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19 Sites Like Writersmarket.com



Novlet.com is a place that comes with the feature of Novlet, an application for the web that is designed to perform a few simple tasks. Although they may look simple, a lot goes on everything which makes it an attractive option for people who want collaborative work with others.


MyArticleExpress.com is a place for asking for written articles for website ranking, content managing, and other serious issues. My Article Express also provides tools for submitting content to various famous platforms by improving the article.


TheContentAuthority.com is one of the famous places where people get to hire writers from around the world and get their office, educational and personal work done in the best possible manner.


ChickenSoup.com is a famous website that gives people the option of getting their work published and change the world by sharing one story at a time. Chicken Soup not only comes with books but also with pets and recipes that have made this place one of the most interactive and beneficial available.


ArticleMyriad.com is a source for people who need articles and essays based on several topics of interest and education. ArticleMyriad has an extensive archive that includes thousands of articles on several topics such as history, sports, film, politics, science and anything else.


AWPWriter.org is the website for the association of writers and writing programs and provides people with several options that help them becoming a better writer and enhancing their skills just by making sure of simple tips provided and events attended.


Brainia.com is a new option for people who want to search for something other than stories and consist of more than 100,000 essays based on various topics and do this by searching for the essay or term paper they require and then letting the platform do its work.


Protagonize.com is a writing community for collaborative writing that consists of more than 3000 authors who share their work based on various topics and have several interesting articles to read for others who want to gain benefit from this simple platform.


FoldingStory.com is a storytelling game where one person comes up with the beginning, and others become part of the story by sharing their lines as the story continue. In this way, while lines combine, a fascinating tale gets created.


123HelpMe.com is another attractive option for people who want to write, and the person who wants to get something written. From essays to the story, individuals have several requirements both in the professional and social world.


Ficly.com is a simple yet interactive website that comes with the option of collaborating with others, share your work and getting reviews and improvements from people who are part of the business for a while.


OverLeaf.com is a collaborative tool that allows people to write something, share their work with others, get additions and improvements from them and then starts writing from where the other person finished.


StoryBird.com is a simple website that gives writers with the option of reading the innovative writing, writing their content and sharing it with others to get better reviews. The layout of StoryBird website is catchy which makes a person want to create an account, without having a username, no one can navigate through the options although the signing up process does not take much time and free of cost.


Essortment.com is a place where people will get to find stuff about everything. A magazine, a book, an encyclopedia, call it whatever you want, but this place has something for everyone.


Everything2.com is a peculiar place; it does not give you the best impression when you open it, with the layout weary and no proper options for people to know where to manage everything.


TRCB.com stands for The Red Carpet Broadcast and is an interactive platform for people who not only want to write but earn something through their work. The best part of TRCB platform is that individuals who love writing end up sharing their work, getting it published properly when the traffic comes, and they click on adverts then the revenue that gets generated is shared between the website and the author at the rate of 50%.


PW.org is the internet site for Poet and Writers from where it gets the name. The purpose here is simple, people write something and want a platform to share it with the world.


Scholastic.com is the largest publisher in the world when it comes to books written by children. It has made a name for itself by providing people with the option of sharing their work at a young age and getting famous.


Writing.com is a free to join platform that provides prospective writers with the option of becoming part of the website, share their work and eventually gain experience. It comes with the opportunity for writers who have various skills and want to enhance the skill levels by sharing their jobs such as poetry, stories, and other writing categories.

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WritersMarket.com is an original site that gives people correct information on how to improve their work, what are the changes they need to make it work, and how to share the stuff on the internet to get the best out of Writers Market. The tagline of getting published and paid for your effort is why it has become famous among people and replaced the other sites in the category. WritersMarket helps you with finding places to share your work and then getting it published. The benefit of locating the type of niche you are good at and then ending up writing accordingly for a book, manuscript or content. The site also offers ways to manage the work shared with other people or magazines and that too at one place. The layout may not be the best point which makes it difficult for a person to move from one option to the other and to navigate without any hurdle. It also shares latest industry news when it comes to publishing and has many other features along.