Yopmail.com Alternatives


YOPMail.com is the listed among the providers of temporary email addresses over the internet. The best feature of this online disposable or what you can say temporary email provider is that it requires no registration and password from the system… read more

16 Sites Like Yopmail.com



FakeInbox.com is a fake or disposable email ID generator that is based on its own designed disposable email script. If you are looking for the ways to keep the spam and junk emails away from your inbox then FakeInbox.com is here that will provide you with the fake email ID and fake inbox.


Most of the websites today demands from their visitors to create an account with their online services in order to enjoy more features and functions. These websites are sometimes based on entertainment material or online customer service provider.


If you need to provide email ID to any website for account creation purpose but you don’t like to provide the real email ID then Spamgourmet.com is the provider of temporary email ID.


Discard.email is the provider of disposable and trash email IDs without any cost. If you don’t like to use original email IDs to keep your original email ID protected from the spam mails then Discard.email is designed for you to deliver you with the fake email IDs.


This website is the provider of web based temporary email IDs for free. You will not be required to get yourself register first with FakeMailGenerator.com in order to create the fake email ID.


Just like its name Dispostable.com, this website is the provider of fake email ID for free. The fake email IDs being provided by the Dispostable.com are designed to make its visitors able to keep the security of their original inbox and stay anonymous as well.


The disposable email ID system of MintEmail.com is based on the system of one click temporary email system. You are only required to visit the MintEmail.com and get disposable email ID that has been already saved on the clipboard.


The name of 10MinuteMail.com is enough to tell the story behind its name. 10 Minute Mail is the provider of fake email ID that will expire after the expiry of ten minutes.


If you don’t like to forward your real email ID then GuerrillaMail.com is a platform to make you able to get the temporary and disposable email IDs. There is no requirement for registration at all.


MyTrashMail.com is an anonymous service provider for those users who are required to provide email IDs to the newsletter and subscription-based websites. The anonymous email ID system of MyTrashMail.com will make you able to keep your original email ID spam free by providing the fake email IDs of MyTrashMail.com instead of giving the original email ID.


MailNesia.com is for getting anonymous and fake email IDs for free. If you need to register on any website and you are nit in a position to trust on these websites then simply use the MailNesia.com.


ThrowAwayMail.com is a web based temporary email provider that you can securely use instead of fake email IDs. The best about ThrowAwayMail.com is that there is no limitation at all for getting the disposable email IDs.


Mailinator.com is the provider of different kind of email services. Here you will get the real based disposable email IDs. The best about Mailinator.com is that at this platform you will not require to create any account at all.


If you want to remain safe all the time over the online world while creating account on non-trusted websites then simply use the web based disposable email service of the MyTemp.email.


This website is known as providing the free temporary emails to make its users able to keep their real email IDs safe and secure all the time. It is very easy to get disposable email IDs from the EmailOnDeck.com.


Getnada.com is a temporary email service site that allows its users to create their own email for the online use anywhere and anytime. Unlike other sites, this website comes with a different feature of email inbox which means that you can create more than one inbox in your temporary email for receiving messages.

More About Yopmail.com

YOPMail.com is the listed among the providers of temporary email addresses over the internet. The best feature of this online disposable or what you can say temporary email provider is that it requires no registration and password from the system. Moreover, it will deliver you the auto generated inbox for free as well in addition to free fake email IDs. Check out the other stunning feature of YOPMail.com that is storing the message in the inbox for eight days. That means all of your messages coming through the YOPMail.com ID that you provided to the websites will be kept safe by the auto generated inbox of the YOPMail.com for almost eight days. This is really a bog deals that is not demanding anything from you. IF you are still thinking of why to use the YOPMail.com then answer is very simple. YOPMail.com will provide you those feature rich service that will combat against the spam and phishing mails. You will never get ads based emails and those containing virus in your inbox. Right after the creating of fake email ID from the YOPMail.com you will instantly get the temporary auto generated inbox. YOPMail.com is a way to stay protected in online world.