themes and plugins for the WordPress. The themes available at the platform of WPEden.com are designed for the various websites in which the most popular are corporate, ecommerce, retail, wiki, review and much more. From the theme section of WPEden.com, you can even search for free themes as well. In addition to exploring through the themes category of WPEden.com, you can even use the search bar of the WPEden.com as well for finding the theme or plugin. WPEden.com also allows its users to sell their digital products at the online trading center of WPEden.com as well. In order to start selling with WPEden.com, you are first required to register with WPEden.com and add your product. Fill the form properly and submit. Now wait for the approval and after review and final approval by the WPEden.com it will appear on the platform of WPEden.com. One of the best qualities of WPEden.com is that it provides the non-exclusive limited license to use the themes and plugins being sold through the platform of WPEden.com.